22 Business Review Website To Help Your Small Business

When it comes to small businesses, it becomes crucial to understand the importance of reviews. 

Well, for lots of businesses, the word brings mixed feelings. And hands down, it is. 

On one side, your customers are talking about why they like working and purchasing with you. Another side, some of them criticize and share why they don’t like you. 

This brings mixed feelings, and many businesses like to avoid it. However, it’s not recommended. 

For a small business, it’s important to keep connected to understand the unhappy customers and happy both. 

Also, it’s crucial for your local SEO and helps improve your strategy.

top business review websites

Business Review Sites That You Should Try 

Business reviews are an important and essential part of the customer’s buying journey. Understanding the role it plays and how you can use it for your business, 

Also, it helps manage your online reputation, and keeping the record and tracking review sites can boost credibility. 

To ensure you have the right sources of review sites, here is the collection of the best ones that can help you in your small business.

top business review sites for small businesses

1. Bing Places 

If you are looking for a platform that can be convenient, Bing Place is the ideal to choose. 

They have easy services for adding your brand and company name. Also, you can add your hours of operation,  address, phone number, etc.

However, unlike others, bing is not that popular, but still, they control a decent amount in search market share on a global level.

This means that even if it’s not as powerful as Google, you can get customers by adding your business information. 

Business Review Sites

Image source: EventualMillionaire 

On top of that, it’s free, and you can sign up without any codes of conduct.  Unless you violate their terms of service, which are reasonable, the platform won’t ask to change anything to your business. 

When you list yourself here, your company appears on bing searches, Microsoft properties, bing maps, etc.

Takeaway: For small businesses that are not looking for any complex process and just want to keep their name out, Bing is the ideal one that comes without any cost or strict rules. 

2. Facebook 

Facebook is the largest networking site when it comes to social media.  Every business has its pages on Facebook, and if you don’t, then you should.

Business Review Sites

Image source: bluecorona

There are more than 2.7 billion active users every month. And it gives you the widest range and reach to the potential customers.

When you have the page, you can address your audience who wants to know more about the business. 

This also gives you a platform for getting reviews, and you can respond. You can send private text and do it publicly. 

Takeaway: Apart from being the biggest networking social site, you can expand the audience by advertising your business and information on your page. 

3. Google My Business 

For any business, Google My Business or GMB is one single important review, especially listing for the local ones. 

The platform is ranked on the topmost review sites, which have replaced Google Local. Not just a platform is an important part of the ranking, but it increases the visibility on search engines if you have positive ratings and reviews. 

Business Review Sites

Image source: hootsuiteblog

Google My Business holds a credible reputation and helps bring your business to the top during search results. 

4. Better Business Bureau 

The better business bureau is diverse and valuable regardless of your business. 

Well, this one is the most known consumer advocacy group, helping consumers find business in different US regions. 

Well, BBB charges, and if you want to be listed on their site, you will pay their fees for that. 

Also, consider that BB will not tell you how you are supposed to do as a business owner. 

Business Review Sites

Image source: investopedia

But also, the reach and recommendation to people might add pressure to do certain changes that the site wants. 

When you do business with them, you become adhere to their code of conduct which is the Us advertising and trade law strengthens version. 

You also get the badge which is helpful for the customers to know your integrity of yours.

5. Angie‘s List 

For a small business, Angie’s list is one of the websites for running an honest and hardworking business. 

If you are the same, this can help you try out your company’s platform. 

Angie’s list started their website for reviewing the local business. The site is helpful for anyone who is looking for local services.

They have evolved and kept their competition as free membership to business. They have two paid plans and more invested services for their customers. 

Business Review Sites

Image source: Techboomers.com

The idea of Angie’s List is they are based on the consumers. They also work as an intermediary between business and their consumers. 

Also, it’s for conflict resolution, as they will wind you up instead of unfair customers. Angie supports the hardworking business and keeps it honest.

Takeaway: Angie’s list makes your communication with customers stronger. Also, you can use their free or paid plans depending on what you are looking for. 

6. Trustpilot 

Trustpilot is another famous name that allows customers to share their reviews and experience with brands. 

Business Review Sites

Image source: trustpilot business

Here they cover a wide range of products and industries. Also, you can list your company and customers leave their reviews talking about the good or bad experience. 

Also, here, you get social ratings and detailed information. 

7. Business Consumer Alliance 

Business consumer alliances are dedicated to providing a platform where the business is honestly ranked.

The company is a private and non-profit organization. Also, they do resolve complaints if they have happened against your business.

As for the record,  they mediated around 30,000 complaints every year. 

