11+ Top Cartier Competitors and Alternatives

Cartier is one of the famous companies known for its watch collections and jewelry. It is a French company that was established in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier. Their main headquarters are in Paris, France. The total turnover of Cartier is $6.1 billion.

They are one of the famous jewelry manufacturers and also renowned for their making. Cartier is home to more than 200 shops spread over 125 nations worldwide.

They also have an extensive selection of watches and royalty in their merchandise. They also have a good collection of watches and majesty in their products. 

List of Top Cartier Competitors


It was founded in 1884 by Sotirios Voulgaris, a luxury brand known for its jewelry watch accessories for men and women and their varieties of perfume.

Bulgari is an Italian brand, and its headquarters are in Rome, Italy. The total net worth of Bulgari is €1.069 billion. They are mainly known for their dedication to making jewelry; every jewelry element is elegant.

They have their branches in 7 and more different countries. Bulgari’s present CEO is Jean-Christophe Babin.


Chopard is mainly a Switzerland company known for its variety of watches, jewelry, and different accessories. It was founded in the year 1860 by Louis-Ulysse Chopard.

The total yearly net worth of Chopard is CHF 500 million. Their headquarters are established in Geneva, Switzerland. They have sold their different collections through auction. Chopard is one of the biggest Cartier Competitors.

They also manufacture watches and are known for their high-quality and graceful work in their special Switzerland watch collections. They are also promoted at the famous Cannes Film Festival. 

TAG Heuer 

TAG Heuer is one of the famous Switzerland watch companies which was founded in the year 1860 by Edouard Heuer. Their turnover is US$856.62 million.

They also produce some eyewear and mobile phones that are not as famous as their watches. They are famous for the uniqueness of their looks and design. Headquarters are found in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

Recently they have launched some of their limited collections. Frederic Arnault, who was named the CEO for Tag Heuer in July 2020


OMEGA was founded in 1848 by Louis Brandt with a small shop. Its annual turnover amounts to 1.758 billion CHF. The company’s headquarters are located in Bienne, Switzerland.

OMEGA has different stores in different countries and has a comprehensive collection of watches in different colors. They make their watches with the olden ideas by giving them some modern touch. OMEGA is a leading Competitors of Cartier

Omega has produced Seamaster 300 features in a symmetrical case and some dark dials and lighter indexes in their collection. They have 52 different branches in different countries. 


Swarovski is an Austrian brand serving the whole world with its different varieties of jewelry, which was founded in 1895 by Daniel Swarovski, Armand Kossmann, and Franz Weis. Their headquarters are situated in Wattens, Austria.

Swarovski’s total revenue is €2.7 billion as per reports. They have collections of Crystal jewelry, genuine gemstones, different created stones, and accessories for women.

They have 2,800 stores in 170 other countries throughout the world. Robert Buchbauer, who assumed charge of the Swarovski management at the beginning of April 2020,


Pandora is famous for its various jewelry collections in diamond, gold, etc. They have a variety of charms, rings, bracelets, and elegant necklaces.

Pandora was established 1982 in 1982 by Per Enevoldsen, and its headquarters are in Havneholmen, Copenhagen, Denmark. Their total net worth is more than DKK 1.938 billion. It is one of the Danish companies that manufacture different jewelry.

Pandora has more than 2,400 stores on other continents. Alexander Lasik has been the CEO of Pandora since April 2019.


Longines is a Switzerland company producing both men’s and women’s watches collections with their uniqueness and more elegant design style.

It was established in years 1832 under Auguste Agassiz. Longines headquarters are located within Saint-Imier, Switzerland. Longines annual sales are CHF 1.47 billion. The Swatch Group owns Longines and has run the business for a long time.

They have their different branches in 150 other countries throughout the world. They have collections based on different styles and outfits. 


Rado was established 1917 in 1917 by Fritz, Ernst, and Werner Schlup. Its main headquarters are situated in Lengua, Switzerland.

They are mainly known for their waterproof watches, which is the need of today’s generation. Their atomic watch collection was named Golden Horse in 1957. There are various collections for men and women, and recently, their business has expanded in large numbers.

They have 297 retailers and different shops in 60 other countries. Matthias Breschan is dedicated to the company by being in charge as CEO.


Breguet is also one of the Switzerland watch producer companies, which was founded in the year 1775 by Abraham-Louis Breguet. Their main headquarters are based in L’Abbaye, Switzerland, and their total revenue is US$4.69 million.

They sell their products worldwide and have different patents registered on them. Breguet has other patrons such as Alexander I of Russia, Sir Winston Churchill, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Gioachino Rossini, etc. They have different stores and branches in other countries and continents. 

Signet Jewelers

Signet Jewelers is one of the biggest diamond producers in the world and is famous for its collections and different patterns of diamond jewelry.

They are also known as Ratner Group. Signet Jewelers was founded in 1949. Its headquarters are in Hamilton, Bermuda, and Akron, Ohio, the U.S. Its total income is US$486.4 million.

They have 2958 stores across countries such as those the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Canada, and the U.S.A. They also own companies like Kay Jewelers, Jared, etc. 

Saat Ve Saat A.S. 

Saat Ve Saat A.S. is a Turkey-based company that sells various jewelry, watches, prestigious stones, diamonds, etc. Their main headquarters are situated at Maslak, Istanbul, Turkey. Saat Ve Saat was founded in 1994.

The company also runs some E-commerce platforms and services. They have 34.14% total assets of their own and are one of the highest profit-earning companies. They operate multiple stores in various cities and countries.

Cartier Competitors

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