An Ultimate Guide On Business Networking For Small Businesses

For small to large, Business networking is an important part of establishing a relationship with mutual benefits. It includes potential clients, business people, and customers.

Business networking is helping the business to grow and soak more information about the industry. Along with healthy relationships with other professionals and related people. 

Apart from potential gains, small businesses can get opportunities and knowledge. To have better and effective business networking, it’s important to know where to start.


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Here is the ultimate guide covering why you need networking and how to get an effective network! 

Why Networking Matters To Your Business?

The term business networking is used when business owners meet together with other professionals or potential people to grow their business in the market. 

Networking gives opportunities to get the best from the experts and experienced people and use it for making your strategies, ideas, plans, etc for business. 

It helps in identifying the opportunities and assistance for joining new areas in expansion, partnerships, and joint ventures. 

Also for the small business, it gives a reality check on what will work or what will not. So the business owner can invest their money and time in ideas that have a better chance of success. 

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With the help of networking, you get better access to the opportunities for your business. 

It gives you insight and knowledge about potential buyers and advice on how to act professionally. 

Effective networking can also help in saving you from stress, time wasted, and boost your relationships. 

These days having a strong network means you have better connections and access to all important information in the market. 

There are different benefits that a small business can gain from an effective and strong network. It includes – 

  • Doing your job properly – Knowing more about the market, competition, customer, and trends helps you in understanding in-depth about your work. 
  • Attract useful opportunities– Your business becomes visible and attracts the attention of people across the network so you can get ideal leads.
  • Creating your safety net – by having a set of diverse connections and relationships. Your business gets more support and source for finding platforms to grow better.
  • Preventing expensive errors – with the help of knowledgeable and experienced people, you can get a better insight into your ideas and prevent making mistakes that can cause you to cost. 

What Are The Types In Business Networking That You Can Use?

Strong connections in the business help the business to run for a longer time. Along with good reputations and better access, business networking plays a vital role for small businessmen.

Well, networking is divided into four categories, which includes : 

Online Or Social Media Networks 

One of the fastest as well as the easiest networking type, Online or social media is easy to get into. It doesn’t need you to go anywhere or dress up for a meeting. 

However, it needs your time and skills for presenting yourself in front of others. It includes monetary investment for updating your profile and engaging with people in the virtual world.

The founder of BNI and Chief Visionary Officer Ivan Misner says that with social media, the strategic key for success is the time investment you can do for marketing efforts online,

Also being consistent is important along with mapping and scheduling your days on forming effective strategies. 

According to him, the businessman should figure out the elastic and sensible options and start pursuing it from here. 

Trade / Professional Associations 

For any business industry like fashion, laws, marketing, etc, there are trade and professional associations who bring like minded people together. 

The trade associates are helpful as they provide the opportunities to get education training, discounts on conferences, and access to other useful resources. 

For small businesses, being part of such a group can help grow their business on the horizon and vertical. Not just you get better communication but you can get reach to potential clients for your business too. 

The biggest challenge you can find is to stand out when the crowd is filled with similar minds. You can approach people without selling to them. 

By this, not just you become part of their ‘ Go to ‘ club but also establish your name.

Casual Contact Networks 

Unlike others, this one focused more on getting to know other people informally.  Causa contact network is not specific on the industry base and it aims to get in contact with people more.

The networks hold monthly meetings or mixers frequently. In such events, people meet and have conversations without any business pressure. It increases personal networking rather than their businesses. 

For small businesses, casual contact networks can help know more about people like them who are doing business in the same field and get their knowledge as well as experience. 

It helps in getting a personal level of comfort and you can rely on people. Also, it increases the engagement and helps in guidance in choosing the right approach for the business. 

Community Service Clubs 

Community service clubs are the type of professionals who can get locally, mostly in your city or region areas. They focused on serving the communities. 

Small businesses can be a part of such groups, not for getting benefits but being a part of contributors helps you in gaining a good image among people. 

The contribution requires time and money but with this, you can get social capital and goodwill. For brands and companies, these are beneficial for gaining the trust from their audience 

It also helps in meeting with different people who are experienced and share a similar mind. They can help expand your reach and gain experiences. 

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Key Elements To Remember For Successful Business Networking

People like to do business with someone they are familiar with and trust. Having a professional network can help you in bringing the best opportunities for you. 

