18 Best Cold Calling Tips & Techniques For Businesses

Most people believe that cold calling is one of the things that they will not do, no matter what happens. 

However, truth is, cold calling techniques are still effective and especially for small businesses, it can help integrate the revenue and create leads. 

But the condition is if you are cold calling, it’s extremely important to do it right.  As compared to direct emails and other types of advertising,  cold calling is more effective.

And if you are doing it in the right way,  you can get the help that will boost your reputation. 

To understand what can help you in making this effective, here are some following cold calling tips to consider. 

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How To Make Your Cold Calling Effective – Tips To Follow 

Cold calling is one of the straightforward and direct advertisements.  

The aim of using cold calling is to key decision-makers regarding what you sell. The successful outcome that you can achieve is getting a sale or a date for a face-to-face meeting. 

However, not always you are going to use cold calling techniques for sales. It can be for doing a quick survey as well. 

why businesses should do cold calling?

To make sure, your techniques are on point and you are getting the best outcomes, here are a few cold calling tips to consider. 

1. Keep Calling But Don’t Break The Laws 

The government rules regarding cold calls are strict and complex. If you break them, you might end up paying large sums as a fine. 

Not just that, it can tarnish your reputation along with the business. 

As per the rule of 2003 Cold Calling regulations, A company can’t call someone who is not preferred or expressed as well as opted out for the cold calling. 

Customers and companies can opt out of this by using the services related to Telephone Preference or Corporate Telephone Preference Register. 

There was a rule passed in 2018 as General Data Protection, it applies  any personal data or information regarding your consumers 

2. Start Your Call With a Strong Opening 

Don’t start with a tired or too chirpy voice when you start the conversation on a cold call. Make sure you keep this in mind and avoid getting brushed off.

Keep practicing the strong statement for opening and check your energy.  Also start with a positive note. 

The best way is to start by introducing yourself. State the reasons behind calling them, and also check if the person who is attending your call is the right person.

The trick here is to ask a question and then turn it into a conversation. Keep the dialogue flowing and natural. 

3. Identify Who You Are Targeting 

The chances of getting better results increases when you know who you are treating. Also, you should know who you are calling. If you are using social media, make sure you are taking the best from LinkedIn. 

With LinkedIn, you can get potential customers and contacts that can help you in building your directories. 

If you are using the contacts by purchasing, make sure it’s following all the marketing permissions and laws. Also, keep it up to date. 

4. Avoid Monday & Friday For Calling

Monday and Friday are two important and busy days for people. If you are calling a client, On Monday there are people busy planning their week. And on Fridays, they might just want to wind up and get ready for the weekend’s plans. 

On both days, the person you call will be busiest and have lots of work. Try picking the days between Monday and Friday.

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5. Call At 8 – 9 Am Or 4 – 5 Pm 

Similar to days, choosing the time is an important point for how effective your cold calling will be. 

Choosing the time 8 – 9 am is ideal as most of the business doesn’t start before this. These hours are a relaxed period and you can choose 4 -5 pm when people are free after doing their work.

Also, avoid calling during the financial year, the best time you can pick is mid-morning or 10 to 11: 30 am. 

6. Do Your Research First 

If you are calling any company, make sure to do the research and keep the upgraded information about the recent activities. 

This can help you in opening a gambit, well you can use it for congratulating on their recent events, achievements, and win. 

If you are sharing the connection and professional platforms like LinkedIn, you can use this chance to attend seminars together for better communication. 

7. Create Your Objectives

Do not call without knowing the purpose and what you want to achieve.  not just it’s rare to do snag when you are on call but keeping it focused and making it achievable for signing up or fixing the meeting becomes crucial too. 

Get a list done about the objectives you want from the cold call. And keep in mind when you are doing the conversation.

 8. Consider The Trigger Events 

Trigger events are those points that have recently happened, it can be activities like new appointments to a senior role or expanding the business.

You can take these events for your reason for calling them.

For example, you can call someone on congratulating their new appointment and see how their company will fit for more help. You can use your benefits and what you can offer to help them understand the profits.


9. Ditch Your Script When You Call 

Scripted calls are not just the worst but it also sounds bad on another side.  This makes you sound dramatic and stilted. 

Also, it increases the chance of getting better conversation or longer calls. When you script the natural thing, you put a time limit too. 

how to be natural on cold calls? - cold calling tips

Just like you talk in real life without any script, the same thing goes for cold calls.

However, to keep your conversation in a direction, you can write down the pointers and a few important lines. 

