15+ Tips for How to Get More Traffic on Etsy

It happens from time to time; there are lots of shops on Etsy that start having a kick start but, later on, it goes totally wracked with no hope of coming back to life. 

The business did everything in the beginning, but nothing worked out for the business to start again. The suddenly halted situation can be depressing and break the morale of business owners. 

However, there are examples who successfully bring their business on track with the right decisions at the right time. 

If you are going through the same thing, here are a few tips that you can use for your business on Etsy. 

Renew Product Listings

When someone purchases something from the listing, the list gets renewal automatically. However, make sure you have enabled the setting beforehand. 

Renewing your listings can help you in giving a better survival chance to your product. It gives momentum to the search results.

It refreshes your list and boosts the chances of getting sales. You can choose the products you want to renew and listings. 

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However, the best way to approach this is to create a strategy for your renewal. Consider your stats to know which products are selling well. Get a list of best-selling items in your shop. 

Also, remember that Etsy charges $.20 when you renew your items. So make sure you have the reasons why you are renewing the products. 

Instead of renewing everything like a madman, focus on what results in you’re getting first.  If you see the results after the renewal of items, you are going in the right direction. 

If not, then you need to focus on more aspects can include : 

  • Updating your product descriptions
  • Change the photos
  • Add new images of products
  • Use new keywords 

Keep Your Shop Updated 

There are lots of businesses on Etsy that find the updates silly. But it’s an important part, and lots of times, your sales get blacked out because your shop is not updated on Etsy. 

Use the shop updates; well, the more you do, the more often your shop will appear on buyers’ feeds.

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Also, make sure you are using this for your social media updates too. Add them to create the link to your items on Etsy. 

This will help your buyers to get your items faster and increase sales in your shop. 

Prioritize Your Customer Service 

For a customer,  your shop messages are the important ones. As for the businessman, it can be a deal-breaker when it boils down to the product purchase.

However, if you are not responding to customer messages, it won’t affect the ranking. But it can make the customer experience bad, which results in not being good for the business. 

Take your time, and choose the frame. You can set two days for responding to requests or questions if you can’t do it right away. 

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It takes around 15 minutes or even less than that. 

Pro Tip: Use the templates to reduce the conversation time on Etsy. 

Also, use your experience to get the questions ready that your customers can ask. You can use them and pre-write your answers.

Use FAQs and mention the most asked questions there; it can reduce the numbers of messages you will get. 

Ship On Time 

It seems too obvious to mention here,  but surprisingly it’s not that uncommon either. If you are doing late shipping, it can affect your business. 

Also, it hurts your Etsy shop and ends up ranking on the search. When you are doing the late shipping, Etsy takes this action as not so serious towards your own business.

It is also shown as a sign of bad customer care which makes Etsy reduce your ranking of the shop on the search engine. 

This makes other customers get less access to the shop, which reduces your ranking on Etsy further. 

Instead of doing this,  take the business days that fit your shopping frame. Set around  5 to 7 days, but try to ship earlier. 

It gives you enough time, and the customer feels happy to get the parcel before the time.

Ask For Reviews 

Instead of getting shy to ask for reviews, make sure you do it friendly and with all customers. 

Reviews can help your business to establish and create a trustworthy image for buyers.  Even if it seems not to affect the large aspect; it’s not the truth. 

The moment your visitors enter your shop, everything you do affects the feedback you receive. 

However, there are lots of time when you receive feedbacks which are lesser than what you expected. 

It’s obvious that your product is not for everyone, and that’s something you must remember. 

Getting one-star or two-star reviews occasionally is not going to affect the business. However, make sure you aim for five-star reviews. 

With good ratings, it can help the buyers to know how strong or weak your business is.  Ask your customers to share their experiences and keep adjusting your business if you find real issues. 

Pro Tip: Avoid getting too annoying or spamming; this will make your buyers avoid purchasing from your business. 

Lots of business starts with a full swing; they add new photos and put energy and all their time into arranging everything. 

But once it gets old, the investment starts to decrease. Ask yourself when was the last time you made updates in your shop.

When it comes to photography, you need to keep your trends updated. Make sure your product photography is aimed at the customer. 

50% of Etsy customers are around 18 to 34 years old. Your photos and shop should target them. It means your shop should look trendy enough to grab the attention. 

Focus on showcasing the unique and new items that fit their lifestyle. Make sure your photos are helpful in representing the message to them. 

Drive Your Traffic 

Instead of focusing on Etsy to drive traffic for your shop, you can build your own networking. 

However, make sure you are not expanding to every single social media platform. Take your time, choose one and go slow. 

Networking takes time, and to get to the places where you get the traffic for your shop; you need to commit to it. 

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If you are considering where to start, choose Pinterest. And to know why here are some reasons : 

  • Pinterest is highly used for shopping.
  • It’s easy to use, and lots of people of different ages use it for their purposes. 
  • Pinterest pins get repine much faster, which means your content never gets buried with other posts, which is common in other social media. 
  • Pinterest gives a high-quality vibe which means people are willing to pay more. 

Promote List To Add Visibility 

Well, if you are selling items that are lower than $30. Make sure you are promoting your list on Etsy. This can help you in getting more exposure.

Choose the listings that you find to have potential, and promote them for at least a few weeks. This can help in getting more conversions and higher traffic for your shop.

Also, this is helpful in boosting your SEO. People can find your listings much easier and get the catalog faster. This makes your business more visible to potential buyers.

Get Visible On SEO Again 

Make sure you are updating your SEO at least once every 3 to 6 months. 

This is important that you update your product listing, titles, keywords, etc.  Here you will need to make your strategies and focus on improving your SEO. 

Make sure you have the shop updated, and everything is done so you can get better results. Keep it well-researched, and it can be repeatable. 

If you are keeping your SEO on point, Etsy will bring people and send them to your shop. This will keep your business brought back to life, and you will get sales.

Avoid The Open Cases 

The opened cases against your shop can be a bummer. 

There are lots of cases where customers are not happy or have some issues. They bring those issues, and you get in stuck with them. 

It’s important to keep it proactive. The longer it goes, the worse it will affect the business. The open cases can pile up and brings the sales down.

However, lots of times, you can’t avoid it, but it’s better to keep it professional. 

Start Getting Hold Of Your Customer Through Newsletters 

If your Etsy store consistently meets the fate of dead traffic quite often, you need to rethink your strategies. 

It is necessary that you prevent your shop from going dead, so you have to put extra effort into reviving the store. 

You do need an increase in the traffic but more than that; you need consistency of the traffic over time. 

Because it will create momentum in your store growth and exposure amongst your target potential buyers. 

The idea is to hold the customers and reconnect with them, so you don’t have to worry a lot about customer acquisition and consistent traffic to your Etsy store. 

Social media platforms only work to an extent with this, as there is a huge chance that your update post might not show up in their feed. 

Plus, consistent change in their newsfeed algorithm also makes this difficult. 

Newsletters and emails are the best solutions to connect with your buyers and potential buyers. It is a highly effective way to retain customers. 

Also, the newsletter allows you to generate regular traffic to your Etsy store through clicks on your email. 

This is the marketing technique you have complete control over as compared to any other social media platform. 

Not just that, it is more personalized and efficient for managing communication to hundreds, thousands, and lakhs of potential customers out there. 

First, you need to sign up for an email newsletter service or email marketing platform to run a campaign. 

There are multiple free options for a limited number of subscribers or emails, depending on the provider. 

Design your newsletter template according to your brand. Use optimized images in the newsletter if required. 

Make sure you send personalized newsletters, at least to some level, and rest you can decide which can be automatic such as product updates.  

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