Networking is about enjoying and communicating with other people, sharing their passion, and listening to their thoughts.

With the help of networking, you can build a genuine relationship and get a chance to get more chances and opportunities for your business in the future. 

To start a strong relationship with networking, it’s important to remember some keypoint to develop much successful networking for your business. 

Start Your Networking As Early As You Can 

To start your networking, there is no time to decide. But for getting more value and genuine relationships, you need to start as early as you can.

The more people you know in your networking, the better chances of growing your small business will be. 

Apart from help from the early stage to developing strategies for your plan, this will also help in getting decision making tool, 

Because you started working in earlier stages, you might get relationships that are more than just business. Such genuine and no motive networking builds a good image too. 

It helps in building nervousness and reputation in the market as well. 

Get Your Plan Ready For Networking 

There are lots of options and events you will get to attend for increasing your network list. However, it’s important to have your networking plan ready before you attend any meeting. 

You don’t want to let some good opportunities be missed just because you haven’t thought that far? For a small business to use the best from the situation and for that planning is needed the most. 

Before you attend a meeting, make a list of things including your objectives, introduction, purpose, focus, etc. Make sure you know what you are going to do and how. 

There are some situations where things will not go as you wish if you have planned you might still turn the odds in your favor.  Also, get an idea of what skills you are planning to use and for what. 

Going prepared gives you a boost in confidence and you can approach people without feeling nervous as well.  

Avoid Marketing Yourself Too Much 

It can be obvious when you are talking with people. Some people have a habit of taking over the conversation and for networking to avoid such things. 

Instead of that, give time to others to speak and listen to what they are talking about, be  a good listener is the most important key points of boosting your networking, 

Body posture is also important and keeps eye contact maintained with the one you are speaking to. Also, help others and make them feel special. 

It’s good to leave a pleasing impression so people like to follow up with you. 

Never Start The Conversation To Sell 

Networking is important for business, but it’s not just for business. It’s about building relationships with more and more people. 

Your conversation should be easy-going, light, fun, and informal. Also, respect the others while speaking, and don’t start selling your conversations to the person as soon as you meet. 

The purpose of events and meetings is to help in starting the conversation. Your focus should be the same and start a conversation. 

People like to do business with such people who can make them feel comfortable and peaceful. Potential people will approach you and lead the conversation without pressuring hard. 

Never Forget Follow-Ups 

During the conversation, you get clicked with someone and they ask you to stay in touch or vice versa. Make sure you do the follow up as soon as you can.

Also, ask for the best medium to stay in connection with them. Don’t be shy to share contacts if you think the person can be helpful. 

Networking is based on giving rather than taking. Also having a good impression will help in pursuing the network into your leads. 

Do not miss anyone while follow-ups,  get a list ready, and note down all the people you suppose to send emails or messages. 

What Role Strong Networking Plays In Your Small Business?

Small businesses can use networking for finding new customers and discovering chances to grow in the market. 

The idea of using a network is to make yourself known in the market. The premises help you in getting in touch with people that can help you in growing your business directly or indirectly. 

Small businesses should use the chance to develop strong networking and connecting with potential people. 

Networking plays a vital role in small businesses i.e. Introducing you to more people. The business depends on people and networks

Apart from this, here are some more important roles that networking plays 

Networking Is A Great Tool For Leads 

To develop more business leads, networking plays an important part. Using your contacts you can meet potential people who can help you. 

With this, you can get more opportunities and a new market to thrive in your business. 

Communicating with professional follow-ups will help you in developing leads. Also, people like to help but they feel not interested when someone badgers them. 

Small businesses need to be sensitive to timing and never forget the courtesy.


Networking Help You In Learning 

Networking is a great and effective option for learning new things and from the best people. Networking keeps your options open, so you get the updates and information all you need. 

Learning the important values and what others did to get success or what failed them. For small business owners, this is a golden opportunity to keep learning and developing into something better. 

Networking Keeps You In The Market 

For small business owners, it’s crucial to stay updated with what is changing in the business market. Networking allows you to identify the best practices and knowledge about the latest trends too.

In the cutting edge situation, networking keeps you in the market. The more people you know, the better inside information you will get. 

It gives you a chance to step ahead from your competitors. You get new and fresh ways of how to do things. 

