51+ List of All Best Call-to-Action Verbs You Can Use

A Perfect call to action can change how you do the marketing, it can make or break the marketing campaign. 

Also, it’s one of the important elements that have an impact on conversion rate.  It has the best way of improving the overall performance and has its other benefits.

According to eMarketer, US social network ads will spread around $49 billion in 2021. Writing an effective CTA for the ads becomes crucial when the marketer spends so much money.

Well if you want to have the results you are hoping for, it’s important for you to understand the CTA and the verbs that you can use for your marketing campaign.

What Do You Need To Know About CTA?

CTA or Call To Action is a marketing term that is used for getting an immediate response or to encourage sales.

Generally, it’s an imperative verb and the actions are not just limited to the sale.

A Call to Action has different forms such as  :

  • Button
  • Text hyperlink
  • Plain text with no link
Tips For Getting Killer CTA

It can have different other actions including the conversion point like sign up for the win, getting coupon, ebook, etc.

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It can be placed anywhere on your website within the marketing, it includes blog, email, etc too.

Why Do You Need CTA Phrases?

The goal of using CTA phrases is to create a sense of urgency. The sooner you can get the target consumers to take the action, you can get better results.

However, to create one, here are some step-by-step approaches that can work as the checklist for creating an effective call to action.

Steps To Create The CTA For Your Business

Well for that, you are going to need :

Design That Stands Out – The design you need for crafting a CTA image button should be attention-grabbing. It should be impactful, combined with your style, and highly contrasted.

Action Focused Copy – Make sure your action words have the right balance between simple and clear instruction without any jargon.

Sense Of Urgency – Adding the sense of urgency element can boost the chances of taking action and avoiding putting it for later.

Clear Path For Conversion – Map out your conversion path so it can be smooth and have a logical flow, it will keep your CTA more effective. Align it with your sales success and the specific stages.

A Clear Promise –  Never tricked or decided the customers to click on something that has no value, keep the CTA  informative and valuable.

 Best Of Different CTA Verbs And What They Mean?

CTA or Call To Action has its relevance as it helps in encouraging the audience to take the action, and the verbs are crucial to make it easier to understand.

The goal of using any kind of marketing campaign is to guide the audience through their buyer journey so they can make the purchase eventually.

However different campaigns have their different actions, having clear CTA verbs can direct what the audience needs to do.

List Of Call To Action Verbs

Here are some of the best CTA verbs that you need to consider for a marketing campaign :


The CTA is helpful as it doesn’t ask the customer to make a direct purchase or commit.

It’s more like an invitation that allows them to receive updates from your company.

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It’s the common way that you will find most on blogs, where the business is focused on developing the readership.

Sign Up

The CTA is used when you are inviting the audience for signing up, it might be for the free trial, a future event, online course for software product


This is for customers who want to learn more about the services and products. This invitation tells the customer that they can contact you regarding questions or queries

Try For Free

There are hardly any companies that do not have the trial offer on their website. 

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And each of them has this kind of CTA verb, this help is allowing people to use the demo of the product before the customer purchases.

 it’s helpful in deciding if it’s worth it or not.


This is for giving a person an invitation to the customer to do the personal call for learning more about the product that they purchase.

Learn More

Sometimes, the customer has to learn more about what they are purchasing to clear the doubts or just to get the assurance. For that, This CTA can be used.

Get Started

This CAT is for driving different kinds of behaviors from the company, it can be anything from trying the free trial to experiencing virtual reality.

Join Us

For the website that has their online community or the product that is based on collaboration between different users.


This one is empowering the user to reach out and implies that the brand is given the knowledge and awaiting the acceptance of the offer.


This one can be used for inviting the customer to learn more, potential customers are usually interested in getting more information on what they are spending money on. 

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This can help them in discovering what’s new.


It can be tension, time, or money, the verb is useful for editing customs to improve their life by purchasing the products or services

Visit Us

This verb can be the invitation to visit in physical form, or the website, or something else that directs the customer to another site, page, or place.

View Features

The potential customer wants to know more about the features that the products have. You can use this for directing them to know better about the products they are going to or already purchase.

View All Products

The customers might be new or want to have a view of what you offer, this is helpful to introduce all of your products.

Take A Tour

This is helpful to give a tour of your website, production, company, etc. It can be virtually on the website, this gives deeper insight and connects the customer with the brand.

