15+ Top Builtwith Alternatives and Competitors

BuiltWith is a website optimizer, and they have different competitor intelligence tools. BuiltWith is used for its web profiling tool, which helps collect data from various websites and work for a particular company.

They have other features like competitive analysis and business intelligence tools providing different technology adoptions and eCommerce data and usage analytics systems for the internet. Gary Brewer is a founder of Builtwith. It was founded in 2007.

HEADQUARTER: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

The headquarters of Builtwith is in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The monthly revenue of Builtwith is $1.2 million. BuiltWith is one of the growing companies. 

List of BuiltWith Alternatives

Hunter TechLookup


Hunter TechLookup helps a system find a domain accessing a particular software. Their free tools like track websites help to change domain lists into leads.

One feature of Hunter TechLookup is scraping the web for email addresses to find valid emails and verify the list. One of the greatest BuiltWith alternatives widely available is Hunter TechLookup.

Their proofing tools are available in different languages. Hunter TechLookup was founded in 2015 and is a privately-owned business.

Hunter TechLookup has more than 700,000 users. Their headquarters are situated at Alsace. They have other services like searching technologies and getting their data for free. 


HEADQUARTER: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Wappalyzer is a technology profiler that shows different websites and keeps track of them. Weppalyzer shows from which the websites are built. It was established in 2008 by Elbert Alias.

The main headquarters of Wappalyzer is located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. According to reports, the company’s annual revenue is $5 million. Also, it detects the use of content management systems, eCommerce platforms, web servers, JavaScript frameworks, analytics tools, and many other tools.

They have different features to increase leads, website alerts, keyword research and track controller.


HEADQUARTER: Maria Enzersdorf, Niederosterreich, Austria

W3Techs is one of Q-Success Web-based Services that aims to collect information about technologies used to run websites. W3Tech publishes services based on different topics and gives insights about that subject.

Matthias Gelbmann is a founder and owner of W3Techs, founded in 2013. Headquarters of W3Techs are situated at Maria Enzersdorf, Niederosterreich, Austria.

They assess technology usage through HTTP response headers and URL structure, CSS code, JavaScript code, HTML tags, and HTML elements. W3Techs keep track of rate increases, trends from the past and new usage of websites, and much more. 


HEADQUARTER: Bath, United Kingdom

Netcraft is an internet serving company used for security testing, publishing news releases time of various networks currently available on the internet.

Netcraft is a private company. Mike Prettejohn founded Netcraft in 1987. The headquarters of Netcraft is situated in Bath, United Kingdom. It provides cybercrime disruption services for various industries.

They have robust tools like security reporting and IP geolocation, which share IP geolocation to access different servers and websites. Netcraft provides unique statistics and information about your new technologies’ marketing, sales, investment, and expansion decisions. 



WhatRuns is a browser extension that identifies different technologies and keeps track of them. WhatRuns have a recognition algorithm that helps them detect which web plugins are used.

WhatRusn provides all the details about the site, including the tools they’ve employed, the web applications they utilize for the CDN hosting, the tools they use to monitor visitors, and features such as WordPress plugins and fonts, and more.

Alysha Flynn is an official founder of WhatRuns and started WhatRuns in 2017. Revenue of WhatRuns is from $1.0M – to $5.0M. 


HEADQUARTER: Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel

SimilarTech is a sales and marketing intelligence tool that generates web-based or business leads. SimilarTech also detects technologies and tools used by websites to run them mainly.

They have a good capacity for scanning websites of more than thirty billion and can also give you the appropriate information you need. They have different pricing plans, and they also make reports about websites.

Yaniv Hadad, as well as Eyal Weiss, created SimilarTech in 2014. The headquarters of SimilatTech is in Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel. The annual revenue of SimilarTech varies from $1.0M – to $5.0M.


HEADQUARTER: Silicon Valley, West Coast California, United States

Rescan is a search engine for a tech tool that offers technology shortcuts, specifically eCommerce technology. They give the best experience while using Rescan. Botond Bognár, Robert Herman founded Rescan in 2015.

Rescan’s main headquarters is in the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, West Coast California, United States. They keep updates on market share, technology trends, etc., which Users can share and check.

It provides the whole data of websites in which you can see how many websites different brands use. 


HEADQUARTER: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Webspotter spots technologies that run websites like web frameworks, development language, CMS, analytics tools, etc. They are available in various sections.

They give access to the search industry, company size, website keywords, technology spends, geography, SAAS niches, vertical data, and used technologies. Saj tk founded Webspotter in 2018.

The main headquarters of Webspotter is in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The total revenue of Webspotter is $7 Million. Some of the other features include hidden email addresses and human-powered searches. 


HEADQUARTER: San Francisco, United States

Cortex is an online marketing tool for social media. Cortex has different social media marketing features, which many websites use, and have competitor tracking features. Bryan Bennett is a founder of Cortex which was founded in 2002.

Their headquarters are situated in San Francisco, United States. BuiltWith is a great competitor to every one of the technology profiling tools we’ve included here.

When a particular company’s post gets viral, Correct and notify you immediately and show hashtags and tags they used in their post.

They also have useful data on different brands they use while tracking. Their total revenue is $8.0M. 


HEADQUARTER: San Francisco, United States

Kompyte has a tracking system that helps to detect competitors of particular brands when they come live in the market or industry. Pere Codina founded Kompyte in 2014. Headquarters are situated in San Francisco, United States.

When competitors have any updates, Kompyte updates you with competitor strategies and helps in different marketing systems. Many of their tools are used by various brands and companies.

They have other means like benchmarking, website change tracking, intuitive dashboard, SEO rank tracking, and content tracking. Its total revenue is $2.4 Million. 

Builtwith Alternatives

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