Network Help You To Stay Confident 

When you push yourself to do more and have a conversation with people, you also improve yourself on a personal level. It helps in boosting your confidence and skills. 

For small business owners, the conversations can help you in growing your business. It depends on how you approach and talk to the potential people. 

Networking is an ideal and effective way to boost your inner confidence, Your business is very much depending on how you carry yourself. 

Also, your confidence attracts people and that’s why networking is beneficial to you. 

Networking Gives You Connections 

Small businesses have limited resources and here are what you need – connections. 

The connections boost the chances of meeting with people who can do your work without wasting resources and taking too much time. 

To grow your business faster and much smoother, strong connections will be useful. It opens a door for introducing yourself to the influential people and resources to develop your business on another scale. 

How To Establish A Successful And Effective Networking For Your Business?

Building a network for your business to get successful leads and growth is crucial. But to build such networks takes research and knowledge. 

You can start building an effective network for your small business by following these steps.

Step 1- Identify Where You Want To Focus 

There are lots of things in business, it can boost your sales to improve marketing. You must focus on the thing you want to put your effort first. 

Get a list of contacts that can help you in that decided work. Add everyone who can do something, it can be anyone from specialists to the chosen company. 

Step 2 – Connect and Ask For Referrals 

Now when you are done with listing all contacts who can help in related interests. Contact with people, you can choose the medium of communication. 

You can send an email or message. If you have direct contact, you can call them too. Choose the medium which can be fast and get what you want from them ready. 

Ask them if they have anyone who can help you or give more details. A friend of friend connections is more successful and beneficial for you.

You can ask them to introduce you or drop a message. Make sure to leave an impression and don’t do anything to make your look bad. 

By this, you can grow your network and get more people listed in your networking. 

Step 3 – Introduce Yourself 

Once you get people you want to help, introduce yourself and your company. Make sure you already practiced your first impression. 

You can do short homework so you can easily communicate with them. Also, set a time and date when you can contact without disturbing anyone. 

People like to communicate with those who have a clear vision and know what they want. Keep your purpose clear and pinpoint what you think is important.

Step 4 – Ask For Advice & Ideas

Contact the person on the list you get ready and share your ideas with them. Get an outline ready for your business,  background, and skills. Ask them for advice that can help you or vice versa.

When you get time from them, make sure you are not wasting it on asking pointless stuff. Such times are sensitive, listen carefully to what the person is sharing. 

Once the meeting is done, and you are about to wrap up. Ask them if they would like to recommend anyone for your help. With this, you can get leads and more interested people.

Step 5 – Follow Up Once You Are Done 

Once the meeting ends,  send a personal or handwritten thank you note. You can send this to everyone to appreciate the time and advice they shared with you. 

It helps in leaving a good impression and shows you care about others. It can also help you in setting a good relationship for further time. 

How To Become A Better And Professional  Networker  For Business Networking?

Even if you are small business owners, you need to be a good networker as well. There will be a lot of opportunities where you will meet people and your way of approaching will decide if you will get it done or not. 

Before you jump to know how to start your networking for your business, let’s know how you can develop your skills and what points you should know to become a good networker. 

Networking Starts With What You Have Now 

Networking is not about starting from new, it can be something that you have right now. You can start with the network list you have. 

Work on your way of speech, and how you present yourself. In networking, you don’t get too much time to express yourself. It’s on you how to find the opportunities and introduce your business. 

Also if you are starting from new, be patient and polite. Instead of rushing which will cause pressure on the people and they will avoid talking to you. 

Start working on the skills you got, and make yourself ready before you attend the meetings. 

Avoid Throwing Your Business Cards Around 

Some people get desperate when they meet new people and the first thing they do is to offer their business cards to them. 

Well, a business card is a good and effective way of sharing the contact information as well as staying in touch. But it should be only given to those whom you feel interested in your business. 

Throwing your cards not just shows you are impatient but also unprofessional. It’s not polite and most of the time people find it a major turn off during conversations. 

Cards should be exchanged after you are done with conversations. Ask the person to share their card to you first and then offer yours. It’s a polite way of sharing cards. 

Set What To Expect With Your Networks 

Networking helps you in communicating with people who share a similar interest like yours. But there are some limitations when it comes to what to expect from them. 

