25+ Actionable Career Coaching Marketing ideas

Are you looking for ideas for the success of your career coaching business? If yes, then you have landed at the right place.

How to promote your career coaching?

  • Put hoardings nearby institutions, railroad stations, bus stops, shopping centers to attract students.
  • Distribute Pamphlets on the crossroad or nearby educational institutions will help to get more students.
  • Organize educational seminars and informative sessions in the school or colleges.
  • Create a professional brand name and fix a flex at the entrance of the coaching center.
  • Encourage potential students to enroll in the center by giving extra discounts to them.

After a thorough analysis, we have listed down some career coaching marketing ideas which will help your business to expand.

Assign a Buddy to Every Student:

Buddies are the people who are working in the institution. Do add a unique touch to the business, by assigning buddies to every customer. Buddies act as their friends and will keep helping them with all the queries. This acts as an effective career coaching marketing idea.

Give away Pamphlets:

For brand awareness, this is extremely important. Set out workers all over the city in each corner, to give away business pamphlets. Make the pamphlet as catchy as possible with more pictures and success stories and less of written content. This will really catch a lot of attention from the people and pamphlets will help in strengthening this career coaching marketing idea.

Provide Complimentary Counseling:

It is very important to have a personal touch with the customers. Customers generally have tons of queries to ask and taking out 20-25 mins for them will give them a lot of satisfaction. This will help in creating a very good image in front of them. Hence, as a result the potential customers will transform to full-fledged customers in no time.

Frame the Success Stories:

Testimonials are a great way of marketing the business. Anyone who comes and visits the office will be very impressed to see many success stories. Store a lot of such stories and frame them. Do not forget to put up on such a wall which is easily visible to the visiting customers. This forms a crucial technique amongst the various career coaching marketing tips.

E-Mail Marketing:

It is extremely important to stay in touch with your target audience. Have a huge updated database and keep sending emails in the form of newsletters regularly to all the customers. Frequent emails will help the brand to stay in the minds of the customer. This helps in increasing the conversion rate.

Brilliant Customer Reviews and Feedbacks:

The very first step towards improving the image of the business is to work on positive and effective reviews from the customers. Regularly push the customers to keep writing some effective reviews on all the social media handles to create a positive impact.

Have a chat service on your website:

Since the technology is just getting advanced day by day, it is time to take advantage of the same. This is an important feature which needs to be inculcated into the services. As soon as the customer visits the website, a chat should pop-up. The customer should be able to chat with one of the agents and ask all his or her queries.

Give Discount offers:

Who does not love discounts? Is there anyone who won’t get excited seeing a 20% off? No right. It is important to give offers to customers. The offers can be in the term of a package or festival offers. Customers wait for such offers to be out, to avail the services. Also, the business should make sure to market about these offers properly so that it reaches out to maximum people.

An effective spokesperson:

The face of the business should be a person who has his or her marketing skills on point. That very person should know in and out about the business and should be able to convey everything to the customers. The front desk person should have the ability to convert a potential customer to an on-going customer.

Invest in Google SEO:

With the internet creating a big buzz in the town, everybody is seen on their smart phones scrolling up and down. Google being the most wanted site should be the top priority of any business. The business should invest in Google SEO to try and be at the top searches always. A customer generally searches for the best career coaching institutes online and prefers the top 10 ones.

Referral Offers:

This is a tried and tested marketing formula which has always helped. Have a fixed referral system where the customers can refer anyone and get 10% of on their fees. This will be a win-win situation for the business as it will earn more customers as well as the customers as they will get discounts.

Feedback and Review Sessions:

Providing service is one thing, and providing feedback is the other thing. Constantly have feedback sessions with your customers either face to face or over a call/mail. Keep a note of all the feedbacks and start working on the negative feedbacks for better results in the future. This also helps in building a one to one connection with the customers.

Get Your Business Associated With Schools/Colleges:

Students of schools and colleges are the target audience for a career coaching business and are an important asset in the career coaching business marketing. So it becomes all the more vital to get your business associated with them by holding regular counseling sessions in the institutions and interact with the students there. It will help students know about the business even better.

Be Super active on LinkedIn:

For a business like a career coaching, LinkedIn is the best social media platform. People on LinkedIn generally look for people to guide them about their career. Hence, try and be a guiding force in their lives by keep posting regular updates about the business and connect with potential customers.

