Christmas Email Marketing: 10+ Strategies, Guide & Examples

The Christmas holiday is one of the popular seasons that is celebrated all across the world. It’s a time when people reconnect with their loved ones, share gifts and eat together. 

And also a golden time for the business to boost its revenue. Most retail stores cash in during the season, and it becomes important to target your audience. 

That’s where the Christmas email marketing campaign comes in; it can help in showing the apparition to the customers but also boost the products and services sales.  But to know how you can do that, here is an ultimate email marketing guide for Christmas. 


Why Is Christmas Email Marketing Beneficial For You?

Before you jump in knowing about how you can start the email campaign, it’s important to understand why Christmas holds so much importance for the business. 

Also, why the email marketing campaigns on Christmas can help your business? Here are some of the points for understanding how well running a Christmas email campaign can help contribute to your total revenue generation. 

benefit of using Christmas for email marketing

Well, it includes the basic reasons such as : 

It’s More Easy To Convert

Since Christmas makes people get into a festive mood, they are in the mood to celebrate and want to buy things. 

This gives a much easier conversion of your leads into paying customers. However, it’s important that you keep your Christmas marketing on point since there is a lot of competition. 

It’s A Sales Season 

According to Statista, the retail eCommerce market in 2020, the holiday season, amounts to USD 186 billion in the US, and by 2021, it will increase by 14%, which is almost USD 207 billion. 

Christmas is one of the important seasons in sales which gives you much more options to convert leads. 

Direct To Customers 

Email marketing for Christmas can help in the way you want because, compared to other marketing channels, email is direct and personalized. 

So make sure that you have all the important elements that can make your audience read the emails. 

How Can You Get Ready For Your Christmas Email Campaign?

According to the statistics, more than 62%  of consumers prefer to shop online in order to avoid crowds. This is why you need to start the preparations fast. 

Not just that, you need to create a Christmas email template that can stand out. You need to think about the deals that you are going to offer during the Christmas season. 

 The following are some ideas for consideration:

Analyze The Past Campaigns You Did 

Before you start, take a close look at the previous past campaigns you did on Christmas. 

This also helps you analyze the customer and tactics that did well for your campaign.  This also helps in coming up with more related ideas that work for this campaign. 

Also, monitor and compare the key metrics, including click rate, open rate, conversion rate, ROI, etc. 

Consider all of these data when you are creating the email campaign and set the goals as well as KPIs.

Do The Segmentation Of Your Subscribers 

Research from Optimove suggests that the segmentation of email campaigns results in increased value per customer. 

So the smaller and targeted customer segments are, the better you will get and the uplifting result. 

Well, here you can with small,  and divide the subscribers into the segmentation of active and less active. 

Not just that, you can send the discount to those who open your every email, which will help engage with the emails. 

Clean Your Mail List, Of Yours

Cleaning the mailing list should be done daily, and it will help you keep the list healthy. 

eCommerce companies need to get rid of those email addresses that are inactive, out of date, or do not exist at least every three months. 

This is also important before you start the campaign. Also, it should be done before the high shopping activity. 

Keeping the active subscribers on the list will prevent the sender’s reputation from getting damaged. 

This eventually helps in improving the delivery of your email on Christmas. Also, it keeps the risk of Bounce rate away. 

Focus on Your CTA And Go Over it Again 

One more thing you should focus on is the CTA. You need to make sure that this link leads to your landing page. And it should not be on the main page of the website. 

Here you can lose the customer because they must look for the particular product independently. 

Also, you don’t want to lose your potential clients from buying the gifts. 

Customizing The Email Design For Christmas 

Not just that, you need to optimize your email design for those who are using mobile devices. Also, you need to make your Christmas email look stand out, and the best way to do it is to focus on designing. 

You can create a cheery atmosphere by adding visuals to your email.

Work On What You Are Offering 

Christmas festive puts everything in a shopping mood, and to utilize it; you need to offer something they can’t ignore. 

You can offer last-minute deals, limited offers, and gifts that can help the customers to buy from you. 

Do Double-Check 

To make sure that you are sending an effective email during the Christmas season, you need to ensure everything before you send the hit button. 

Not just do it for once, but check it twice to be sure. When you are checking, see how your emails are displaying in the email inbox, especially on mobile devices. 

Apart from that, you also need to do the proofreading, avoid any errors and links, and check if it’s working or not. 

To be sure, you need to do the A/B test to know everything is working fine with your Christmas email. 

Make Sure You Have Enough Product 

The worst thing that could happen is getting out of stock when you have a customer ready to purchase it. 

So even when your email marketing works the way you want, you need to be sure about your products being stocked.

Have some extra products in case you need them. But also do the check on how your last time stock was used. 

With this, you can understand the demand for your products this Christmas. To those items that are popular or most purchased, keep them more in numbers. 

How To Write Subject Lines For Your Christmas Email?

Well, the Christmas email campaign effects depend on different aspects, and the subject line is one of those. 

The subject line holds power over how many clicks you will get and if the audience is going to read the email or not. 

