15+ Top Canva Alternatives and Competitors (2023)

Canva is an editing app and one of the Australian graphic design platforms with various features and skills you can learn by making different templates, posters, presentations, and video editing.

HEADQUARTER: Sydney, Australia

Canva is free to use and has a subscription package, which many people buy. Canva was launched in the year 2013 by Melanie Perkins, Clifford Obrecht, and Cameron Adams.

They have products like Canva, Canva Pro, Canva for Enterprise, and Canva for Education and are available in 100 languages. Their total valuation is US$40 billion

Melanie Perkins is the Founder and CEO of the firm.

List of Canva Alternatives


HEADQUARTER: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

A stencil is an online graphic design tool for those who want to make digital design assets that create different patterns per your preference, such as photographs, letters, etc. You can use the ink or paint on metal, cardboard, or other materials.

Stencils have different patterns and types of stencils, which you can use. The stencil was established by Adam Rotman and Oliver Nassar in 2013. Its main headquarters are in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and its revenue is $677.7K. It is one of the best platforms. 


HEADQUARTER: Ottawa, Canada

Snappa is one of the most accessible apps to use. Snappa is a fantastic app for social media platforms to create images, posters, ads, etc. They have features like removing Backgrounds, Sharing Graphics Instantly with less time, Resize Graphics, and Schedule And Share Your Graphics Instantly.

Pre-made templates are also available on their app. Snappa has one of the most straightforward tools for beginners. Snappa was founded by co-founder Christopher Gimmer, Marc Chouinard, Michael Szaulis, and Shane Nelson in 2015. Snappa’s revenue is $88.2K. 



Crello provides online graphical tools to create different images and advertisements with visual sound effects, including animations, video, and audio. They also have features to change your photos into animation or cartoons.

You can start creating your advertisement or any images without any experience with this app because it has different tools which are easy to use. Their background removal tool is very excellent and free to use. 

Crello was founded in 2016 by Dmitriy Sergeev, a Ukrainian creative artist. Crello’s estimated revenue is $9.13M. 


HEADQUARTER: Penang, Malaysia

Piktochart is an excellent app for creating graphics or animation. To start the work, choose your favorite templates and create infographics, posters, presentations, reports, and advertising with your favorite colors, graphics, and tools.

Users can edit their videos by adding different transitions, filters, and effects. They have over 60 and more language caption data which is also very easy to use. Piktochart was founded in 2012 by Goh Ai Ching.

Its main headquarters are situated in Penang, Malaysia. The total revenue of Piktochart per year is $4.2 million. 


HEADQUARTER: Toronto, Canada

Venngage is an infographic maker which has more than 5 million users. Venngage is a free platform for all users to create infographics with easy tools.

They have other features like Adding multiple pages into a file, Unlimited support, branding, custom templates, 100 images uploading simultaneously, privacy controls, Business and premium templates, and team sharing. Infographic making is one of the essential features of Venngage.

Eugene Woo created Venngage in 2012. The headquarters are situated in Toronto, Canada. The total revenue of Venngage per year is $2.9M.

At present, Eugene Woo is leading the organization as CEO.


HEADQUARTER: Rockville, Maryland

Visme is an online platform for creating different graphics like creating, editing, sharing, and storing visual materials.

You can use Visme for making infographics, charts, logos, storyboards, and pictures and create social media posts and the web, letterheads, etc.

Some features of Visme include Data visualization, project templates, and document templates, and the app is available in offline mode.

It features an excellent user interface and the choice of rag and drops.

Payman Taei founded Visme in 2013. Their headquarters are in Rockville, Maryland. Per year revenue of Visme is $2.1M


HEADQUARTER: Newark, Delaware, United States

Drawtify is a vector design app or SVG creator with different features that anyone can use easily.

They prepare posters in a short time, but they are gorgeous. They have free trials, and it is also used to make infographics.

They have other drawing tools, including a pen and pencil, to quickly customize the shape: l and intelligent tools to create proper shapes. 

Drawtify was founded in 2018. Their headquarters are situated in Newark, Delaware, United States. It is one of the most profitable companies, and it is likely to grow more over the years. 

CEO: Bruce Song


HEADQUARTER: Saskatchewan, Canada

QwikBanners is one of the best platforms to create banners and advertisements for your brand and startup in a few minutes. You don’t require any background to create your work on Quick Banners.

You can do different things, work with the help of available features, and download. Few free trials are available that you can enjoy.

Sumo-lings is a co-founder of Quick Banners, and the founder is Saharsh M. Their last update was in 2020.

It is one of the most acceptable media because it conserves time. It is one of the growing platforms. 

Switchboard Canvas

HEADQUARTER: San Francisco, California

Switchboard Canvas API-driven image contained and video creation platform for all digital marketers. Stitchboard Canvas

has terrific features of creating minor variations – perfect for dynamic ads to make good brand marketing.

You can create your ads or video editing, gracefully resize them, and stay perfectly aligned at any resolution.

Amir Ashkenazi is the founder of Switchboard Canvas. Their revenue is $4.8M. They are available in different languages also. 


HEADQUARTER: San Francisco, California, United States

Picmaker is one of the most useful apps for creating different blogs, advertisements, posters, YouTube thumbnails, certificates, video editing, etc. Pickmaker has other features which are very useful in day-to-day life.

Picmaker is free to use and easy for all beginners who want to create something new. Picmaker was started in 2018 and has achieved incredible growth in fewer years.

Their headquarters are situated in SanFrancisco, United States, and they have a good amount of revenue per year. Picmaker is the best online design tool, and it supports all of your design needs. 

Canva Alternatives

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