Top 10 Coffee Shops In New York: Perfect Spots For A Warm Brew

There are several lovely neighborhood coffee shops in NYC that serve foamy cappuccinos and engage customers in polite conversation. ?

Even yet, a number of cafes and roasters in the city stand out for their expertly brewed coffee, award-winning pastries, and friendly service. While every New Yorker has a favorite corner spot.

Getting your caffeine fix is a ritual that people take very seriously. It’s not just a means to remain awake during the dreaded 3 pm work slump.

Don’t be put off by the Starbucks on every corner; there are many warm, inviting cafés where you may get an iced coffee in the morning or a cappuccino after dinner.?

Top 10 coffee shops in New York

  1. Birch
  2. Maman
  3. El Rey
  4. Hi-Collar
  5. La Colombe
  6. Summers NYC
  7. Coffee Project
  8. Sant Ambroeus
  9. Happy Bones
  10. Café Integral

10. Birch

Birch is a convenient coffee shop with a variety of coffees, plenty of space to sit and work, and casual, rustic furnishings that are scattered throughout the city. ?

They take pleasure in building a sense of community despite the turmoil of New York City and provide a variety of non-dairy milk options, including hemp milk.

They promote social interaction with their “Ignition Initiative,” which includes printed “Hello, my name is ___” mugs and Ignition Initiative cards that you may leave on your table to spark conversation.

If you don’t need a quiet area to work, Birch helps you meet people in a city where it can be hard to establish friends because of the fast-paced lifestyle. ?

Having said that, they also have spaces where you may sit with your laptop and concentrate.

Birch Location

9. Maman

In essence, Maman is Instagram paradise. You could spend many hours here sipping cappuccinos, eating delectable French meals, and filling your feed with great images of all the action thanks to their iconic blue floral printed to-go coffee cups, rustic decor, and ‘grammable accessories galore. ?

Order their lavender-infused hot chocolate if you enjoy it; it strikes an admirable balance between creamy and herbal flavors.

Hungry? You’re in luck since you can get quiches and pastries to stay, and brunch is served here in the back.

The well-heeled freelancers of NYC can frequently be seen working and unwinding with their preferred hot beverage on the rustic chairs surrounded by potted plants and string lights during the day. ?

With their blue-tiled floors and white-washed wood panels, Maman’s several locations throughout the city—they recently added one in the Meatpacking District—can make you feel as though you’re in the South of France after only one or two drinks.

If you fall in love with this charming location during the week, beware—it becomes crowded quickly on the weekends.

Maman Location

8. El Rey

Small, cozy rooms make for an intimate and pleasant location that’s ideal for a solo lunch or a coffee meet-up in the Lower East Side. ?

You will adore El Ray’s laid-back California atmosphere if you enjoy avocados. Get a coffee here, but make sure you also place an order for food.

Here, the kale salad is strongly advised; if you need some protein, add a pickled beet egg for a nutritious and delectable lunch or brunch.

Be sure to take a moment to sip your cortado under their neon sign and spend some quiet time people-watching, whether you decide to eat there or get a cup to go.?

El Rey Location

7. Hi-Collar

The experience is everything when drinking coffee at Hi-Collar. An excellent Japanese outpost that serves sake at night and coffee throughout the day has an exclusive atmosphere due to its small seating capacity of ten. ?

Choose from a range of them, then select your brewing method. You will frequently hear “Choose your Bean” here.

Try the Mizudashi Iced Coffee and a green tea Rice Krispy Treat, according to the experts.

Still trying to decide what to choose? Some of the friendliest baristas in the city work here, and they will undoubtedly offer their suggestions for what to order and how to enjoy it.

Pull yourself a seat at this counter and pay $7 to drink coffee from a $700 Christofle cup covered in gold leaf. Come here to experience royal treatment while you have a cup of coffee.?

Hi-Collar Location

6. La Colombe

This may be New York’s best cup of coffee. Because of its simple, modern decor, you can concentrate on the excellent coffee at La Colombe cafes. ?‍?

The three locations of this hotspot are constantly crowded, especially in SoHo, but fortunately, the baristas run a tight ship here, so you’ll always have to get started quickly.

Remind yourself that the beans are worth the wait if you find yourself in a lengthy line for espresso or pour over here.