So you need to be more sure about how your subject line looks. 

Here are some of the ways which can help you in writing effective subject lines for your Christmas email. 

Make It Catchy And Jolly 

Since it’s Christmas, you should keep your subject line in the email or to the vibe. It should be funny, jolly, and catchy. This means you must avoid anything that seems like you are trying to sell something. 

Also, you can keep it humorous and add jokes to get your audience to click on the emails. 

The point is to focus on how your subject line is creating the vibe because it will set the mood of the whole email, and also if it’s not extraordinary, people will ignore clicking on it.

Have a look at 151+ Catchy Christmas Email Subject Lines Examples

Relatability is important, and also, you need to keep it that way.  You can think about the novels, songs, and movements that evoke the feelings which are associated with the email. 

Your reference should stimulate the feeling of Christmas, positivity, tone of voice, etc. 

Keep It Specific 

You need to cut right to the chase and outline; this should be what you are offering at Christmas. 

Customers appreciate the straightforwardness of getting the information they need before they open the email. 

With this, you can evoke Christmas feelings and enthusiasm and help in getting more clicks. 

Provide More Generiousty And Value 

If you are offered discounts, referral gifts, or coupons, try to highlight them in your subject line.  

Well, Christmas is about benevolence, and with spread, it is by offering additional benefits without asking for anything in return. 

With this, you are also exposed, and your brand as you can offer it to the charity. 

What Are The Stages Of Your Christmas Email Marketing Campaign? 

To make the most of the holiday season, Email marketing for Christmas becomes really crucial, and for that, you need to divide this into three important stages. 

To understand it well, here is what can help. 

Stage 1: Pre-Christmas Campaign 

To stay ahead of the competitors, you need to get ready with your pre-Christmas email campaign. 

At this point, your audience is already in the mood for the holiday season, decorations, Christmas cards, etc. 

So it’s the best time to get in front of your recipient, or you can start by reminding them about the holiday season. 

You need to start working as well as designing the mail campaign for Christmas. 

Not just that, you can add creativity by adding Gifs, artwork, animation, etc.

Stage 2: Christmas Campaign 

Once the season finally arrives and you have sent the emails for pre-Christmas already, this will create the opportunity to utilize the season well. 

Here your subscribers are waiting to see what you will offer for Christmas. 

With your emails, you can offer discounts, deals, packages, and special offers exclusively for Christmas. 

Well, here, you can personalize the email. You can also add the product recommendation in which your recipient has shown interest. 

You can offer discount prices to make it interesting and hard to ignore. This will encourage them to take action, which leads to purchases.

Stage 3: Post-Christmas Campaign 

When everyone is done with their Christmas, here your campaign should not end. 

Once the holiday is over, everyone is relaxed, and inboxes are less crowded. 

This allows you to keep your touch with them even after Christmas ends. 

You can send the post-Christmas email campaign along with the subject line; you can stay connected with them for the long run. 

This can be the last shot for boosting the revenue and converting them into your loyal audience. 

What Are The Strategy To Create Your Christmas Email?

Christmas is one of the busiest times for small and big businesses.  There are a lot of things that you need to do; however, to create email marketing for Christmas, here are some of the strategies that you might help with. 

Design The First Christmas Email 

The first step for your Christmas marketing strategy is creating a dedicated campaign for it. 

From the email design to the offer, here you need to plan everything perfectly to get more potential customers. 

ideas for christmas festive design

But if you are not an expert in design and have a lack of resources, then it’s best to choose the email marketing platforms depending on what suits you. 

Once you get it, here are the basics to start with : 

  • Choose the email structure that you want
  • Insert text into the blocks for content 
  • Add images 
  • Include a product page or landing page 

Add The Christmas Subject Lines 

When you are building the Christmas campaign,  the first and most important thing you need to pay attention to is the subject lines. 

It’s going to be a really important part of how your recipient is going to read the email or not. 

So when you are creating the subject lines  for Christmas, here are some of the points to remember : 

  • Choosing the subject line smartly will help you give a great first impression through its personalization elements. 
  • Maintaining the email delivery as well as sender score.
  • Show the value of what your email contains at first glance. 
  • Give you the boost in better open rates, conversion, and click-throughs 

To make your subject line perfect, you must add personalization, actionable language, and emojis. 

Add Pre Header Text That’s Relevant 

Along with your subject lines, you must also pay attention to the pre-header text, as it’s equally important. 

Well, the pre-header or preview text is basically a few extra lines of copy that the subscribers see along with your subject line. 

With the help of a preheader, it will give additional information to your subscribers. And helps in giving reasons to have better interaction. 

You must keep it relevant to your subject lines, as it will perform much better. It works great if you are an eCommerce business with many competitors. 

Write The Email Copy For The Christmas 

The next important part is creating the email copy for Christmas. To give your email copy a holiday makeover, first, you should plan for the email campaign. 

The body must carry the Christmas spirit for the Christmas email and be festive and enjoyable. 