Business Review Sites

Image source: 10seos

Also, here you can check the scams that are happening recently to understand that you are considering the good one. 

The company is based in California, and they help connect users with a genuine contractor to provide honest reviews and ranking. 

Takeaway: For a small business,  this platform is much more helpful in finding genuine customers who provide reviews that can help you as the business owner.

8. Yelp

Yelp is much more focused and prioritizing customer reviews.

The platform started by focusing on reviews regarding restaurants, but after the success, they are covering more industries.

Also, it’s popular for being one of the destinations where customers check reviews. 

For a small business, Yelp is a trustworthy and credible platform for putting their company. Also, the traffic here is directed and hyper-focused on local businesses.

Business Review Sites

Image source: greenearthpestcontrol 

Even getting a few reviews on Yelp can give you a good start for the company.  You can keep an eye on what people are talking about the brand.

Takeaway: Yelp gives a good boost to local companies and also for small businesses; this site is helpful to start understanding and being more in people’s eyes.

9. Which?

UK-based business directory, Which Is a review search engine?. Even though they are focused on a specific country,  they have apps and software that allow them to reach worldwide.

For that small business that is targeting a larger scope of their audience, this platform is highly recommended to try it out.

The platform offers different services that can help boost your brand’s profile. It helps in building more trust and revenue. However, it will be focused on customers in the UK.

Takeaway: Important point to remember here is for American business, It might not work, but if you have a larger audience and want to cover more of it, then this will help. 

10. HomeAdvisor 

If your small business is related to home services like electricity, plumbing, or utility services, you can consider this one. 

Well, HomeAdvisor is one of the biggest competitors against Angie’s list. 

The platform focuses on residential customers as a prime goal and opposes the companies that can help improve their work related to the areas. 

Here you get millions of visitors each month, making the site preferable for those serving home services. 

Here you have two options, either you can create an account, or you can claim the listing which is already made. 

Once you are done, your company name will start showing on the searches. You can also do promotions. 

11. Amazon Customer Reviews 

Since 1995, Amazon has allowed its customers to post reviews about their purchases and the brand. 

Because of this, they hold credibility, and with their ranking in start reviews, they helped many companies boost their sales. 

But having a bad star rating here can cause big losses too. Amazon is one of the biggest platforms and e-commerce channels that deals across the globe.

Business Review Sites

Image source: practicalecommerce 

Bad ratings and reviews can make your business suffer and reduce sales. 

Also, they have separate options to rate the business in Amazon’s handmade sections and service providers in the Amazon Homeserice section. 

Takeaway: Amazon is not just an e-commerce platform but also sharing a big part in reviews too. Having a bad rating can turn off potential customers who want to purchase. 

Here you require to understand how to improve and get those ratings better. 

12. OpenTable 

If you are running a restaurant, OpenTable is one of the business director speeds in this industry. Here they show the best areas where the users can eat. 

Well, even though they started streamlining the process for reservations, now they have customer reviews-like options too, which is quite helpful. 

Customers do the rating of food,  services, ambiance,  value, and noise. These all are averaged into five stars rations. 

For the business, you can add the menu and complete the pricing. With this, your customers get information about what they can order and how much it will cost them before they actually sit down to eat. 

Takeaway: Opentable is especially for the restaurant and food industry services. Anyone running similar things can get detailed reviews and good customer reach.

13. HundredX 

One of the platforms focuses on providing honest feedback from the customers to the respective business.

Here you can subscribe to your account and encourage your customers to leave reviews. Either you ask after or before, depending on if they are existing or new customers. 

Here you will get the listening tool that helps streamline the review process. This is especially helpful for customers. 

According to hundreds,  even if the step looks counterintuitive, it helps the customer, and most of them leave a good or positive review if the process is easier for them to perform. 

Takeaway: HundredX is helpful in understanding what areas you are doing wrong so that you can fix it quickly. Also, you can do it privately instead of broadcasting it all over the internet. 

Also, it’s not free of cost, but you will get effective results. 

14. Yellow Pages 

Another famous name when it comes to business directories, the Yellow pages, got attention due to their pre-internet publication and the swift adoption they did with the internet. 

For a small business,  Yellow business is next after Google and offers the largest business directly around the world. 

Business Review Sites

Image source: templatic

The platform covers millions of different companies as well as hundreds of industries. 

You can simply look up to the directory and pay to get listed.

15. TripAdvisor 

If your business is related to a niche like an airline,  entertainment,  hotel, travel, and restaurant. TripAdvisor is going to be an important platform to look around. 

Tripadvisor includes all these mentioned industries and asks their customers to share their reviews. Here you can find people’s experiences and listed points they hated or liked. 

