21 Tips to Build Successful Content Marketing Strategy for Business

Consistency is considered a long-term success for content marketing.  

 Since the demand for content keeps growing every day. As per the stats from Demandgen ‘s survey, more than 75% of B2B buyers depend on the content they research. 

If you want to grow your small business, you should build a profitable and successful content marketing strategy.

A good strategy can help in generating more leads and improve conversion rates. Also, to rank your site better on search engines with SEO.

Follow these effective tips in building your strategies for content marketing. And to take your performance to another level. 

Tips for Building an Effective Content Marketing Strategy 

– Check The Grammatical Mistakes 

Google-like platforms highly focus on authoritative sites. If your website contains grammatical errors, it does not just make you look less authoritative, but google will drop your ranking from the index.

Grammatical mistakes and misspellings make you look silly when you’re dealing with difficult customers. Especially when there is a spell check on every platform like word, google docs, and WordPress.  

If you don’t write, you can try content writing services. But if you are a decent writer, install Grammarly.

Write Relevant Contents To Solve The Problem 

The first step to becoming a good businessman is to understand your customers. Choose the niche before you start, and research what customers are looking for and what you can do to help them. 

Customers look for sites that can help them in better and easy ways. To grow your small business, content can be your game-changer.

Build your content based on those points. Keep the content actionable. Provide information that can solve their problems. 

elements of great contents

Larger Content Means Better Performance 

Google pays more attention to the site which contains longer content. Also, it boosts the conversion rate too. The long-form of the content does better work in capturing the attention of the visitors.

 Longer articles contain more information in a detailed form. The keyword and SEO optimization work better in more than 2500 words and helps in the better authority of the site.  

The basic idea behind longer content is to give all information in one place. The readers not just save their time but also have all details in one site helps in better understanding too. 

Get an understanding of the buyer’s Persona 

Image source: BuyerPersona

Not every single person on this earth is your ideal customer. Your market campaign needs to have a target audience, so you know for whom you are making content. 

Small businesses should have a better understanding of their target audience. Especially before you start, choosing the niche, including the type of people, is important. 

An understanding Buyer persona helps a lot in saving from serious mistakes, wasted energy, money, and time. Smart content marketing strategies include a segment based on the buyer’s needs. 

Segmentation is needed to differentiate between readers and buyers.

Backup Your Information With Facts 

Trusting everything you read online is hard and not recommended, well. But no one can deny the facts. 

To back up the information you provide, use facts and statistics. Check the sources before you re-use them on your site. Make sure what you are offering is appropriate and not faulty. 

Instead of copying from other blogs, look for the content, and add your experiences. 

The well-researched data with facts and statistics show your seriousness toward the work. It boosts the trust and overall image of your business. 

Use Of ‘ Free’ But Valuable Content 

Most consumers look for Free words. This word alone can attract the attention of people to your site. The markets have different tools and high-quality information but most of them are asking for money. 

Like Neil Patel who is offering apps like Ubersuggest for keywords suggest tools for completely free. It shows that there is an ROI on free-value services and products. 

Offering a tool or in-depth information to your customer is not just about having a good visitor flow. But also, you get a better conversion rate and loyal customers for your small business. Along with this, you build a good reputation in the online market. 

Exclusive Contents For The Email List 

Image source: Campaignmonitor

Email is one of the most powerful marketing channels, with 4400% ROI. This means the people you have on your email list are already your potential customers

You should make them feel special with exclusive content. People will feel more important when you are offering something which only they will get. To improve this, Add personalization as well. 

Spend Time on specific keyword research 

Keywords are the most important and to rank better, you are going to do good in SERPs. Don’t avoid the process of keyword research. Not just look for a bunch of keywords, but look for what’s going to help you and your target audience. 

Choosing the right combination of keywords can help in attracting better attention. This can also affect the content marketing strategy in getting new customers for your small business. 

Guest posting is the ideal option for gaining authority links. It helps in making people aware of the brand.  

You can take the example of your friend introducing a new person to you. Since your friend introduced him or her, you already have trust and good assumptions.

The guest posting follows the same process. Your content gets featured on some established and respected sites. From here, you get better ROI and audience.

Get The Help Of Medium 

Image source: Medium

Medium is overlooked, but you have a very powerful platform you are missing. This site is free for posting and providing a variety of information on any topic.

The medium can help in optimizing the better CTR. Post a few paragraphs to make the readers click on your website. This can help in optimizing the old post and refreshing it. You can do all kinds of links to update the old content on your website. 

As for small businesses, Building CTR is important, and Medium is a helpful option to try. Also, it’s free and has a large number of visitors every day. 

