12 E-Commerce Books to Rule the Kingdom

E-Commerce is a creation of the modern world that changed the way of business and trading. Anyone who wants to expand their business and reach new heights, there is no alternative to E-Commerce. Although the general idea of E-Commerce is simple there are many complex elements within E-Commerce that must be utilized properly for optimal result. In other words, there is a need for extensive comprehension of this topic. The best way to do that is by learning the words of the experts. Reading books is one way to do it.

Here is a list of books that can help you Grasp the essentials of E-commerce:

“Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh

This book is written by the CEO of online shoe and clothing retailer Zappos. This online retailer has grossed over $1 Billion dollars in sales in less than ten years. During this time, he has faced many trials and tribulations along with a couple of mistakes. He has taken all his experience and knowledge of ten years and transformed it into this book. This book tells the story of Heish about how he created Zappos and turned it into an influential authority in the shoe business.

Different from other sales driven company memories, Hsieh focuses on not only the customers but also its employees. Zappos itself is quite famous for creating a satisfactory work environment for its employees. If someone is planning to get new office space or creating a team, this book is especially recommended.

“The Innovator’s DNA” by Jeffrey H. Dyer, Hal B. Gregersen, Clayton M. Christensen

This book is a guide for both personal and professional improvement to further nourish innovative expertise. It is a must-have for beginners as it provides insights and tips regarding invention and developing creativity.

Eight years of hard work by three experts of innovation was combined together and this book came to be. The first segment of this book provided its readers with five characteristics. These five characteristics show the distinction between an innovator and an executive. The second segment discusses how these characteristics affect the business environment from three different viewpoints (3P).such as”People, Process and Philosophies. It also discusses many stories of innovation to motivate the later generations.      

Get Rich Click!: The Ultimate Guide to Making Money on the Internet – By Marc Ostrofsky

This is a book that provides a Detailed description of how to become rich by using the Internet. There are multiple stories of a successful online businessman. From the small business owner to Giant corporations, this book covers it all. It shows how these businessmen have been making money on the internet by selling digital products. This book provides a step by step guideline about how to utilize social media to accomplish business aims.  

Launch: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula To Sell Almost Anything Online – BY Jeff Walker

This book provides the formula that every businessman wants. To become successful from nothing. The author of this book is an expert who used to create successful businesses in his basement and then sold them for thousands of dollars. Currently, he is a trainer and a “Digital Guru”.He provides insights to countless people on how to be successful and make money in sales. This book is a must-have if you are planning to Master E-Commerce.

Don’t Make Me Think Revisited – By Steve Krug

This is a technical E-Commerce book and known as one of the best books there are out there. It is known to change the mindset of its readers as it makes it readers to comprehend everything from the viewpoint of a usability expert. The primary target of this book is to help its readers create such a website that when people visit it they should not be thinking with their minds instead be tempted by they see. That point can be considered as successful. This book is perfect for all types of businessmen.

Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics- By Brian Clifton

This is an Ecommerce Analytics and optimization book.

  • What kind of customers is coming to your Estore?
  • Where are the customers coming from?
  • What is their interest in coming to your Estore?

These are the question that an entrepreneur must know the answers of. And you can get the answers by learning from this book. Analytics can help you understand what a user was doing on your website. Wherever there is a need for analytics the first choice is Google analytics. This book discusses the most basic concepts of analytics to the most complex ones.

Lean Analytics – by Alistair Croll, Benjamin Yoskovitz

The difference between E-commerce and usual retails is that in E-Commerce it’s easy to track customers choices and perspectives. Which is a huge help, as it helps the businessmen to figure out what will sell and what won’t.This book is more like a guide that shows how to maximize profit while minimizing unnecessary costs and attain a competitive position. Both Croll and Yoskovitz focused on a different step of a startup and the major factors of each step. They also provide the same amount of information about analytics. Which may become an advantage based on what step of startup you are in.

The Everything Store-by Brad Stone

This book is about “Amazon” and it’s founder Jeff Bezos and how he remodeled the business world to its current state. The author provides backstories and a closer view of the biggest internet company in the globe.

Brad stone based his entire book on every stage of Bezos life. For those who want to learn how to satisfy their customers, this book will be very helpful. Although this book discusses Amazon and Bezos, it avoided many many major obstacles that Amazon and Bezos had to go through. The author did not focus much into the criticisms and mostly discussed the good stuff.

The Complete E-Commerce Book – By Janice Reynolds

Whenever there is a discussion about E-Commerce books, this one is pretty much always mentioned at first. It’s more like a Textbook that covers all the basic concepts of E-Commerce. All the information are separated by chapters and each chapter focuses on different topics. This book will provide great help to those who just entered this business.

“#GIRLBOSS” by Sophia Amoruso

The author of this book used to eat food from dumpsters and later ended up becoming a successful business woman. She is the CEO of an online clothing retailer “Nasty Gal” which was said to be the “Fastest Growing Retailer” in 2012 by INC Magazine. Sophia shares her story about how she became what she is today in her book.

She proved that in order to be successful having a business degree or diploma isn’t the deciding factor instead believe in yourself and use your own unique qualities to your advantage. This book doesn’t have any highly advanced business strategy or approach rather it’s more like a motivational book for those who intend to do business in their own way.     

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

This book highlights that, in order to survive in this rapid and dynamic world, the businesses need to be swift and flexible. The author provides a scientific approach in this book as a business strategy that can help startup businesses from collapsing. This book has received its popularity from both entrepreneurs and technological types. Ries concepts are easy to understand and presented in a Reader-Friendly manner.

There are many case studies provide in this book but the main the main attraction of this book is the advice given by Ries himself. He provides a fresh and completely new perspective that is different from traditional management advice. This book is perfect for all those who are planning to enter the E-Commerce business.

Digital Marketing Analytics: Making Sense of Consumer Data in a Digital World –Chuck Henmann

This is another book about analytics and optimization. Currently millions of people all around the world are using the internet for billions of reasons. Whatever the reason is, its creating new data and information per second.

  • How will a digital marketing manager filter and have an understanding of all these data and information that is available?
  • How to know which data is relevant and which one isn’t?

This book was written for that specific purpose. And answers all the related questions. This book is like a torch that can help you find important and required data and utilize those data for business purposes.  

Bringing it All Together

E-commerce came into existence along with the development and spreading of internet among the masses. At first, it was a very small sector but its influence on the business world is increasing as time passes. Nowadays people are getting accustomed to online shopping rather than going to the mall themselves. E-commerce is making buying and selling Easier and convenient for the customers as they can simply shop from their homes.

Of course, businessmen are also making a profit out of it. E-commerce is gradually expanding its domain in the business world and in near future E-commerce will completely replace the traditional commerce system that we have today.

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