Your networks might be helpful sometimes but maybe you don’t get the same reaction every time. You need to stay professional and know what expectations you must fix. 

Also before you set the time for meetings or next conversations. Always make sure to set the time and let the person know when you are free too. 

Set Your Questions And Go Deeper 

Personal conversations are ideal to establish a relationship and build a strong network. However, it’s not possible every time and also makes sure to know if the person is interested or not. 

When you feel it’s possible to have a deeper conversation, try to ask more than just what they do.  You can find what you both have in common and what drives them to do business. 

Healthy and personal conversations are memorable for people. Also, it helps in leaving an impression and a memorable memory that will last. 

Note Down All Details 

From meetings to birthdays note down all the information and details regarding your networking in files. It should be easy to find and make sure you don’t forget important days. 

 Also if you meet someone during networking business but it didn’t last very long. You can also use the reconnecting files to get in touch with them again.

There are chances that you can get the people to help you now. Also, you can stay in touch with most of your networks so you don’t have to let anyone slip anyone away. 

Since you have all the information noted, you can wish them on their big days and congratulate them too. It will keep your relationship with them warm and more than just business too. 

Listen. Ask And Give 

It is important to remember that people are new to networking as well. They are talking to you for the first time and they might share a similar feeling as well. 

To avoid any kind of awkwardness, always keep your listening skills in use. It’s the best way to make someone comfortable around you. 

Listening also helps you in understanding information and important things while having a conversation. You can get to know more about whom you are dealing with and how far the person can help you. 

Next is Ask, people also like to advise and you can use it for knowing what they might like from you.  You can get to know about what they are looking for and what kind of help they will want. 

Surprisingly, most of the time you can easily get what they are looking for by just talking to them.

When you figure out the question, offer your help, and take sensitivity first. 

Networking boosts when you know how to help and make the person comfortable too. 

Strategies To Follow For Building Strong Network Business 

Starting a small business to ensure you get all the required elements for making it successful. It takes lots of time, energy, planning, and attention.

Add these strategies for getting strong networks and build a good reputation in events or gatherings. 

Every Single Soul Is Important, Meet Everyone 

Take opportunities when you get or when you don’t. Meet everyone and don’t dismiss anyone no matter who they are. Everyone in business plays an important part, you never know who can be beneficial for your business. 

For business networking, you must have connections with all kinds of people. Anyone can turn out anything and contribute to your business in some way. 

Keep Your Focus On Helping Others 

In events, most of the people come seeking help the same as you. Satisfying them and helping when it’s needed, not just you left a good impression but improve your connections too.

People remember those who help them when they need them the most. In some ways, you might get the favor back. Engage yourself to find solutions for others. 

Go Alone And Prepared 

Bringing someone with you for business events might be a good idea if you feel nervous. But it’s better to go alone, so you can focus on talking to people. 

To not get nervous, make sure you do the homework. Be prepared with what you want to do and offer. Keep your purpose ready and clear for others to understand.  

Set Your Goals Before You Go 

When you are invited to big events or galas where you are going to find larger groups and important people. Make sure you get your goals decided. 

For example, if you are invited but you feel shy then set your goal to talk with at least someone within 30 seconds of you entering the room. It will help you in getting relaxed.

Or you can introduce 3 or 4 people and find something interesting to talk about. These small goals will keep you hooked in the event and you can get the best from the time. 

Keep Networking Wherever You Are 

You don’t just need events to increase networking. It can be anywhere, it can be during a flight,  conference with someone, or in a park.  Start your conversation, introduce what you do, and show your interest in learning about the people. 

To boost your business networking, approach more people without pressure to get something out of it. Strike the interesting conversation and help more people. 

Start Small But Do It Fast 

Take action on what you are planning. But make sure you know what you are doing. Holding someone’s attention is a difficult job and you don’t want to miss without utilizing it.

Ask for help and questions, lots of people in events are experienced and they can help you in mentoring you. Also, you can do it the same for someone else. 

small business get benefit networking

Tips To Successfully Gain Better Networking For Your Business

To establish successful networking, you should start working on your strategies right now. Follow these tips to better results – 

Attend More Events For Networking 

The first step you should know about where you get people for networking. Events are hosted especially for growing networks, make sure you attend more and more such events.