Register the Business on Different Websites:

There are various educational websites on the internet which are already viral and attract huge traffic. It is the best to register your business on such websites to enjoy free clicks to your websites. Service websites do help in pulling a lot of clicks to the website.

Hosts Regular Seminars:

Holding free or paid webinars does help in increasing the awareness about the brand. Either holds webinars in your institution or any of the prominent cities. These seminars should be conducted by known famous in the industry to attract a lot of students. These seminars help in creating a lot of buzz through word of mouth.

Invest in Outdoor Hoardings:

Localities, school, colleges, coaching institutes, etc. Are the places where maximum students can be seen. Hence, it is advised to put outdoor hoardings with success stories at such places which will be viewed by the target audience regularly. Also, hoardings stay for a long time, and hence, the images are just stuck in the minds of people.

Join the Relevant Groups on Facebook:

Facebook is one of the best social media platforms to generate leads. Hence there are thousands of groups on Facebook made by the students for a different purpose. Catch hold of all the relevant groups and join them on Facebook. Regularly posts on such groups. A single post on the group can generate thousands of lead at one time. Hence, this is the most efficient and effective source of marketing.

Whatsapp Broadcast Messages:

99% of the people who have smart phones are on WhatsApp. WhatsApp marketing becomes mandatory for every business. The business should make sure to create a potential broadcast list and keep sending broadcast messages to the list regularly by keeping its target audience well aware of all the updates.

Be Regular with Instagram:

There is no doubt in saying that Instagram has taken over all the social media platforms. Hence, there should be a proper Instagram plan which should be executed regularly. Quality posts and videos about all the new updates and services of the business shall be a daily part of the career coaching marketing platform.

Set up the Right Audience:

Do you wish to set up or expand your career coaching business? If yes then, this is the first step, towards achieving your goal in 2019. Career coaching is something which is needed by the students. The age group here is 18-25. Students who have either just passed out from school or college generally look for career coaching or career counselors. Hence, having the right target audience from the beginning acts as a good boon.

Have the Best Pricing in the Town:

Due to extreme competition and new players in the market, Price becomes something through which a business can be differentiated from others. Hence, try to set a base price which can be called as the most competitive in the market as well as one which does not land the business in loses.

After going through all the ideas and tips, it’s the right time to put all the hard work and to brainstorm to action. Try and inculcate the mentioned ideas in your daily business, and see a growth in the business. The tips will help not just in increasing brand visibility but also help in having an excellent connection with your customers who act as a huge asset in the business.

How to drive sales to your career coaching?

  • Local newspapers and radio advertisements can be an excellent idea to get the attention of new students.
  • Do not forget to maintain your social media pages with exciting offers and other activities.
  • Ask loyal students to write positive remarks on social media about the center.
  • E-mail marketing or spreading information through text messages will help to attract new ones.
  • Try to give an early bird discount and other promotional offers to increase the numbers in the center.

Here are some important FAQ’s about Career Coaching

What type of training is required for starting Career coaching business?

Anyone having a one-year course or a weekend online course can be called a career coach. The qualified professional must have a coaching accreditation from the ICF i.e. International Coaching Federation. The ICF accredits you based on your approved school course, the amount of hours you have been coaching and the finishing exams in writing and orally.

What does the career coach do to start the career coaching business?

-Salary negotiations 
-Evaluating prospective employers
-Personal marketing and branding
-Career, personality and strength assessments
-Cover letter writing or Resume writing
-Confidence building and interviewing skills
-Career exploration

Is it mandatory to help people in finding a job in the Career coach business?

A coach should help the clients if they are already working and are looking to transition into another sector or career or re-enter the workforce. If they lose concentration and don’t know what the next steps are, a coach should help them find direction.

Whether they are about to retire and want to start a whole new career, or a recent graduate from college or work, a career coach will help make the transition smoother and less stressful.

How to ensure compatible partnership?

Be prepared overall to build the coaching relationship. Think of a good relationship in your professional life or life at the moment, for example. See how you have built this relationship and what you want in partnership.

Technology has changed many things in running a BUsiness. Every Business adopting new things to well connect with their Customers. here is the Infographic which gives insight on how the Coaching industry became modern. Read below.

modernization of Coaching

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