16+ Actionable Calligraphy business Marketing ideas

The essence and feel of something that is handcrafted is far greater than those which are created and printed digitally. The calligraphy business is such an appealing subject it is meant for a certain class of people who are artistic and also have a taste for unique things.

How to promote your calligraphy business?

  • Make sure to design a suitable portfolio for your calligraphy business.
  • Do not forget to go to local meetups like calligraphy guilds to make a new connection.
  • Always provide plenty of valid contact information so the buyer can reach you.
  • Tie up with other commercial businesses like printing shops, card-making stores, wedding stationeries, planners, and gift galleries.
  • Drop off a set of invitations by making a batch of envelopes attached to your business card in your local market shops like art galleries.
  • Make sure to work on the SEO system, like a wedding photographer, to be visible. 
  • Participate in art-related events and Exhibitions to present your art and work to grab no. of clients.
  • Host a calligraphy event among children and charity for fundraising and give away gifts like art pencils, colors, and paintbrushes, and make new contacts.

Digitally printed letters are quite common, whereas a work of calligraphy can be 100% unique and based on the taste of the creator as well as the client.

Here are calligraphy business marketing ideas to market to the customers

How to Market Your Calligraphy Business

Choose a genre

It is a fact that a specific genre is essential for a business to market itself successfully. Without a target audience, the business cannot operate and will never become a hit with the audience.

Some of the popular niches in the calligraphy business are- Wedding calligraphy, storefront, advertising calligraphy, and stationary calligraphy. With these niches, your calligraphy business can instantly catch the fancy of the audience and become popular.

Social media

You should make sure that the business is active on social media. Create a Facebook page so that you can reach out to a wider set of audience.

People would want to check out what the business is all about and also posts from the business so as to get an idea of the quality of work that is being offered. Do not always post promotional content; people often want to see informative and content-rich posts, and if fed with promotional content always, it may turn negative.


The calligraphy business is all about visual appeal, and Instagram is a social media platform that deals with visual content.

Take pictures of your created calligraphy font and edit it professionally before putting them up on Instagram. If you can boost posts on Instagram, then it has chances to reach out to the maximum number of people and also generate sales leads.

Email marketing

If people are interested in your business the n they will send you their email id so that they can receive newsletters.

Become personal with the customers and drop an occasional “hi” to them along with some text about their well-being and also with exciting calligraphy that you might have come up with recently. It will work as marketing material and, at the same time, help in creating a relationship and bond between the audience and the calligraphy business.


Appoint a web designer who can build the website for the business. Such a classy business needs a proper representation on the internet, and that can only be done with the help of a genuine website. Put up all the work calligraphy that you have on offer on the website so that people can check them out.

At the same time, make sure that an online order facility is available on the site. It will broaden the scope of business, and can your artistic calligraphy can be opted for by anyone from any corner of the world. Include detailed contact information so that the customers can place the order, and if they have any queries, they can get in touch with you.

Seasonal offers

If you are a wedding invitation calligrapher, then make sure that you cash in during the season of weddings. Invitations are designed way before the wedding, as they are to be sent out to the guest well in advance.

If people have customized preferences, then provide them with unique ideas so that the money they spend on the work is a worthy expenditure. You can have discount offers during the time of weddings so that people can get the work done at discount rates. This will lead to more people coming to you for the service.

Send out adverts and fliers.

Traditional marketing measures such as fliers and adverts can be really effective for a calligraphy business.

Design adverts and fliers with some of the most appealing fonts that you have designed so as to give people an idea of the kind of work to expect from you when they take the service. Provide detailed contact and the address of the store so that they can come and visit to place an order or to get a sample of the kind of font they want for their purpose.      

YouTube videos

You can create tutorial videos on how to create stunning calligraphic fonts and publish it on YouTube. It will enhance your image as a person who is knowledgeable about the art of calligraphy and, at the same time, an expert in the domain.

There are many enthusiasts who want to learn it, and with such videos getting viral, your calligraphy business will get new sales and leads that will end up giving you excellent business.


It is one of the essential things to remember in order to achieve success in the calligraphy business. Professionals such as wedding photographers, wedding planners, and other such people should be well-connected with you. You must have proper communication with them so that they also refer you to the weddings in which they work.

On the other hand, you, too, need to transfer clients to them so that it becomes a mutual practice, and you guys end up working as a team on weddings or events, which either is your preferred domain of calligraphy.

How to drive sales to your calligraphy business? 

  • Show up your designs and art on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Make sure to be responsive to inquiries.
  • Make sure to give A+ customer service by sending them kind, short professional emails to clients.

Come what may, if you have a quality of work that is unmatched and at the same time can work dedicatedly on each of the projects that you take, word of mouth in the market will be immensely positive. Such positive word of mouth will lead to better business and more sales and end up reaping higher profits for you.

With the above-mentioned marketing tips, you can surely get success in the calligraphy business and also succeed exceedingly well and reach the zenith of success in the domain. Work hard, and all the best for the business!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Babysitting Companies to Get more detail and Grow your Business

What are the various costs involved in the Calligraphy business?

The exact costs of opening up your company depend very much on the number of facilities that you intend to offer and on the need for separate rooms to run your business. For example, several companies in calligraphy have begun to concentrate on manufacturing calligraphy instead of teaching it. The calligraphy works can be made from home. You may also take calligraphy courses at home or even make “house calls” to potential customers when you have the room and are satisfied.

What are the ongoing expenses for the Calligraphy business?

The lack of maintenance costs for a calligraphy business may make this form of business a very appealing concept. Most calligraphers operate from home, as stated before, which ensures that the mortgage, service, etc. have no true overhead.

So the cost of new materials can be easily translated into what you charge your customers after the initial product expenditure. So, the only ongoing out-of-pocket costs will be as much as you plan to spend on conventional ads.

What is the target market for the Calligraphy business?

In the end, your target customers will be married couples. Such customers need stylish and elegant designs to put on invitations and other wedding paperwork and are prepared to make their wedding paperwork ideal for you.

How can you make money through a Calligraphy business?

A calligraphy company may make money in many ways. For similar services, such as designing wedding invites, you can charge a fixed price. Set rates can also be paid for the selling of premade items that customers can use for home- and work-related activities. You get to pick whether or not you want to charge clients by lesson or by the hour when it comes to calligraphy.

What is the growth potential for the Calligraphy business?

For a calligraphy service, the growth potential is very constant. As previously mentioned, much of the company is concerned with special events such as weddings. If you concentrate on supplying wedding goods and related activities, your company can also expand in size.

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