Analytics Matters A Lot 

Image source: Branch

Content marketing campaigns depend on analysis and stats. You are going to need to scale your site at some point for optimization.

Analytics plays an important part in knowing where your readers are dropping off. It can help in finding which content is getting better performance and attention. 

Choose Content According To The Platform 

Your content is not suitable for every platform. Each social media has a slight difference and approach to content. 

For example, to post short of videos or detailed information, YouTube is the best to go with. 

Twitter is ideal for sharing links and on-line information. Pinterest can be used for sharing visuals. 

Choosing the right platform for showcasing yourself helps you in achieving better reach. 

Keep Old Contents Updated 

Chances are your old post has keywords that are now not in use. It makes your old post outdated and the ranking might drop. 

Instead of writing the whole topic again, update your content. This way, you are not losing your original URL. 

Update your content with – 

  • Research on what changed in topic
  • Link new information, reports, and stats 
  • Replace the outdated images 
  • Rewrite the parts to add a new fresh perspective 
  • Add a new intro and conclusion 

Avoid Monotone In Language 

Conversations always attract people. The same thing goes for your content. Write the content in a conversational tone to keep your audience interested and engrossed.

It’s your leverage to use for developing your brand’s voice. Choose what kind of voice you want, if you are running a funky business, use a chat voice with casual jargon.

But understand the fine line between fluffs and tone. Don’t write things that make no sense to your audience. Your content should have an easy-to-understand language with quality information. 

tips writing in conventional tone

Keep Evolving Your Plans 

To thrive in the online market where tons of companies are already doing their best. You can focus on evolving. To fit your business, developing is crucial.

Content marketing keeps adapting to the latest trends, developments, and values. Follow the changes and develop your content because it’s what keeps you on top. 

– Influencers For Content Exposure 

Influencers are a good option to promote your content. However, do your research before you contact any one of them. For a small business, avoid going over budget. 

Analyze what kind of audience they have and how trustworthy they are in the market.

The benefit of contacting the influencers is to reach their audience. You get an established amount of people who have trust and a connection with the particular person.  

Content For Improving Sales Funnels 

Image source: Medium

Start creating content to make your audience aware. You can choose infographics, videos, blogs, or any other form. 

Within the content, take your reader towards the next step of Funnel. Start with asking for an email address to give access to further information. 

With every step continue little by little, keeping your focus on how your prospect is feeling about the marketing funnel stages.

Content marketing is an important aspect of the Sales Funnel. From taking the reader from TOFU to BOFU, content can help in better interaction and engagement.

Don’t Ignore The Headline Optimizations 

Headlines are the first thing your visitors know about your site. If your headline is not attracting the eyes, no one will know about the content as well.

Good headlines attract more CTR or Click Through rates. It affects the ranking directly. Add the keyword but do not go overboard. 

Google-like search engines pay close attention to CTR. If you are not getting enough clicks, the ranking will go down. 

Headline optimizations are also important for giving a glimpse of what your content is all about. It helps the readers to know if it’s worth the time or not. 

types of headlines

– Be Consistent And Adaptive 

Without consistency, building a brand and developing your small business is nearly impossible. The more you appear, the more people will remember you.

The same goes for content. Google looks for websites where information keeps updating. To become top in ranking, consistency is the most important part.

To not miss a day, use a calendar, even if you don’t have a team or budget. You can simply use sheets, excel along with the tools available. 

Also, your content should be adaptive, like water. It means that regardless of where the device has been used, the access and reading should be comfortable for users.

Google also ranks websites based on their user-friendly content. The strategy works better if your readers can easily get the data without any hassle.

To attract attention, your content should have evergreen information and trending topics. You can focus 70% on evergreen subjects and 30% on trending topics.

Write the hot topics but do not post the same thing in different words. The data you offer should have something extra and different than others.

Focus On Millennials Too

Millennials are an important and special segment. They are a large part of your audience. Your content should be helpful for them too.

 According to the White House’s Council of Economic Advisers report in 2014, They said millennials value family, creativity at work, and community. 

 Being a diverse generation in the US, your content must focus on their values and needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) about content marketing strategies for your small business

Why Do I Need A Content Marketing Strategy?

You need content marketing strategies to use it can help in improving conversion rates. Also allows your business to connect with educated customers and leads.

The right marketing strategy helps in building trust and relationships. It encourages the customer to become a potential customer by giving what they are looking for. 

How Many Types Of Marketing Strategies Are There?

There are four types – Cause Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Undercover marketing, and Relationship marketing.

Can Content Marketing Help In Driving Revenue?

Using effective content marketing built a strong base for business. Instead of directly attacking and forcing to buy, it starts with educating the customer. 

Content marketing has a higher ROI than others.


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