Top 10 coffee shops in Florida: Best Kept Secrets Revealed

Coffee shops are popular places where people go to enjoy different types of coffee and pastries in a cozy environment. 🤨

They offer a variety of drinks made from coffee beans, like espresso or single-origin brews. Coffee shops are great for relaxing, working, or hanging out with friends.

They usually have comfortable seats, free Wi-Fi, and friendly staff. Whether you need a quick boost in the morning or a spot to unwind, coffee shops are the go-to spots for coffee lovers everywhere.👀

top 10 coffee shops in Florida

  1. Kunjani Craft Coffee
  2. Brew Urban Cafe
  3. Vice City Bean
  4. Subculture Coffee
  5. Perq Coffee Bar 
  6. Black Crow Coffee Shop
  7. Macondo Coffee Roasters 
  8. Silver Cow
  9. Downtown Credo
  10. The Blind Tiger Cafe

10. Kunjani Craft Coffee

The independent, female-owned coffee shop Kunjani Craft Coffee debuted in February 2016 together with a gallery showcasing fair trade and handmade goods from Africa. 🤗

The coffee lives up to the promise in this gorgeously designed facility. They have a devoted following of customers who know that their coffee is among the best in the state.

Kunjani Craft Coffee Location

9. Brew Urban Cafe

It will take your breath away to stroll into one of the most beautiful cafes you have ever seen.

Many visitors feel that taking an Instagram picture while they are here is a requirement because of the books and the environment. 😊

They work extremely hard to find the most excellent coffee, and it shows in their world-class coffee. You will be in utter bliss when paired with one of their world-famous pastries.

Brew Urban Cafe Location

8. Vice City Bean

One of the city’s liveliest and most fascinating spots for food and coffee. Their cuisine is really inventive and features fantastic sandwiches, bowls, and delectable pastries. 😊

With roasts from premium vendors, the coffee does, however, come out on top. After your first visit, you will immediately start thinking about your future trip.

Vice City Bean Location

7. Subculture Coffee

As much as they are about making amazing coffee, Subculture Coffee is also about building a fantastic community, a culture, and a space. 😶

But there’s no denying that such a large number of people come here for coffee. This coffee shop is exactly what you’d expect a Palm Beach coffee shop to be like—cool vibes, wonderful drinks, and pleasant people!

Subculture Coffee Location

6. Perq Coffee Bar 

In the mornings, Perq is a terrific location to go for single-origin specialty coffee and a small amount of food. The coffee is like liquid gold, plus they have their own bakery. 😐

They also provide a decent range of beer and wine if you’re in the mood for something a little more substantial. You’ll fall in love with this place very quickly.

Perq Coffee Bar  Location

5. Black Crow Coffee Shop

The Black Crow Coffee Establishment puts a lot of work into the design of the shop, and at times it can make entering the space seem like entering a lovely botanical garden.

The facility is equally friendly, thanks to the decor and the staff. 🙃

They are also very interested in sustainability, and one of their coffee shops was the state’s first “zero waste” establishment. They occasionally appear in neighborhood markets and events as well.

Black Crow Coffee Shop Location

4. Macondo Coffee Roasters 

This is a tale about passing down a passion for history and culture and about a custom of promoting the benefits of Colombian coffee over the globe. 🧐

Why does that matter? Okay, great coffee! They take great delight in their sourcing and collaborate with tiny local farmers that have less than 2,000 plants. The final product includes some of the state’s best coffee.

Macondo Coffee Roasters  Location

3. Silver Cow

This is where you should go if you want access to a wide variety of beverages, including teas, Vietnamese Italian Cream Sodas, and craft artisan beer. 🌝

In other words, regardless of your preferences, there is a drink here for you. However, the coffee is the star of the show, especially if you prefer it iced because they are pros at it.

Silver Cow Location

2. Downtown Credo

Downtown Credo is a special coffee shop in downtown. It’s not just about coffee, though. They let you pay what you think is fair for your drink, which makes everyone feel equal. It’s a friendly place where people can talk and make friends. 😚

No matter who you are, you can come here, have a good cup of coffee, and meet new people.

Credo is a non-profit coffee business that relies on a donation-based sales system and boasts an original pricing structure. 😯

Credo is a hidden gem in Orlando, and customers adore its warm baristas and inventive coffee drinks.

Downtown Credo Location

1. The Blind Tiger Cafe

In the speakeasy-themed cafe The Blind Tiger, the entire experience is prioritized from the moment you enter. 🙃

This entails a fusion of gorgeous décor with coffee that, in their words, “should be illegal.” Every time, you can count on velvety lattes, flavorful roasts, and delicious coffee hits.🧐

The Blind Tiger Cafe Location

Frequently Asked Questions for coffee shops in Florida

1. What is the most popular coffee chain in Florida?

In terms of location, Dunkin’, Starbucks, and Panera Bread will be Florida’s biggest coffee shops in 2022. Most sites are found at Dunkin’, which has 891 outlets spread throughout 206 cities. In Florida, there are 193 Panera Bread outlets and 825 Starbucks.

2. Does Florida have good coffee?

There are several distinctive coffee shops in Florida that serve premium beans and brews in diverse shapes and flavors. These cafes have something for everyone, whether you want a nitro brew, iced coffee, latte, or just a standard cup. Along with your morning ritual, many of them also have an intriguing objective or story.

3. How much does it cost to open a coffee shop in Florida?

Starting a typical brick-and-mortar coffee business might cost anywhere between $25,000 and $300,000. On the other hand, starting small coffee shops like espresso stands and mobile coffee carts typically costs between $16,000 and $25,000.

4. What coffee is Miami famous for?

Cuban culture is deeply ingrained in Miami, and one of the finest ways to experience it is through the daily cafecito custom. Yes, we are discussing Cuban coffee. This beverage will supercharge you when you need a pick-me-up in the morning or the afternoon since it is powerful, sweet, and very tasty.

5. Why is Miami Beach so popular?

Beyond sun and sand, Miami Beach provides a wide range of activities, including world-famous nightlife, world-famous art galleries, first-rate lodging, unmatched cuisine, designer shopping, and one of the most distinctive architectural styles in the world.

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