7+ Top Marketing Books To Achieve Unprecedented Results

Marketing is a term that involves not only promotional content but strategies that are linked with the product’s production to selling and servicing.

Here are some books related to marketing that are highly useful for digital and modern marketers that are willing to work on digital and social media.

Books are not only telling different stories to us. Rather they provide us insights into selling and a variety of factors related to products and services.

Best-Selling Marketing Books:

Creating Customer Evangelists Ben McConnell & Jackie Huba

Building customer loyalty is a challenging task for any organization, whether large or small. With good products and communication, customers are interested in any company, but keeping themselves connected with the company can be an issue in this regard.

Creating Customer Evangelists is that type of book which is focusing on the insights and tactics of engaging more with the customer and building long-term customer satisfaction.

Different proven strategies like building community, creating customer hubs are some of the influencing factors to the organization, and its sales.

Ben and Jackie also discuss the test bite of the product for improving customer loyalty and long-term satisfaction.

The Cluetrain ManifestoRick Levine, Christopher Locke, David “Doc” Searls, David Weinberger (2000)

This is an example of a book that contains theories directly connected with practical marketing situations.

It was written years ago, but its credibility still survives due to its profound impact on the life of the readers. In 2000 it was published and predicted some really, very down-to-earth concepts that are now true.

For example, people are now fond of social media marketing facilities which are considered the only marketing medium by many marketers.

But this is nothing but a misunderstanding that it can never replace mediums like radio or television. Rick Levine had already predicted years ago, and he foresee made this book inevitable to the marketers.

Baked InAlex Bogusky & John Winsor

If you want an exceptional book that is based on marketing tactics, then you should go for Baked in by Alex and John.

Twenty-eight rules are pointed out for marketing insights breakdown for product design and product marketing.

Many success stories are told there related to different points and strategies, meaning they are also useful in practical life.

Doodles are a good touch in the side margins of the book to bring an added layer of flavor to the reading. There are hundreds of success stories of people and organizations, from very small of startups to large giant companies.

How to Win Friends and Influence People Dale Carnegie

If you want to achieve fluency in interpersonal relationships and better engage with the people around you, than this book is a must-read for you.

Dale Carnegie has described different points informally so that you won’t feel like reading a book. Rather, you will find it a conversation where people share their different stories.

Each chapter of this book highly engages real-life stories and conversations among different people to depict the consequences of your good or bad behavior.

Making friends and connecting with different people may sound like a difficult task, but you will find it very interesting if you apply some of the techniques mentioned in this unique book. This is an international best-selling book and is highly recommended for anyone.

Velocity Ajaz Ahmed & Stefan Olander

Velocity is a very well-known book in the marketing segment and among digital marketing enthusiasts for its practicality and genuineness in the field of operations.

Both writers, Ajaz and Stefan, pointed out some of the very useful features to implement in the digital marketing segment.

One core point is that you have to be at a constant pace of innovation and change throughout your entire work or marketing process.

In the digital marketing era, many things are happening around you, and you must have sound knowledge of everything relevant to your business.

With updated information and a constant pace, velocity shows the conversation between the AKQA founder and the vice president of Digital Sports, Nike.

“Velocity is about seizing the momentum of a beta world in perpetual motion.

A Technique for Producing IdeasJames Webb Young (1965)

You can get creative marketing ideas and use them for your business in several ways.

A Technique for Producing Ideas gathers all those sources of ideas and presents them to you most effectively.

Published in 1965, this book has never been considered old. Rather, many people recommend it highly for idea generation and making creative strategies.

After reading this book, you can train your mind and sharpen your thoughts on psychological marketing factors. This book comes with solutions to some problems occurred in our professional life, which is greatly presented by the writer James Webb.

Being DirectLester Wunderman

Direct marketing expert Lester Wunderman wrote the book “Direct Marketing’ where he presented an interesting autobiography and history of marketing.

In modern times, people are stuck with digital marketing, SEO, and everything else. But the concept of marketing isn’t only promoting your page or selling products online.

Lester Wunderman’s writing of this book clears the marketing theory and shows us the versatility of the marketing field.

With classic marketing tactics and entertaining stories, he has clearly shown that a book of unique features and practicality isn’t only for the art department.

To wrap up

Digital creatives always looking forward to making newer innovations in the marketing industry. Books are a good source of learning new things and gathering knowledge of anything applicable to marketing also.

With modern tactics and strategies mentioned in the list of the above book, any digital marketer can have an idea of marketing and can imply those ideas in their real-world situation.

Effective marketing is only possible when the marketer knows what is to be done and what the customers want from digital content. Possibly the best way of learning those things is by reading the best marketing books and growing along with the world.

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