Try It Today

Offering something for free or discount offers that you want the customer to try? 

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Well, this one can help in understanding that they can use the product or try the free version, etc right away.

Start Today

If the customer has enough tour and understanding, this can encourage them to start the use of products or trails, etc.

Shop Online

The verb gives the information that the products and services are available online and the customers can try it as well as purchase by clicking on the CTA.

Add To Your

This verb directs to add the product or series to cart, wishlist, or the bookmarked. The customer can purchase this later on and for now, they can save it.

Click Here

The verb encourages the potential customer to know where to click to continue their journey, you can give the direction to download, visit another page, or purchase.

Compare Prices

To tell people about the prices, comparing how much others are offering, it’s also a good CTA that can help you in getting more clicks on the product and services.

Visit Features

You can give a short tour regarding what features the product has and how it will help the customers. It’s informative and good for getting more sales.

You Might Also Try

This one is good for upselling more products similar to the ones the customer had purchased. It can offer them the products which they might be interested in, or helpful.

Sign Me Up Now

Sign me up now encourage the buyers to sign up for the newsletter, product, or whatever you are offering. 

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You can add discounts, offers, or gifts to make it more effective.

Search Now

Search now can help the customer to find whether looking, reading the product, or the purchase without going through the pages.

See Deals

To attract the customers so they can see the deals that you are currently offering, you can use this CTA so they know where they can find the deals on which things.

Read Reviews

The best way to make the people understand about your products, you can use the reviews as social proof, however, to know where they can find It, using the CTA can be helpful.

Save Today

You can show the CTA can help the customers to know how much they can save on their today’s deal. 

Also, it will encourage them to buy today so they can benefit from the deals.

Save up to

Save up is a great way of showing how much the customer can save when they purchase the product from you.

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 it can be helpful in giving a certain percentage off if they are purchasing before the time limit.

Save With

Save is another great way of upselling because you can offer other items or services along with what they are purchasing to save the money or get the deals.

Now You Can

Now you can be an important CTA  if you want to show what else you are offering or currently added deals, offers, or services to your customer.

Get Free

Using this one can show what the customer will get for free, it’s good for getting new purchases and attracting the customers to do a quick purchase.

Find Yours

This can be personalized as if there is any deal especially for the particular customer, you can use this show where they can find it.

Buy And Save

Buy and save can encourage the buyers to do the purchase fast, for example, if you are selling a product that has limited offers, you can sell it by saying how much they can save if they purchase the product now.

Sign Up For Free

The sign-up for a free call to action can be effective to get more subscribers especially if they are new visitors. 

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Also, you can make it more attractive and clear, so the customers know where they need to go.

Join Free For A Month

Joining free for a month is great for attracting those who are not ready to commit to a brand for long. It’s also good for new buyers and first-time purchasers.

Our Work

Our work call to action stands out as you can show the existing work to the clients and customers to show them your work and showcase what you did so far.

Send Me Specials Now

The point of using the call to action is to direct the visitors to the desired course of action. 

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And this is helpful for the visitors. You can use this CTA to get what they are missing and how they get one.

Discover More

Discover is a fun and unique CAT that can get more people clicking. The site is based on operationalization and it feels like an enticing game. Depending on how you are using it.

Countdown Clock

Nothing can make the customer take quick action as a countdown clock can help in doing that.

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You can set the countdown clock to cause the psychological tactic which is called scarcity which causes people to assign more value to things that are going to be scarce.

What We Do

Cta that feel that it’s too salesy, this will help in learning what the brand does and how it can help the customers to achieve what they are looking for.

Play Free

The customer can get the attraction to using the premium account while using this will get them to use it without paying it first.

You can use the Go premium and Play free together to get more attention and signups.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

Why is CTA important in business?

CTA or call to action is a key element in a webpage,  it works as a signpost that shows what the customer should do or visit next. Without this, the customer won’t understand the steps that they need to make for purchasing products. 

Are CTAs effective for the business?

CTA is capable to elicit a strong response from the targeted audience as a result of euthanasia,  it gives the extra kick that can boost the conversion and sales. 

What is the point of using CTA ?

The CTAs are used to grab the attention of the potential leads and convert the leads to customers. This can help in taking the actions you want from your customer, that’s why it’s called a Call to action. 

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