50+ Cold Emails Subject Lines Examples

Subject lines have the power to make or break your cold outreach campaigns. They command the greatest attention in people’s inboxes, which explains why.

For such a short word count, your cold email subject lines have a lot of influence. In the end, the only thing preventing someone from reading your email is the subject line.

How to write Cold Emails Subject Lines

  • Keep it short and sweet: Aim for around 50 characters or less.
  • Use actionable language: Encourage the recipient to take a specific action, like “Join us for a demo” or “Learn more about our product.”
  • Personalize it: Use the recipient’s name or reference a mutual connection to make the email feel more personalized.
  • Be clear and concise: Avoid using jargon or complex language, and get straight to the point.
  • Use numbers: Numbers can be attention-grabbing and make your subject line more specific and actionable.
  • Test different subject lines: A/B tests different subject lines to see which ones perform the best.
  • Use curiosity: Create a sense of curiosity or intrigue in your subject line to encourage the recipient to open the email.

Effective Cold Emails Subject Lines:

“Quick question about your marketing strategy”

“Thought you might be interested in our new CRM tool.”

“I see you’re interested in SEO. Can I help?”

Are you looking for a better project management solution? We can help!”

“10 ways we can improve your sales process”

“Meet [Product], the ultimate time-tracking tool.”

“I have a feeling you’ll love our new HR software.”

“You’re the only one who hasn’t checked out our new e-commerce platform.”

Last chance to save on our social media marketing services

“Why is everyone talking about our new project management tool.”

“I promise this isn’t spam. Just a quick question about your business goals.”

“I couldn’t stop laughing at this marketing article. You have to see it.”

“Quick introduction and a favor to ask”

“Mutual connection recommended I reach out.”

“Thought you might be interested in our [Industry] event.”

“Invitation to join our exclusive [Industry] group.”

“Looking for a [Solution]? We have a proven track record.”

“I noticed you’re using [Competitor]. Want to see how we compare?”

“We just launched a new [Product/Service]. Want to see a demo?”

“Do you have time for a quick call to discuss [Industry]?”

“Thought you might appreciate this [Industry] article”

“Exclusive offer for [Company] employees”

“Opportunity to increase your [Metric] by [X]”

“Help solve your [Problem] with our [Product/Service].”

“Introducing the best [Solution] in the [Industry].”

“Thought you might be interested in our [Industry] webinar.

“Invitation to join our exclusive [Industry] newsletter.”

“Don’t miss out on our limited-time [Product/Service] discount.”

“We just won the [Award] for best [Product/Service]. Want to learn more?”

“Are you tired of [Pain Point]? Let us help.”

“I have a feeling you’ll love our [Product/Service] case study.”

“Exclusive offer for [Company] customers”

“Improve your [Metric] with our proven [Product/Service].”

“Introducing the most advanced [Solution] in the market.”

“Get a demo of our revolutionary [Product/Service].”

“Invitation to join our [Industry] mastermind group.”

“Don’t miss out on our limited-time [Product/Service] bundle deal.”

“Get the inside scoop on our latest [Product/Service] release.”

“Want to make your [Process] more efficient? We can help”

“Thought you might be interested in our [Industry] survey results.”

“Join us for a [Product/Service] training session.”

“Exclusive offer for [Company] partners”

“Eliminate your [Pain Point] with our [Product/Service]”

“Introducing the easiest [Solution] on the market.”

“Want to see a live demo of our [Product/Service]?”

“Invitation to join our [Industry] expert panel.”

“Don’t miss out on our [Product/Service] bundle deal – ends soon!”

“Get early access to our [Product/Service] beta test.”

“Revolutionize your [Process] with our [Solution]”

“Thought you might be interested in our [Industry] research findings.”

“Join us for a [Product/Service] workshop.”

“Exclusive offer for [Company] subscribers”

“Streamline your [Process] with our [Product/Service]”

“Introducing the most user-friendly [Solution] on the market.”

“Get a personalized demo of our [Product/Service].”

“Invitation to join our [Industry] mentorship program.”

“Don’t miss out on our [Product/Service] launch special.”

“Be the first to try our new [Product/Service].”

“Maximize your [Metric] with our [Solution]”

“Thought you might be interested in our [Industry] best practices guide.”

“Join us for a [Product/Service] training session.”

“Exclusive offer for [Company] alumni”

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