Top 10 coffee shops in Michigan

New coffee shops and roasters are opening up all around Michigan, similar to brewers and vineyards in The Mitten. ?

The craft coffee industry has taken off. You will undoubtedly find a nice cup of coffee wherever your travels lead you.

There are a vast number of coffee shops in Michigan. But what exactly distinguishes a decent coffee shop.

Is it only the roasts, or is there something else that appeals to you? It could be the welcoming atmosphere or the friendly staff’s love of tasty coffee. ?

These Michigan coffee shops meet all the criteria, including having a welcoming ambiance, warm, clean surroundings, and some of the most excellent coffee offerings in the state.

10. Alcona Coffee Co.

If you’re in the mood for a drive, we’re confident you’ll appreciate us for alerting you to this hidden gem of a cafe in the future. ?

This unassuming small shop, located directly on the main street of quaint downtown Harrisville, will make you happy you stopped by in no time.

They serve their own mixes of coffee hot, iced, or by the pound in the whole bean, showing that they take their love of the beverage seriously.

Additionally, they offer excellent espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, chai, and other specialty coffee and tea drinks in addition to freshly brewed coffee.

Pastrami, pulled pork, corned beef, and other house-made specialties are available at the deli, along with a range of regularly-changing specials. ?

The bakery, which offers sweets, including cookies, biscotti, brownies, and muffins, is not to be missed.

Alcona Coffee Co. Location

9. Eos Café & Coffee House

This coffee shop in St. Clair Shores is the perfect place to stop for those who want a little more than a nibble to go with their brew. ?

Coffee enthusiasts will like the variety of sandwiches, breakfast items, and baked products at Eos.

If a cappuccino, frappe, or mocha doesn’t satisfy your craving, buy the Eos house specialty instead because it will introduce you to an array of flavor combinations! It’s a good idea to bring a book or laptop to this nearby store so you may relax while reading or working there.?

Eos Café & Coffee House Location

8. Cup of the Day

? Adventure in the Upper Peninsula? In Sault Ste. Marie, you can get your “cup of the day” of coffee.

After operating for more than 20 years, this coffee shop is firmly established in the center of downtown.

Enjoy a fresh, made-to-order sandwich with a mocha, latte, or simple cup of coffee.

Every cup of coffee served in the mom-and-pop, family-oriented themed store is made using locally roasted beans.

To begin a day of seeing the Soo Locks and the oldest town in Michigan, I’d suggest an Irish Crème Latte.?

Cup of the Day Location

7. Java Joe’s Cafe

Cross the Mackinac Bridge to reach this vibrant coffee shop in St. Ignace. ?

Here, the experience is just as important as the coffee. I could spend all day in the store because of the incredibly welcoming employees and distinctive setting.

There are murals, trinkets, tea kettles, and an endless breakfast buffet available.

Who wants pancakes with peanut butter and chocolate chips? Get yourself a shot of excellent U.P. espresso and/or a latte in any flavor you like.

Java Joe’s Cafe Location

6. Plymouth Coffee Bean

The Plymouth Coffee Bean, affectionately referred to by regulars as “The Bean,” has long been a cornerstone of Metro Detroit. ?

This independent coffee shop has been in business for the longest in Michigan and is located in a historic converted home.

This vibrant center of community activity presents a range of performances by regional musicians, poets, and artists.

Enjoy a cup of locally roasted coffee, a freshly cooked crêpe, or even a gluten-free muffin from Rumi’s Passion, a neighboring bakery, as you take in the quirky spirit and cozy ambiance of this Plymouth treasure.?

Plymouth Coffee Bean Location

5. Water Street Coffee Joint

Coffee lovers in this college environment frequent Water Street Coffee Joint, which has café and drive-thru options in and around Kalamazoo. ?

Enjoy a latte made with homemade syrups like hazelnut or other flavors. Select from their various espresso options, shakes, smoothies, teas, and a comprehensive meal menu.

On a weekend morning, cuddle up with a coffee and a freshly baked croissant in their original café on Water Street. Take a bag of locally roasted beans with you when you go.

There is always a friendly place and coffee waiting because locations are open early and close late!⭐

Water Street Coffee Joint Location

4. Blue Owl Coffee Co

Enter this coffee shop in the burgeoning REO Town section of Lansing. The latest trend is non-alcoholic craft coffee drinks. ?

I advise taking an Ol Blue while shutting your eyes. You’ll feel as though you’re sipping an Old Fashioned.

Sit in an open layout with a lovely mix of families, workers, and individuals just enjoying their coffee.

Another delicious alternative is their kegerator-fresh version of their renowned Nitro Cold Brew.

Order one of their Nitro flights if you dare! A second facility in East Lansing, directly across from the campus, is under construction, so keep a watch out for it.?

Blue Owl Coffee Co Location

3. Roos Roast Coffee

The distinctive coffee beans of this distinctive business and roaster, the Lobster Butter Love, are the talk of Ann Arbor. ?

They don’t serve to pour overs, but if you get a Long Pull, you’ll feel better in no time. At their original Rosewood Street site, where you can find a retro-chic café, RoosRoast roasts coffee.

The Downtown location is more up-to-date and has a limited breakfast menu, including tasty breakfast burritos.

The vision and experiences of their owner John Roos are reflected in the names of their coffee beans, including “Portland in the 1990s.” Are you feeling daring? Take a Garlic Cortado, please!

Roos Roast Coffee Location

2. Drip Drop Drink Coffee Bar

Are you on your way to Lake Michigan? Visit this coffee shop in Muskegon to unwind with an iced pour-over. ?‍?

Discover the latte, regular pour-over, and other craft coffee products in the relaxed and retro atmosphere of the shop.

You can tell how carefully and knowledgeably they handle coffee with each taste. They can be found in their original, shared location in the Russell Block Building. ?‍?

Right across the street, they are in the process of creating their very own larger space.

Drip Drop Drink Coffee Bar Location

1. Foster Coffee Company

In Foster, you should be if you enjoy a Michigan latte. Favorites created with the finest ingredients include pumpkin, peppermint mocha, and the usual variety.

So fluid! Get a pour-over coffee made with freshly roasted beans at the company’s original Owosso location. ?

Look down at the custom-painted logo and penny-tiled floor as you enter. They launched a store in Flint last year on Saginaw Street, smack in the city’s center.

The primary objective of Create is to “foster community via coffee.”

Foster Coffee Company Location

Frequently Asked Questions for coffee shops in Michigan

Do most coffee shops roast their own beans?

Although some exceptions exist, most coffee stores and cafés start by purchasing their beans in bulk from a roaster. This is currently the norm for coffee shops in significant consumer markets. But over time, an increasing number of coffee cafes have begun to roast their own beans.

What is the secret to a successful coffee shop?

An atmosphere, excellent customer service, and high-quality goods combine to produce an experience that customers desire to have repeatedly. The secret is engagement! You should never give up on providing excellent customer service. Additionally, the cleanliness of the brewing apparatus makes a huge difference!

Do small coffee shops make money?

Coffee has larger profit margins than other food items, and coffee shops frequently have cheaper operating costs than different types of establishments. Small coffee shop owners often earn between $60,000 and $160,000 per year, and the national coffee sector generates about $70 billion in sales annually.

What city drinks the most coffee?

Finland’s Helsinki. Finland leads the world in coffee consumption, with each resident consuming an estimated 12 kilograms of the beverage annually. This beverage is known in Finnish as “kahvi.” That is more than twice what Italians drink.

What are the only two states in the US to produce coffee?

Although Florida is now looking into the possibilities of producing coffee, Hawaii and California may still be the only two states in the United States that cultivate coffee.

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