18+ Actionable Burger Store Marketing Ideas

Are you trying to take enter the giant food industry? If this is what you are planning for your new startup business, you are good to set sail. The year 2019 is turning out to be enterprising for food business owners.

Many people are taking a dig at the industry as the revenues get so much more interesting. With lots of events and fests always hanging on around the corner, the food industry is on a roll.

How to promote your burger store

  • The targeted customers must know about your business. So ensure that you have put up enough signboards and banners to enlighten people about your business.
  • The local distributors will be of immense help in promoting your business. You need to make sure that you have collaborated with them to serve the purpose of promotion.
  • Business directories are one of the most powerful tools when it comes to the promotion of a business. Manage to get your business enlisted in the business directories.
  • The name of your business must be a unique one. This will help you to make the process of promotion of your business easier.
  • A catchy and attractive logo for your business will also make the process of promoting the business easier. Design an amazing logo and ease up the process.

So when you are looking to start a new burger store down the busiest lane or a junk food heaven, this is the time. But just like any other industry, getting into the limelight takes a lot of time.

From recruiting able staff to preparing menu cards, everything needs attention. Most of it all, your presence needs to reach the mass before the events start hitting.

That is why we are here with the top effective Burger Store Marketing Ideas to increase footfalls in your new startup food business.

Setting Up Your Target Audience

If you want to launch a new burger store, you must have a prefixed target audience. You cannot just fly up nowhere being a jack-of-all-trades and a master of none. Different age groups have different food choices.

The best way to choose an age group is to depend on the location of the store. If your store is going to open near a School or University, you can get a great response.

Likewise, if you are thinking of gaining some online popularity, you can post some good pictures on Pinterest to outreach different age groups. So no matter wherever you start to grow up, it is important to decide on the target consumers first.

If You Are Not Credible, What Are You?

The World is now a tech-savvy beast. Everyone you see around you owns a Social Media account. So if you are building up a new business, what are you waiting for? Moreover, with Instagram, marketing online is now super easy! If you are still having a business account on Instagram, wait no more and make it at once.

Instagram accounts are free and easy to handle. You can also go and find Websites that sell Instagram Likes and Followers. Buy them because they are very affordable and help a lot in bringing credibility to your business.

Build a Website

After you get set up with impressive photos of your brand-new burger store, go for the next step. That is, make a Website. But before you do that, do not forget to decorate your Instagram account with delicious food pictures too.

It attracts customers more than anything does. Now that you are all set with new pictures and posts, write a great Bio for your profile. You can also add your Website link to it so that you can also increase footfall there.

Partnerships Make It Easy For You

Partnerships are like friendships that you do in the professional world. So why don’t you talk with the nearby Schools and get into a written partnership? You can send vendors from your burger store to the School campus. That will be a great sort of offline marketing.

Free Samples Are Like Pieces Of Love

Do you remember how much you liked to have free takeaway meals? Well, you can prepare something like that when you send your vendors to the School campus.

Ask them to distribute free samples to every single kid who comes nagging their parents to buy one yummy burger. With that action, you will receive a smile from both the kids and as well as their parents.

Be sure that you are soon going to receive reciprocal actions from their side to your burger store.

Spread Out Coupons

Just like kids, even adults love gifts. Tell me, who doesn’t love to get a coupon offering a stunning 50% discount on whatever they buy from the recently opened burger store?

Well, you can clearly understand that the food store that we are talking about is your one. Leaving jokes apart, this is going to be an effective way of passive marketing. You can send in the coupons with the daily newspapers or as leaflets with the magazines.

Not only will it make sure that you start getting footfalls, but goodwill will be among the other things that will increase. So what are you waiting for?

Get In An Alliance With The Food-Bloggers

There are a lot of people in your surroundings who are well-known faces as Food-Bloggers. Food-Blogging is one of the top blogging choices that people make nowadays.

Nothing can beat the lust to keep looking at voluptuous food dishes and cuisines from Instagram stories of Bloggers. Now when you get in touch with them, it is going to be a great step for your food storage.

Enterprising Bloggers never fail to put Instagram stories, pictures, and videos on YouTube. This can be a great choice for you can get into the limelight of your consumers. Successful Bloggers entertain thousands and even millions of people who follow them.

If they say that the burgers from your store taste superb, get ready to host a rush of customers tomorrow.

Respect The People Who Care For You

If your customers reach the highest point of satisfaction after they dine in your restaurant, that’s good news for you. These customers are more likely to recommend your restaurant to their family, friends, or office colleagues.

Most importantly, a section of happy customers can even recommend you and give ratings to your restaurant online.

Online ratings matter a lot, particularly when it is a startup. It adds credibility to your business. Nearly 90% of people love to read good reviews about the restaurant before they plan to check in.

