Top 10 Coffee Shops In Georgia: A Taste Of Southern Hospitality In Every Cup

Modern coffee shops in the United States need to be distinctive and, most definitely, of artisan quality to stand out from the competition. ?

Craft coffee producers are centered in Georgia, and they not only roast beans and make lattes expertly, but they also sell a variety of snacks and delights.

The following coffee shops are unique enough to warrant a detour.

These places made the list of Georgia’s best coffee shops because of their house-baked pastries, responsibly sourced beans, generously brewed beverages, and inviting atmosphere.?

10. Cafe Rothem

With its friendly ambiance and inventive beverages and sweets, Cafe Rothem in Duluth exudes an intriguing sophistication. ?

Try a green plum tea slushy or see an antique siphon drip filter your coffee while you watch – the menu is full of both classic and relatively novel cocktails.

Unbelievable waffles packed with things like brown sugar and chopped nuts are among the available food items.

Eat sandwiches, rice bowls, giant Korean shaved ice, and other tasty treats while perusing one of the many nearby bookcases or taking in a live poetry reading.?

Cafe Rothem Location

9. The Rook and Pawn

Athens has many excellent restaurants, but The Rook and Pawn stand out for its ambiance and cuisine. ?

As a board game cafe, you can be sure there will be plenty of enjoyable classics to play with friends while sipping a great beverage.

There are almost 400 tabletop games available for you to choose from. Drink medium-strength Checkmate, sometimes known as the “Darth” Roast, which may be made into a number of traditional coffee shop drinks.

A wide variety of foods are available, including cheese plates, gluten-free desserts, and robust avocado or grilled cheese sandwiches.?

The Rook and Pawn Location

8. White Birch Provisions

White Birch Provisions is a wonderful spot to stop for regional treats and is situated in the picturesque Clayton community of the North Georgia Mountains. ?

Just outside of Atlanta, coffee beans are roasted to create smooth, robust espresso drinks. Daily biscuits, pastries, and other treats are made in-house by a baker.

You may enjoy local wines and charcuterie in the farm room before or after your pick-me-up.

White Birch Provisions Location

7. Octane Coffee

? There are three sites of this flexible and wildly popular coffee business in Atlanta.

While each is distinctive in its own right, the Grant Park site may be the most intriguing because of the building’s loft-inspired design and plenty of natural light.

Octane’s baristas are diligent and considerate of clients when preparing beverages and pastries despite the queue frequently wrapping around the building.

The best aspect of Octane may be how it converts into a bar at night, serving creative drinks and wine till midnight. ?

Visit Octane, one of Atlanta’s favorite neighborhood coffee shops, in Grant Park.

Octane Coffee Location

6. Queen Bee Coffee Company

A charming farmhouse off McDonough Square houses Queen Bee Coffee Company, which roasts its fair trade, organic, bird-friendly, and rain forest-certified beans in a small batch drum.

So certainly, the little boutique smells lovely inside. They even drill wells in nations that lack access to safe water sources because they have first-name relationships with their farmers. ?

Come cozy up inside with a book and a big hot espresso, or come on a night when a live musician is playing in the unique outside area. Queen Bee is closed on Sunday and Monday, so keep that in mind.

Queen Bee Coffee Company Location

5. Empire State South

Empire State South, a popular coffee shop in downtown Atlanta, is a caffeinated institution that uses beans from renowned Counter Culture Coffee to create its coffee (out of Durham, NC). ?

Currently, the brewed-to-order menu at Empire State South features coffee beans from Bolivia, Uganda, Guatemala, Ethiopia, and other countries.

Although the restaurant delivers high-quality espressos and creamy lattes, its food—particularly its breakfast plates—is unrivaled among coffeehouse fare.

You’ll know you’re in the heart of the South if you try a fried chicken biscuit with pimiento cheese.?

Empire State South Location

4. Lucy Lu’s Coffee Cafe

You’ll find Lucy Lu’s Coffee Shop in the small hamlet of Jackson, off the beaten road.

The shop was initially an odd feature for a place with few artisanal delicacies, but a cute yogurt business and a brick-oven pizza kitchen have since joined it. ?

The outside of the historic-industrial building where Lucy Lu’s is located has been preserved with brick walls, wooden flooring, and metal accents.

Given that Melvald’s and Radio Shack from Stranger Things are located directly across from Lucy Lu’s, you can expect that they serve “killer”-themed beverages like “The Upside Down,” “Demogorgon,” and “011” with a waffle top.

Finish it off with a freshly baked blueberry biscuit or a southern pimento cheese sandwich.?

Lucy Lu’s Coffee Cafe Location

3. Drip-Thru Coffee

There are two Drip-Thru Coffee outlets in Georgia: Stockbridge and College Park, which is close to the Atlanta airport. ?‍?

Drip-Thru is completely unique in the South and was designed to resemble the drive-up coffee shacks in the Northwest.

Not only is it entertaining to make a dash to this tiny business, but the coffee is also delightfully roasted nearby and ethically sourced from fair trade suppliers.

The traditional drinks are all made by hand to order, while the smoothies and other seasonal specialties are all served in compostable cups.?

Drip-Thru Coffee Location

Drip-Thru Coffee

2. Good Karma Coffee House

Avondale Estates, an Atlanta neighborhood with a craftsman aesthetic, is home to Good Karma Coffee House. ?

The small business offers big-time service inside despite its unassuming façade. Lattes and other hot or cold caffeine delights employ organic, intricately noted coffees that are rotated daily.

You won’t find dairy, nut, or gluten goods at Good Karma because the restaurant is allergy-free.

For people who have Celiac disease or other allergies, lattes and the wonderfully delectable cinnamon buns and other baked items are safe.?

Good Karma Coffee House Location

1. Condesa Coffee

Condesa, a coffee shop just east of the city center, entices customers with its lattes, cappuccinos, and its wide selection of teas. Condesa takes pride in its attention to detail. ?

You’ll be delighted just by the baristas’ fashionable attire, which includes pattern bowties, crisp oxford dress shirts, and buttoned vests.

Small pastries and traditional breakfast options like a parfait and cinnamon oatmeal may be found on the food menu.?

Condesa Coffee Location

Frequently Asked Questions for coffee shops in Georgia

1. Does Georgia have coffee shops?

Craft coffee producers are centered in Georgia, and they not only roast beans and make lattes expertly, but they also sell a variety of snacks and delights.

2. What is the most popular drink in Georgia?

One of the most consumed beverages in Georgia is wine. Of course, Chacha (a type of brandy) is available practically everywhere, but it is not the only option; there are many other alcoholic beverages.

3. What is Georgia’s national drink?

Chacha, often known as “wine vodka,” “grape vodka,” or “Georgian vodka/grappa,” is a transparent, potent pomace brandy from Georgia that can contain up to 85% alcohol when made at home.

4. Do Georgians drink a lot?

The practice of drinking is significant in Georgian culture. After all, this is where the earliest discoveries of winemaking were made. Wine is by far the most significant form of alcohol. Beer is secondary and has no ceremonial associations, but wine is linked to cultural and religious traditions.

5. What is Georgia’s most famous food?

Peaches. The Peach State is an affectionate nickname for Georgia. Home cooks and professional chefs use peaches throughout the state in pies, jams, jellies, ice cream, and peach cobbler. The combination of sweet, juicy peaches, thick syrup, and a flaky crust will win over even the most ardent dieters.

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