23+ Effective Catering Business Marketing Ideas

Serving people with mouth-watering delicacies is itself a source of great money making in today’s time.

With more indulgence of people in parties and large household events, catering businesses have taken a whole new turn. That means you are not alone in your area of expertise. There is always some competition near you.

How to Advertise your Catering business?

  • Build your visual brand with its logo to introduce your catering business.
  • Tie up with other related businesses, School college canteens, hotels, restaurants, breweries, wedding venues, and event organizers. 
  • Make sure to create a versatile, original, and cost-effective menu to compete for another catering service in your area.
  • Distribute handouts, brochures, and business cards to attract the local market.
  • Pull off an event with good food and service to engage new customers.
  • Do not forget to get placement on the preferred vendor list to be visible for booking to new customers.
  • Preserve booths at exhibitions, holiday parties, festive events, and bridal fairs to showcase and serve your cuisine and signature dishes to make your new customer into potential customers.
  • Do not forget to Volunteer your time to handle events organized for charity to find your relationship with business people to get high-profile catering opportunities.
  • Shake hands with companies or salespeople to get hired by them to provide food for breakfast and lunch at meetings.

Besides food and up-to-the-minute services, your marketing plan needs to be a master plan. Read further to open up to the possibilities of super marketing ideas and be merry!

Some Proven Marketing Ideas for Catering Business for your Success In Business.

Have Time for Personal Connections

Networking is important for building personal connections with people who are essential for your business growth. Since you have started your catering business, you can have a lot of business companions outside.

Some of them can be owners of bridal shops, exhibition centers, event planners, etc. Move around and communicate with them. If possible, you can also leave your business cards at their shops to let their customers know about you. Return favors in different ways!

Get Your Food Evaluated at Tastings

Organizing tastings is a major way to reach out to big corporate events. You need not go to a large gathering.

Instead, you can pave the way for a small tasting with a few vital personalities. You can leave a long-lasting impression on the taste buds of the top-tier leads by allowing them to test the quality of your food and services.

Participate in Vital Events

Your catering business is valuable in bridal fairs and many more events. Conferences arranged by various other industries like mass media, marketing, legal, financial, etc., are also worth the effort.

On such occasions, food is necessary, and therefore vendors are called from outside to showcase the validity of their services. Opening up your tasting arena at such happenings gives you the full opportunity to steal people’s hearts with your food aroma!

Submit Influential Press Releases

Press releases are good for spreading the news about your catering business. However, keep the following points in front of you when writing a press release:-

  1. Build a professional press release in the third person.
  2. Make sure you consider food blogs and local news resources for your press release. Mention your contact and website address in it.
  3. Give an interesting appearance to your press release by writing why you are exceptional in your services, your experience, small stories worth hearing, etc.

Branding Through Logo Designs

Every outward style or appearance opted by your business speaks about it. After all, branding is what you make people see. If branding is that associated with the upcoming fruitful days of a business, then a logo design is highly linked with branding.

Think of two situations. First, you send a letter to your client without the seal of your business logo on it. Second, you send the same letter with a proper presentation of your logo on it. Which situation will represent your brand best? Obviously, the second one!

Get a Nice Website

A website is one of your business priorities for sure. Customers gather information about your business from your website. It can encourage them to deal with you on a regular basis and summon more transactions. So, do anything to make it look perfect and support the trend of fast information access.

Tip: You can also insert an eCommerce solution directly on your main website.

Show Off Your Zeal on YouTube

You would have never entered the world of the catering business if you lacked a passion for food. Now is the time to make yourself famous as a food enthusiast on YouTube by sharing your ‘how to cook videos.

You can also clearly mention your catering business name in those videos and announce that you are adding those recipes to your catering services.

Pick Up Pinterest

Pinterest is a magical platform for delivering messages about your business. Besides uploading colorful pictures of delicacies here, you can also pin the events which you have successfully catered to. Once this trick goes viral, people will click on those pins to obtain full information about your services.

Ask for Referrals From Known Ones

Asking for referrals from your existing customers does not involve too much chaos. The process is simple, and your catering business can obtain an identity for itself really fast.

You can also seek help from your family members or friends to promote you wherever they go.

Asking for referrals from your existing customers

Carry on With Word of Mouth Marketing

Words have the power to influence and are always important for creation. So, why forget them when it comes to promoting your catering business?

Adopt good words when you introduce your clients to your business and encourage other people to do the same. In fact, the people who have witness your services will carry on with word of mouth marketing in the most brilliant manner.

Reach Out to Popular Food Blog Owners

Food blogs are a ray of hope for you. You can look for some of the best food blogs on the Internet and then contact their owners.

Ask them if you can contribute blog posts for their blogs. If you get a chance, write an engaging blog that sparks light among the readers. Also, write a line about yourself and your catering business at the end of the blog.

Keep an Eye on Competitors

You do not need any spies to keep an eye on your competitors. It is better to get support from the Pages to Watch feature on Facebook. Follow your competitors, see what they are up to, and think of better things for your own business.

Conduct Caption Contests

Post a picture of a food item on all the possible social media platforms and ask your followers to give it a caption. This task will take only a small amount of people’s time, and they will participate in huge numbers.

Send Emails Occasionally

Electronic messages are very useful when it comes to reminding your clients of your services every now and then.

They are also fantastic for introducing new food items in your catering business, improvisation of present services, discounts, etc. Thus, by contacting your customers regularly, you can expect everlasting interest.

Coordinate a Webinar

If you are in urgent need of increasing the customers for your catering business, then rely on the thought of coordinating a webinar with your business partner. Believe us; that one fine stroke gets your business all the needed luck!

How to drive sales to your Catering business?

  • Do not forget to give advertisements in newspapers, radio, and magazines.
  • Spread fliers and pamphlets in local newspaper magazines and also at bars, hotels, commercial offices, and canteens.
  • Make sure to give special discounts and holiday and weekend offers to increase the sale of your services.
  • Do not forget to start a blog or video blog and post information about recent events, including pictures of your work and customer review.
  • Ask happy clients to leave feedback on social media posts or websites.

FAQs about Catering Companies to increase sales

What is the target market for your Catering business?

If your marketing strategy allows you to work on public occasions such as soccer games and festivals, the food is casual, as is the customer. You want to call customers who are hosting events for a big group of people if you decide to take the more formal route. Customers vary from individuals to big and large businesses, all of which share one thing in common – the ability to deliver quality food and refreshments for visitors.

How can you keep the customers coming back to your Catering business?

You will grow a loyal follow-up when you regularly deliver quality food. Tens of hundreds of potential customers will be seen in every case. Make sure the workers are skilled, polite, and competent. Your customer’s expectations vary between events. Your catering company can produce revenues depending on how many foods and other facilities each event offers.

What is the growth potential for the catering business?

The catering industry has expanded exponentially over the past five years. Much of that revenue was created by restaurants that recognize the needs of their customers to reach beyond their restaurant’s four walls. Your catering company will extend to include several locations, a restaurant/shop, and/or a franchising opportunity for others, depending on your longer-term ambitions and the quality of your service.

How do you jump-start your Catering business?

Work in the industry for a year or two before you start your own company. Start from below and work at each station. How you know is invaluable to ensure that corporate activities go smoothly. Having team members would also be necessary to take care of tasks for which you are not able to do or are not fully committed, such as billing customers or marketing.

How to make your Catering business a great success?

Today, there are few effective businesses without a website. While not difficult, invest in a website and make sure it contains relevant material, such as contact details, menu items, and photographs of past events. To create a greater online presence, share this knowledge on social media. Consider joining the local chamber of commerce and engaging for further visibility in local events.

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