This will give you enough room to have a proper conversation but also don’t forget your objective behind calling. 

10. Use Questions To Avoid Awkwardness

There might be chances that you run out of bullet points too. But you keep asking questions to get more insight and do the same for the next person.

Let them ask questions so you can get an understanding, and it also shows that they are interested. 

Start with open statements like who, where, when, and how, this brings more engagement and also lets other people take the initiative to keep the conversation going. 

Cold calls are fast and straightforward. It’s better to keep it easy and natural inflow. Avoid questions that are closed or can’t be processed. And keep it going if you see the chance. 

11.  Listen What They Say 

 A good conversation starts in two ways, the way you want your prospective client interested, you need to act the same too. 

When you are doing the talk, make sure that active listening is important.  It means you actually listen to what the other person is saying. Also, respond appropriately to what they are talking about. Not just with your words but also take care of your tone.

If you don’t understand something or miss some words, it’s better to ask them to repeat, Instead of making assumptions. 

When it comes to sales, listening becomes the key tool and you can offer what your clients are looking for. 

12. Be Comfortable When You Talk 

Instead of getting distracted by the conversation, take a place where you can sit and have a conversation. 

Get a place that makes you feel comfortable and less nervous about the whole situation. 

You can also try different ways to keep yourself focused.
For example : 
  • Use headphones and keep yourself disconnected from the surroundings
  • Focus on your prospect’s voice and their words
  • Keep your notepad and something to write, so you can jot down things that will be helpful to the conversation or later. 

13. Avoid Pressuring On Sells 

The hard sell is a major turn-off for lots of people. The clients or customers don’t want to feel pressured when they are purchasing. It should be their choice and they must be in control. 

If you are doing the hard sales, the chances of getting no benefits increase.  When you do the call, make sure not to opt for any kind of sales-savvy approach. 

Keep your focus on customers and pinpoint the needs they have, now add how your products might help them. Give them space if they want to not make the sales and let them choose. 

You can use the incentives like a no-obligation quote or free trials. Avoid pressuring as it’s against the law too. 

14. Be The Good Story Teller 

Talking about the products and services on-call can be weird. Also how you can make your customer understand how your product can help. 

Here comes the importance of good storytelling. Using this technique can help in putting the needs of customers and how your products can be the solutions. 

You can add relevant case studies to back up your story. 

Be The Good Story Teller

15. Do Not Ever Criticize Competitors 

Well, it might seem funny and harmless but taking jibes on your competitors makes you look bad. 

Even though you are better or offering a product that is actually good. Refrain yourself from such things, it’s unprofessional and people lose interest in your conversation. 

Do not use the competitors or their products in your conversations, especially comparing which one is good or bad. 

However, you can do only when your prospect does that. Also, keep it subtle and drop as naturally as you can. 

16. Get Help From Gatekeepers 

Well, here gatekeepers are those people who are in between you and the decision-maker. 

These people can be your switchboard person, personal assistants,  secretaries, and work colleagues. This is a field where you call to get through.

You can keep these people on your side. Make sure you keep your voice polite and approach professionals. 

If you are not getting immediate calls, you can choose some other time or date too. 

17. Be Ready For Rejections

Even if you do your best, there are always chances of getting rejections. Lots of people drop this after receiving a few nos Do not do that, even it looks frustrating. 

Getting straight rejection on calls is possible and even some might didn’t work as you wanted. 

This is part of the work and it’s important to embrace the situations. 

18. Keep Trying 

Cold calling is not easy, similar to any other options you chose. However here you will need determination and stamina. 

There might be knockbacks, also there are 49 out of 50 calls that will end up as a fail. But keep this in your mind when you start. 

Make your plan to meet the objectives and goals according to that.  With this, you have to be persistent and it’s worth the hard work. 

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

Why do small businesses need cold calls?

Cold calling aims to identify the decision-maker and also assess the need for the product you are selling.

It gives better pitching and also grabbing the existing opportunity. For a small business, it’s important and one of the straightforward ways. 

Do cold calls work in 2022?

Well, there is no reason for not working in the first place. However, the business requires to be more strategic towards the calls.

Also, the demanding generation started. It’s incredibly effective and helps in understanding who is going to be the buyer. 

How cold calling is difficult?

Cold calling is difficult as it takes too much emotion and stamina to keep the conversation going. 

Also, the rejection rates are high which can be frustrating and can exhaust people. However, understanding a few techniques can help with such situations. 

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