Top 10 Canon Competitors and Alternatives

Canon was originally a Japanese multinational corporation. They produce optical, imaging, and industrial products. Their cameras, lenses, printers, semiconductor equipment, and medical equipment are used by people around the world. 

Canon is listed on both the Tokyo and New York stock exchange. 

Canon has supplied the digital world with some infamous and irreplaceable products. Canon produces cameras (compact digital cameras, film SLR, and digital SLR), camcorders, lenses, projectors, broadcasting equipment, printers, scanners, etc. 

Among 56 other companies, Canon is placed at the top of climate-friendly companies. The company also puts efforts into addressing climate change. Canon also showed interest in sponsoring the English football league and Formula 1. Canon has been a partner of World Press Photo for 16 years. 

Canon Competitors List

Fuji Xerox. Co, Ltd. 

Year Founded: 1962
Headquarters: Midtown West, Tokyo. Akasaka, Minato, Tokyo

Japanese photographic firm Fujifilm Holdings and American document management company Xerox joined hands for a joint venture partnership and decided to produce and sell xerographic and document-related products in the Asia-Pacific region.

They make multifunction printers, production print, Software, wide format, interactive display, 3D printers, supplies, and many more such products. The company supports resource recycling and promotes industry-efficient ICT products in society. 

Along with mirrorless digital cameras, they also manufacture TV and cinema lenses, industrial lenses, and projectors. 

Ricoh Company, Ltd. 

Year Founded: 1936
Headquarters: Ota, Tokyo

Ricoh is a Japanese multinational company. It specializes in imaging and electronics production. It was founded by Riken Concern.

Ricoh produces cameras and office equipment like printers, fax machines, and photocopiers. Ricoh company also offers Software as a service. Their Saas products are RicohDocs, GlobalScan, Print&Share, etc. 

Their worldwide used products include Digital cameras, compact, Ricoh GR digital, GPS and camera All-in-one, film cameras, printers, projectors, and whiteboards.


Konica Minolta, Inc. 

Year Founded: 2003
Headquarters: Marunouchi, Tokyo

It is a Japanese multinational technology company. The Tokyo-based company has offices in about 48 more countries. The company manufactures widely used printing products like copiers, laser printers, and MFPs.

The company also produces optical devices, lenses, LCD films, graphic imaging products, and textile printers. In cameras, they manufacture manual and autofocus 35mm film SLRs, digital cameras, and digital SLRs.   

HP Inc.

Year Founded: 1939
Headquarters: Palo Alto, California, US

Being an American information tech Company, HP Inc. develops PCs, printers, 3D printing solutions, and related supplies. 

The company is listed on significant indexes like New York Stock Exchange and S&P 500 Index. Their best-sold products are notebook computers and printers.

HP is a worldwide renowned company and consumer’s best-stop destination for HP scanners, printers, tablets, notebooks, accessories, monitors, and desktops. As a company, HP tries to design its products to be used sustainably. 

Samsung Electronics Co. 

Year Founded: 1969
Headquarters: Suwon, South Korea

It is a major South Korean multinational electronics corporation. Samsung manufactures image sensors, camera modules, semiconductors, batteries, and displays for big clients. It is a major manufacturer of smartphones used by people all around the globe.

They produce laptop computers, laser printers, digital collections, and home appliances in their digital media business area. Samsung electronics have significant market demand for LCD and LED panels, memory chips, televisions, digital cinema screens, and laptops.

Samsung sells products in 74+ countries and has significant stores in Korea, Canada, India, and the US to showcase its goods.  

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Lexmark International, Inc.

Year Founded: 1991
Headquarters: Lexington, Kentucky, US

Lexmark has headquarters in Kentucky and is an American company. It is a privately-held company. Lexmark International manufactures laser printers and imaging products. The company’s most in-demand products include laser printers, inkjet printers, supplies, multifunction devices, and services.

Their imaging solutions are fit for a spectrum of businesses. They produce versatile and multifunction printers for small and medium businesses and advanced, high-capacity printers for enterprises and large companies. 

Globally, Lexmark provides print solutions, capture solutions, secure design, cloud services, and Optra solutions. 


Year Founded: 1946
Headquarters: Minato, Tokyo

Sony is a Multinational Japanese group. The company has a vast consumer base for professional electronic products. It has built itself to be the most prominent game console company.

There is no better video game publisher in the market today except Sony. Sony also deals with camera manufacturing, image sensors, and semiconductor services. There are no doubts about Sony’s position in television manufacturing. 

Sony produces a wide range of digital cameras. Sony used to make DSLRs; however, now it has action cameras and camcorders. Apart from Canon and Nikon, Sony today is among the top manufacturers of Cameras in the world.

Sony is also a preferred choice of users for MILC cameras. They produce CMOS image sensors widely used in digital cameras, smartphones, drones, etc. Apart from Canon and Nikon, Sony would be one of the best Competitors for electronics and gadgets purchases.  

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Year Founded: 1917
Headquarters: Minato, Tokyo

A Japanese multinational corporation with a specialization in imaging products and optics. Nikon’s most used products include cameras, camera lenses, microscopes, binoculars, and measuring instruments.

Nikon is a massive active component of the digital camera market. Nikon’s unique products include Nikkor imaging lenses, Nikon 35mm film SLR cameras, Nikon digital SLR cameras, Nikon digital mirrorless cameras, compact digital cameras, and underwater film cameras. Nikon offers numerous camera choices.

Beginners to Professionals, any user can find cameras that match their expertise at Nikon. After Canon, Nikon would be the finest Competitor for digital camera purchases. 


Year Founded: 1942
Headquarters: Suwa, Nagano, Japan

Epson is a Japanese multinational electronics company. The company is a top manufacturer of computer printers. You can also get image-related equipment from Epson.

Epson produces inkjet, dot matrix, and laser printers for consumer and industrial use. Epson has scanners, laptops, desktop computers, projectors, semiconductors, and electronic components.  

ARC Document Solutions Inc.

Year Founded: 1988
Headquarters: Walnut Creek, California, US

ARC offers document imaging and graphic production services. ARC’s services include office print management, technical printing, project services, scanning and archiving services, tech services and applications, and equipment and supplies like printers, toners, graphic collections, etc. 

Located in California, ARC is a company that is listed publicly. It has an appreciable number of digital print centers all over the globe. 

Canon Competitors

FAQ for Canon Competitors and Alternatives

Which Canon camera is the best?

The Canon EOS R6 is the best Canon camera. 

Which company provides better quality Nikon or Canon?

Nikon’s top-end DSLRs take the lead as better-quality cameras.

Which is the best budget-friendly Canon camera in 2022?

Canon EOS Mark II is one of the most affordable Canon cameras in 2022.

Which is better, mirrorless or DSLR?

Mirrorless cameras are better for beginners, whereas professionals switch between mirrorless and DSLR according to their needs. Everyone’s photography and style are different. 

Which camera is best for personal use?

Nikon D3500, Sony a6100, and Nikon Z 50 are some of the best cameras for personal use. Panasonic and Olympus also produce some note-worthy personal use cameras. 

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