A Quick Guide To Understand Chatbots In Email Marketing

Well, anyone who is not living under a rock would know what chatbot is all about and increase the number of users. 

There are different companies that are starting to implement chatbots on different platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger, and even their own websites. 

Pairing it with email marketing, a chatbot can bring the massive potential for boosting the increasing conversation, and it can be the winning combination for your campaign. 

To understand how you can start with this and what you should know to get the best out of it, here is a quick guide for you. 

What To Know About Chatbots?

Well, a chatbot is basically software that is capable of having a conversation with your customers and visitors, typically for helping with the spice tasks and addressing the problems and questions which are common. 

Since more and more companies are starting to use chatbots for their marketing efforts, this can be a powerful tool that amplifies the effectiveness of the strategy, including email marketing. 

Before you get into how email and chatbot work and using them together can help in boosting the effectiveness of email marketing. 

Let’s take a little deeper look at what chatbot is actually about. 

The Concept Of Using Chatbots 

Chatbots were introduced in 1950. Alan Turing thought that a computer program could be able to talk to a group of people without making them realize that the instructor is actually an artificial one. 

However, it recently started to get popular and included in the mainstream. This is due to the vast importance of the use of the technology in chatbots and the platforms it supports, which lowers the entry bar. 

They are designed in order to stimulate conversion, which is real and has the goal of completely understanding the interactions with humans. It includes semantically, which means knowing what they mean and the emotions, and understanding the sentiment behind the interaction. 

However, all thanks to the development and improvement, it helps in evolving the chatbots for making it a simple program, here simply use keywords to follow a script. This uses machine learning along with artificial intelligence to get the inputs that are complex. 

Simple Chatbots 

The next you should know is simple chatbots, it’s a preprogrammed database or an associative array including a set of key-value pairs which is composed of the keywords along with corresponding responses for moving the conversation along. 

This type of chatbot doesn’t use artificial intelligence, as it follows a script to send pre-programmed responses when the conversation is associated with certain keywords. 

However, if the input is not getting the needed keywords for evoking the response, then it will offer generic responses in order to get into direct reactions. 

Complex Chatbots 

Although artificial intelligence technology hasn’t gotten to the human intelligence level, there are a lot of progressions enough to offer sophisticated chatbots. 

There are vast examples you can get in virtual assistants, including Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s  Cortana, etc. 

Complex chatbots use machine learning which is better for understanding the inputs which are different and finding the solution that suits them perfectly in real-time. 

Complex chatbots are much smarter and capable of understanding varied inputs, even accounting for spelling errors and permutation, providing natural outputs. 

How Chatbot And Email Marketing Help Your Campaign? 

Using the combination of chatbot and email marketing can help you in bringing some of the amazing brands and growing the brand.

This includes : 

Help In Generating The Leads

Armed with the power of AI,  you can use chatbots to communicate with visitors who might be potential customers. This can help in using the relevant conservation and natural way.

For example, if you have an e-commerce store, using a chatbot can ask the visitor’s email address and offer the assistance that they might need regarding the products and services. 

Chatbots can help the first point of contact in improving the boosting of the lead. And you can use this to get the email address to improve the database. 

Email marketing can be used for sending promotional emails and moving the visitors who are interested further down the sales funnel. 

As compared to other methods for collecting email addresses, a chatbot is much more simple. 

The conversational manner for collecting the email address of visitors who are sharing their information with the brand. 

You Can Use For Quick Surveys 

Collecting feedback can help you in finding out what your customers want from you and the brand; the survey can be a great tool for getting better insights. 

However, when you combining email and chatbot can help in turning this whole thing your way. 

It’s not enough to simplify the email prospect with extensive surveys; this already needs a significant amount of resources and time.

So you can simply send the email and add a link to the survey. Then you can use a chatbot to go through the survey question in a conversational manner. 

This makes your interactive survey easier, engaging, quicker, and much more accessible to the customers. 

To make your chatbot surveys much more successful, you should make them much more humanize and make them authentic, aligning and making it optimal for driving engagement. 

Providing The Tailor-Made Experience For Users 

Chatbots are not just great tools for collecting the contacts for your email marketing,  but they can improve in making your campaign segmentation much better. 

For example, when you are engaging customers in a series of questions that are personalizing, give more insight to know what your product is about, what they are looking for, the price range they feel comfortable with, and much more. 

With targeted and segmented campaigns, which are shown to boost the revenue by 760% relative to your general campaigns. 

Use The Chatbots For Email Reminder 

There is no doubt that people are getting busier and busier; they don’t have too much invested in the email they get on a daily basis.  There are chances your messages might go unnoticed by them. 

However, you can send another email to remind, but even if it’s your potential customer, the chances of opening the email the right way and managing the content are still low. 

With the help of chatbot and email marketing integration, the next time your subscribers visit the site, this can help in engaging them with the help of a chatbot. 

This chatbot can work to remind them as they can just receive the email. 

Offer Better And Inclusive For Communication Channels 

There are different uses of chatbots in email marketing, but what are the other ways that can help? 

You can use email marketing to promote live chatbot support. Not just that, you can also encourage the customer to use the chatbot for ordering the details, order confirmation, and ancillary responses. 

Some of the benefits that you can get here include: 

  • Get the answer to the queries without calling, sending a new email, or opening the new tabs. 
  • Get immediate responses to the issues or questions they have.
  • Learn about the promotions and sales regarding the products. 
  • Once your customer uses the site, you can notice much better engagement and conversation rates. 

Helps You In Understanding The Audience 

Both chatbots and email marketing have advanced greatly due to their AI capabilities. 

AI chatbots are not just allowing you to automate your routine steps but also help in improving better open rates, richer conversation, and bigger sales. 

A deeper understanding of what actually your targeted audience wants can help you in offering an email campaign that is much more customized and improves. 

What Ways Chatbot And Email Marketing Work Together? 

When you get an understanding of how you can use chatbots and how it works, then the next step is to know how they can help you with email marketing. 

Chatbot and email marketing are two technologies that can actually work together. The reason behind this is they both communicate with the contacts in the conversion process but at different points. 

Well, you can use chatbots and email marketing in three different scenarios, it includes : 

combining email marketing and chatbot strategies

Email List Subscription Bot 

This one can be the easiest strategy that you can implant because here, the goal is pretty simple and i.e., To get the new leads for signing up the email list. 

Once the conversation gets triggered, the bot asks the questions to the visitors, including a few details such as areas of interest,  gender preference, and preferred frequency. 

These questions are asked a lot with the email address of the subscribers. 

Then they transfer all the important information to the email database, where the company has access to all the information and uses it for sending the emails. 

Lead Nurturing Process 

Since not all the sales results happen in the moment decision, and to larger as well as important purchases, the customer often tends to take the time to reflect and research options. 

Also, the time they take is vital so they can do the purchase with all kinds of understanding. 

So if you offer a longer purchase cycle, you can use this to give the nudge to the lead nurturing in the right direction. 

You can use this email marketing and chatbots together for allowing to have the conversation on two fronts, i.e. : 

Email – Send the documents and detailed information, which is important for your potential customers in order to make the decisions. 

Chatbots – respond to their queries and questions that they have to quickly close to conversion. 

Online Purchases 

Chatbots can even be helpful when you are setting up online purchases. If customers have their account, then the process can be simple, as they know what they want to buy and confirm the delivery as well as payment details already. 

Here you need to send the transactional email which follows the purchase, and the email should contain all the deals, verify delivery with the receipt, and notify customers about the shipping information. 

This can also serve as communicating other intuitive things related to marketing, such as loyalty programs, seasonal sales, and special offers. 

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