The platform has more than 870 million reviews, and from big to small names in the travel business, Tripadvsiors is helpful. 

16. SuperPages 

Superpages are similar to Yellow pages, but they cover a lot more cities. Also, the range they have in industries is far better and huge. 

This is one of the sites where you should have your business listed. Here people can find your business once you claim or create a list for the people.  

It doesn’t cost anything as the listing is free.

SuperPages is focused on providing easy help to find companies for its users. People can leave their reviews here, but the site is similar to any phone book but old-school style. 

You can add information about your business. 

17. TrustRadius

TrustRadius is a review site that is for business software. This one includes an integrated business directory, vendor profiles, and a blog. 

If your products include software, you can consider this one to be the prime focus directory. 

Not just that, here you can list your products and company according to the categories. This helps your customer to find you much easier. 

Takeaway:  Trustradius is one of the most simplified and straightforward ways that can list your business online. Also, it doesn’t cost anything, making this perfect for small businesses. 

18. SiteJabber 

The site covers everything; here, customers can get reviews from baby food to pet services.

Sitejabber is similar to others, but the one thing that keeps it different is the range of industries they cover. 

Also, it’s famous for being a one-stop-shop review site for almost everything. You can find your listing and start with this too. 

Takeaway: The one thing that makes this site one of a kind is here; you will get most of the negative reviews. 

The site soon becomes the spot where people give negative or upset reviews.

Before signing up, ensure you understand what you are going for. 

19. Manta 

One of the fastest-growing online directory services, Manta is an alternative considered to Yelp. Also, they share one kind of format on their website. 

However, unlike Yelp, Manta offers marketing packages to the business. Here you can claim the listing but also promote it in other places. 

Business Review Sites

Image source: widewail

As for small businesses, Manta is ideally focused and has options to help business owners grow their brand on the platform. 

You can simply list your brand by clicking on the Claim button. Here you get control over the information regarding the business. 

20. Glassdoor 

Glassdoor is one of the biggest platforms, but this one is specifically for reviewing employers. This is not your simple website; your products and services matter here.

These websites can affect your company if you have bad reviews. As the website is about how you treat your employees, it can affect your hiring ability. 

Here the site has more than 30 million users and 540000 company reviews. With the numbers like 10 million reviews, one of the places you should consider looking. 

Also here you can’t change if someone left any negative reviews about you. Here you see reviews from your past or your current employees.

Takeaway: Even if it’s not about your product but still an important aspect of your business. Understanding what your past employees are talking about and your treatment of the staff is vital information. 

If you have negative feedback, you cannot have potential workers and employees for your company in the future. 

21. G2

G2 is especially for software providers who work for B2B. The platform is especially for startups; if you are providing the services, you should check this one. 

Here you can find more than 96000 reviews that cover all types of products. So, you should consider looking up for yours too.

G2 doesn’t let you change the reviews of anyone, which means you can simply control to understand the overall sentiment that people have towards your business. 

Also, most of the reviews here are submitted by business-savvy and well-informed individuals, which makes it important to take them into consideration. 

22. Foursquare 

The platform started in 2009 and for check-ins at business landmarks. 

Since then, Foursquare has been able to establish searches and change the mobile scene for showing information regarding the business. 

Foursquare has a database that includes around 75 million businesses across the globe. The option is viable, especially if you have a storefront in the city.  

This platform is a goldmine that can boost your traffic.

They also launched their second app, which is known as Swarm. It helps in amplifying local traveling as well as business. 

With this, the users can do check-ins, collect stickers, and get more points. This one is similar to Fitbits.

The users can share the reviews, but they focus on other businesses or competitors. 

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

Does your business need a website for listing it on the Reviews site?

Yes, it’s important to have a website owned by your brand. People who use Google my business, Facebook, etc. might use a website of their own, but it’s not advisable. 

Having your website gives much better access to information, and people can easily land on what you are serving them.

Why are reviews important for small businesses?

Displaying reviews helps you in boosting credibility; also, as a business owner, you get the idea about how your brand is performing and what customers are talking about your services.

 It saves time, effort, and investment if something is not working, you can simply stop it. 

Do negative reviews affect my business?

According to research, bad reviews can drive away 22% of prospects, and it can affect your overall sales. 

Since reviews are on public platforms, it influences more people to drop your services or the idea of using them. If you are not addressing it, it keeps increasing until it affects the image of the brand. 

Do reviews matter?

The effects of the reviews are miserable; the customer is willing to spend more than 31% of your brand reviews are good and positive.

Well, negative reviews have more weightage as 82% of customers who read reviews choose to go with negative ones. 

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