Small businesses should attend local businesses and events for knowing more about people in their fields. Also, lots of companies are working for a long time, you can get inspired by them.

It’s worth meeting with the professionals and societies who share the same mind as yours. 

Choose Off Hours For Getting Socials 

There is no perfect hour of getting social with people. But make sure you are using your off-hours wisely. It’s beneficial for you to meet more people. 

Also, school activities and sports events are other options you can get social with parents and other people. 

People in their off-hours are more relaxed and open to conversations. Approaching them in their working hours can disturb them as well as yours too. 

Join Groups. Create and Invite People 

Joining different groups that fit your type of networking will help in engaging more people. Options like Local Chambers,  professional associations,  groups, etc are ideal. 

Also, business organizations look for people to increase their member list. You can easily get an entry and volunteer to make quick connections.

Once you establish yourself, you can also create your group and invite the people you find the ideal for your business.  You can use Facebook and Linkedin for creating online groups.

Get Your Agenda Clear From Starting 

It should be your priority to find why you are increasing the network and what you want at the end.  Do you want customers or looking for ideas? Or do you want all of these?

Your approach and strategies based on what you are seeking, Also you can focus on the right contacts when you know where you want to go. 

Identify How To Break Ice 

Awkward conversations and long pause can cause a bad impression of yours.  Not just you are letting a potential network go away but also the image of your business turns bad too. 

Start your conversation with a compliment. You can start by telling something about their appearance or you can ask them about themselves. 

Know how to break the ice when you find your conversation is going nowhere. Let the people talk about what they like and visions about the industry. 

Pro Tip – The best effective way is to listen more. Focus on people and be a good listener.

Avoid Getting Negative Or Selfish 

People avoid communications when the person is talking negatively about someone or something. Start your conversations with a happy and positive vibe.

Also, networking is all about giving and taking. Try not to sound or look selfish when you present yourself. Look for the opportunity to help and contribute. 

Be Confident And Know What You Are 

To increase networking, it’s important to be confident when you approach someone or vice versa.  Take your time in forming speeches before you attend events.

Make sure you are clear about your vision and what you want. People like to have a conversation with someone who has a clear mind instead of confusing and unclear thoughts.

Mistakes That You Must Avoid When You Are Networking 

To build successful business networking, having important strategies and steps are crucial. But still, lots of businesses end up making major mistakes. 

To avoid such situations, here are a few mistakes that you need to avoid. 

Not Knowing The Importance of Face To Face Meeting 

There can be any reason for avoiding face to face meetings. If it’s impossible to do then online meetings are a good option but if you get a chance to meet people face to face then it’s beneficial for you. 

Face to face meetings shows professionalism. Also, you understand the person on a personal level too. It helps in boosting the relationship and you can get better from the meetings. 

Not Meeting More People 

Networking is based on approaching people. The more people you meet, the faster your network will grow. Instead of sticking with the people you know find ways to meet new people. 

If you are attending events, make sure you are not following one person. Keep your focus on others too. The Point of attending such events is to grow your relationships with new people.

Get out of your comfort zone and strike the conversation first. It’s not only you for others for the first time. 

Not Being Professional 

Networking is similar to any other conversation. It involves a two-way conversation. Don’t get too self-absorbed and promote yourself to an extended point. You will end up making others uncomfortable. 

Also when you are approaching someone, make sure they are interested in your conversation too. Don’t neglect people and what they are saying to you. 

To follow up, don’t send emails or calls in busy hours, If someone asks you to contact them at a specific time, be punctual and respect the opportunities. 

Being professional is one of the qualities people appreciate and they will remember for a long time. 

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs) about Networking Marketing for your Small Business

How business networking will be beneficial for sales?

Networking helps you in building relationships and cultivating with similar mind people. It can help in increasing the interest and also get leads for sales. 

What is the biggest advantage that I get from networking?

Active networking helps you in connecting with more people who can contribute to your business. The more people you contact, the better chances of growth you will get.

Also, networking boosts the opportunities and you can get help from people who are already in the business for a long time. 

Why should my small business follow networking?

For small business owners, networking plays an important part in potential people. To grow the business, you require people and networking is an ideal way to get that. 

Why do I need business networking?

Business networking helps you in getting fresh ideas, career advice,  building confidence, and a different perspective for growing the business. 


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