Also, you don’t have to push hard on the promotion element; you can keep it toned down or leave it. 

This opportunity can be used to share the holiday spirit with the customers. Also, use it for expressing gratitude and keep it personalized. 

Also, you don’t have to add many lines; this can be short and sweet to get a message across. 

Focus On Creating The Value Proposition 

One of the ideal things that you can consider for starting your Christmas email marketing is to focus on the value proposition. 

Well, it’s a promise that you and what you offer ( product or service), make to the customers. 

The more appealing you are offering, it increases the more chances of converting more of your subscribers into loyal advocates. 

As for Christmas marketing, don’t just depend on the message but answer the pain points of your subscribers along with adding the holiday spirit. 

Make Sure That You Are Personalization 

Personalization goes beyond the name of your subscribers; its ability is to show the content is based on the individuals and focus on them. 

Using dynamic content along with the custom field can help in customizing the content most amazingly.

Well, the custom fields refer to the information you get extra regarding the email list. Here it can include the gender, age, name, first, etc., of your recipient. 

Build Subscription Form And Landing Page For Festive 

Christmas is not just good for increasing sales, but it’s also a golden opportunity for expanding the email list. 

As for creating it, you need to create a subscription form that looks beautiful but also has a rocking offer to capture the emails. 

Since it’s Christmas, you can tweak the subscription forms to match the visuals of the festive vibe of your website. 

This will help in converting the seasonal traffic, and it will lead them to landing pages and products. 

Well, to make sure your landing page converts, make sure it offers content that goes from your email to the gen medium for leads. 

Here are a few points to look after 

  • Add the irresistible value proposition. 
  • Use the white space to your advantage
  • Make sure your CTAs are straightforward 
  • Offer the continuous experiences

Don’t Forget The Christmas Visuals 

Christmas visuals are important to add to your newsletter, and they should be unique. 

While creating one might take time, and you might need a professional. However, it will be worth it. 

Keep the visuals high in quality and balanced. You can add different things such as Santa, Christmas trees, snowflakes, etc. 

However, when you are certain of the visuals, ensure you don’t overdo it, as it makes it too crowded. 

Craft Your CTA For Christmas Email 

It’s important that you focus on the Christmas copy and images, but along with that, you also need to add the CTAs. 

This will make your Christmas email effective, and adding it to the right place can skyrocket your click-through rate. 

To nail it, you need to pay attention to your CTA’s position, color and copy. 

The position is a crucial part of your email as it will affect if your subscriber is going to click on it or not. 

To create the perfect one, you can consider using the inverted pyramid model. This will help in getting more attention to the CTA button. 

Automate The Christmas Email Campaign 

Marketing automation will save you effort and time, and you can focus on important things. 

You can use it for your Christmas email marketing as well. The automation will help you do anything; you can set the campaign based on actions your sabers are taking to deliver the campaign, depending on the timezone. 

What Are The Ideas For Christmas Email To Be More Effective? 

Since you are already aware of the importance of timing and stages that you need to focus on. 

But it’s important to know what kind of emails can bring you promising results. 

Here are some ideas you can consider for your Christmas email marketing. 

Christmas newsletter ideas for your email

Add The Christmas Timer 

Well, after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this brings the perfect time for starting to send your Christmas emails. 

Here you can start with the countdown; it can be the sample teaser for the Christmas sale along with limited information.

Such emails can be intriguing and will keep the audience on their toes. 

But with this, you need to pay attention to the frequency, as it should be optimal. So don’t get monotonous as it will up-tiring the audience getting emails. 

Guide To Buy Gifts 

Since people are looking to purchase gifts for their loved ones, you can add the gift guide and wishlist to boost the readership.

Not everyone is comfortable buying presents for holidays, especially like Christmas, and here your guide can be helpful for them. 

You can also use this opportunity to add more about the products you sell, as you can inform them about how you can help them out.

Offer Christmas Discounts 

One of the important parts is going to be when the subscribers make the purchase, and to make it better; you can add discount offers exclusively for Christmas. 

You might have already sent the teaser, and the audience knows what they will buy, so adding a discount will increase the chance of them taking action and purchasing. 

Special Offers For Early Bird 

To make loyal customer feel like they are special and privileged, you can offer a personalized offer to them. 

It can be special offers at a discount to them. Well, personalized can help you in getting a more interested audience. 

Set The Reminder Email 

With this, you can make your audience believe that they are not late and can still make purchases. 

You can add the delivery dates, star products, and special shipping prices to get more of your users to convert into customers. 

Use The Gamification 

One of the elements that make your festive email more interesting and appealing can add gamification. Here you can hold contests, which will increase engagement, but with this, you can get user-generated content. 

Show Your Appreciation And Love 

Christmas is an opportunity for you to shower your love and appreciation on your customers. 

And you can use that to express your gratitude; with this, you can add something that shows your emotions. It can be a special gift for them. 

Spread Your Christmas Jolliness 

You can send the Christmas greeting to your target audience. You can make this interactive by adding video messages, gifs, or relatable items. 

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