Now it is your turn to make them feel good. Reports say most people who write reviews or rate restaurants expect nothing in return. Why don’t you respond to their love with some counter-love? If you manage to save some time at the end of the day, use it to read the comments that the customers say about you.

Giving them a response or a smiley reply will be a delightful surprise for them. But for you, it is going to be fruitful because those customers are most likely to return to your restaurant another day. Let happiness count.

A Nice Package Is All That They Want

Nice and safe packaging is always a top choice when you deal with home-delivery services. But for this, you need to prepare different packaging styles for the different target customers.

Also, maintaining hygiene and keeping the entire package looking pleasant can increase your goodwill in society. So, if you are packaging foods for kids or maybe candies for little ones, do not miss out on the shining wrappers.

Bring On A Media Event

It is a good step to becoming more famous in the area. Media events can be of any type, as you can arrange a food fest at an ongoing fair or inside a shopping mall. People have a light mood mostly, and these food fests seem to entertain them largely.

You can also distribute food coupons there and make sure that they go to your store to use them.

Searching for some catchy slogans and taglines that stick in your head for days!? So check out the Catchy Burger Slogans and Taglines.

Media events can also attract Food Bloggers and local Journalists. There lies a chance of your store to come in the newspaper if the fest turns out to be good.

Similarly, charity events are excellent choices for bringing in love from customers for your new store. You can host a charity event in the locality by distributing candies free or by arranging free distribution of food. All of them will just ensure that you get goodwill, and your presence will increase highly.

Publish Your Food Business On Google

Did you ever hear about Google My Business? It is a great step from Google to give support to new businesses that develop in a locality.

If you enlist your new business on Google, people who will search for ‘nearby restaurants in your locality will also get to see your burger store there. If you have good ratings and reviews, people are more likely to enter your food store.

Getting into Google as an enlisted business will also make you visible in Google Maps and results. It is going to be very useful for you as an owner.

Feedbacks Are The Final Deal

Once your burger store starts getting a pretty good number of check-ins, this is the final step for you. Arrange feedback forms for your customers, either digitally or on physically forms.

You should be getting a clear picture of your restaurant’s analysis, and no one can judge it better than the customers can.

Do not be heartbroken if you get negative replies because criticism is the key to getting better for a new day. Also, leave the customers with a heart-warming message just to be unique from the rest.

These are some eleven points that can help you really well while you are setting up a new food business. Remember to emphasize them at your restaurant for a better future of it.

Have a look at 21 Ways To Leverage Customer Feedback To Grow Business.

How to drive the sales of your burger store

  • Social media is a platform that is going to be the most helpful one in reaching out to more people. Think of using social media in a creative manner and drive sales up.
  • Paid advertising platforms such as newspapers and television channels will ensure higher sales as more people will get to know about your business.
  • The price plays an important role in determining sales. The price must be set at a slightly lower level than the one existing in the market.
  • Customers will be attracted to using your products once they get sufficient discounts and offers. So discount your products at regular intervals and see the sales going up.
  • The reviews from your previous customers who are happy with your service and products will build trust amongst the new customers. This will also raise the sales of your business.

FAQs about Burger Store Marketing to Grow it Next Level.

What is the marketing budget for Burger store?

Based on franchisees’ marketing contributions, the vast majority of restaurants are within a marketing budget from 2.6% to 7.6%, according to the category. Others struggle with marketing more intensely and allocate up to 60% more to the group than the average.

Is it important to do proper market research for starting a Burger store?

Yes. The promotion of restaurants does not occur in a vacuum. Effective marketing has to be focused on the facts and knowledge that will affect your business, including the market, your rivals, customers, internal customers, financial history, marketing history, industry, and outside influences.

No one can always afford to sell to everyone so effective market research and due diligence will make the marketing efforts more productive.

What do you know about menu engineering for starting a Burger store?

The menu is the main part of a restaurant’s marketing. You will want to review your menu every six to twelve months. It will include an overview of competitiveness and a competitive menu.

You will need to know in particular how every item in your menu works and how it stays next to your top competitors to keep your menu fresh, relevant, and rentable. Remember any item on your menu as a tenant lease area and the room you allocated must be guaranteed.

Is branding important for starting a Burger store?

It’s a promise to your customers. It’s what you hear from clients, workers (Internal Customers), suppliers, the media, and all the other key players. Brand construction fills the distance between what you are proposing and what you are delivering.

A good brand aligns the pledge with the results. This isn’t what occurs when you advertise and people don’t recognize or remember your logo

Starting a Burger store is a great way to satisfy others with Yummy Food. But apart from Food, There are many other things you should concentrate on to get huge customers for your Burger Store.

Here is the Infographic which gives you Marketing insight on Restaurant Business. Hope this will help you.

burger store marketing

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