The coffee and espresso drinks served here are tasty and complex. The draught latte is very excellent and ridiculously foamy. ?

The olive oil cake is a need if you want to serve it with something sweet.

La Colombe Location

5. Summers NYC

This cheery tiny nook of a cafe in SoHo radiates a little bit of California sunshine. Picking up an iced latte, a cold-pressed juice, or a cold brew is a simple pleasure by design, including succulents inside hollowed-out coconuts, surfboards, sunscreen, and more. ?

It’s challenging to decide what to eat at this grab-and-go spot’s short menu of light meals like traditional avocado toast and refreshing acai bowls, but everything is lovely no matter what you decide.

A choice of milk is available in palm-leaf painted Swell bottles and is ready for use. This coffee was freshly roasted at Devocion in Brooklyn and is flavorful and smooth.?

Summers NYC Location

4. Coffee Project

Are you feeling like a deconstructed latte? Have you never heard of one, perhaps? That’s what we’re assuming it to be. ?

Try Project One and Nitro Coffee in this location. Project One consists of one espresso shot, steamed milk, a latte cup, a glass of sparkling water, and a tiny waffle cookie.

However, we won’t ruin the surprise. As any bartender, mixology expert, or cocktail artisan might after hours, the knowledgeable baristas at this establishment will explain everything to you as you go. ?

This is the spot if you’re seeking one that provides inventive spins on old favorites you might believe you know too well.

Coffee Project Location

3. Sant Ambroeus

Even though this restaurant has outlets across Manhattan and the Hamptons, its authentic stand-up espresso bar makes for some of the best Instagram moments and cappuccinos. ?

The espresso beverages are incredibly tasty and have a lovely, sweet quality. Come here for a pick-me-up in the morning or at midday and order a latté, double espresso, or cappuccino to be taken in or taken out.

Since they are all regulars, don’t be surprised if you see Bella, Gigi, Kendall, or Emrata grabbing a bite to eat while you have your fix of foam.?

Sant Ambroeus Location

2. Happy Bones

Happy Bones is a charming, serene Little Italy hidden gem where you’ll feel immediately removed from the bustle of New York City. ?

In addition to great espresso, this modern coffee shop features a selection of local and international magazines, stark white exposed brick walls, and trademark tortoise shell spoons for sale.

Enjoy the morning paper while sipping on a Flat White, an Australian take on a latte, and a Happy Bones specialty.

When placing your order, choose from a selection of milk (for diners who avoid dairy products!). ?

You’ll undoubtedly meet a tonne of downtown New York City creatives while you’re here, which will help your morning go well.

Happy Bones Location

1. Café Integral

This hip café in the Nolita section of Manhattan’s downtown is a fantastic place to catch up with friends or take a break from shopping. ?

Enjoy a bag of crack chips, delicious mochas, and fantastic people-watching from the front lounge chairs and wide windows.

Expect to add a photo or two to your account every time you visit because of the excellent Instagram flat-lay images that can be taken here, thanks to the lighting and decor.?

Café Integral Location

Frequently Asked Questions for coffee shops in New York

1. Is coffee popular in New York?

New York has earned the moniker “city that never sleeps” for a variety of reasons. Thanks to the town’s seemingly endless sea of coffee shops, locals and visitors may quickly obtain a fast caffeine fix.

2. What kind of coffee do New Yorkers drink?

Normal coffee is simply that in New York. Everyone is aware of what it is, and it is not fancy. A small coffee with milk and two sugars is being served. Although there are many other explanations as to why this particular beverage is “the usual,” it is generally accepted to be coffee.

3. What is the most well-known coffee shop?

Starbucks has more than 30,000 locations around the world, making it by far the most well-known coffee chain in the world. The transformation of coffee culture in important nations like the United States is one of the main factors contributing to their success.

4. What is the oldest coffee shop in America?

In Boston, the London Coffee House was founded in 1669. Tea was the preferred beverage of the British during the American Revolution; therefore, consuming it was considered unpatriotic.

5. Who is Starbucks’ biggest competitor?

Starbucks has approximately 15,000 locations in the US, whereas Dunkin’ only has about 8,500. While Starbucks brings in $23 billion yearly, Dunkin’ only makes a little less than $1.5 billion.

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