23+ Actionable Bookkeeping Company Marketing Ideas

A bookkeeping business is one that offers accounting services to other companies spread across different industries. As the owner of a bookkeeping business, you need to face tough competition.

How to promote your Bookkeeping business?

  • Offer your Bookkeeping services to a local community group or charity organizations.
  •  Join local networking groups, business, and relevant industries to gain more clients.
  • Create strategic partnerships with accountants to get more clients to you for bookkeeping services. 
  • Get listed in the online web directories.
  • Be sure to network with other bookkeepers, ask questions, offer advice, and participate in online discussions.

You need to have sound marketing plans in order to differentiate your company from others. Use both offline and online marketing techniques to attract more clients. Clients should find something unique in your business that other firms can’t offer. Give them a reason to choose your services instead of others.

Here are a few marketing ideas for you if you are planning to start a bookkeeping business.

Reward Your Clients for Referrals

Ask your loyal clients to refer your business to their friends and family members. Reward them with discounts, free service or a gift for each successful referral. This will help you to get more clients and maintain a cordial relationship with those who referred your business.

Go Through Job Advertisements

Go through the job advertisements in newspapers, you will find companies that require bookkeepers. You can also refer to online advertisements on different websites. Contact them by sending an e-mail or dial the contact number that is provided in the advertisement and offer them your services. Tell them about your specialty and persuade them to choose your services.

Attend Business Conferences

Find out when and where business conferences are taking place in and around your locality. Make it a point to attend those conferences. You will get to meet owners of different kinds of businesses in such conferences.

Promote your bookkeeping business among them through casual conversations, convince them about your expertise by delivering a nice speech. In short, these conferences are the best place to find your target audience.

Get Your Business Registered

If you want prospective customers to find out your business easily then register it in online and offline directories. These directories maintain different categories, register your company under the bookkeeping category.

Also, take care of search engine optimization, the name of your business must feature when someone does a Google search with keywords like “best bookkeeping company in my city”.


Contribute articles to a blog as a guest or post informative content in your own blog. The articles should deal with accounting or rules regarding taxes. This will help people know more about you and your business. You can enhance the credibility of your services by sharing authentic information in blogs.

Be in Touch with Your Customers

You need to stay in touch with your current as well as past customers. Let your past customers know that they remain in your thoughts, send them a birthday message or wish them on festive occasions. Who knows, they might refer one or two clients for you if you contact them on a regular basis.

Ask Recommendations from Your Beloved Ones  

You can ask your family members and close friends for recommendations. They might be working in a business that requires the service of a bookkeeper. They can also refer your bookkeeping services to friends and colleagues who own a small or medium sized business. They are the best source to get referrals in the initial phase when you start to operate your business.

Choose a Niche  

It is very important to choose a niche before you start concentrating on marketing. Pick up a sector or industry like hotels, e-commerce, real estate etc. Specialize working in a particular sector and focus on a target audience that is limited to that sector.

This will make it easier for you to get clients, for example, you can visit real estate businesses in your locality and ask them if they require the services of your company.

Social Media

Be smart in using social media as a marketing tool. You can appeal to a large number of clients who visit social media websites every day, interact with them and try to promote your brand identity. Create a page on social media websites that are dedicated to your business. Post regular updates related to your business in the pages.

Take the advice of social media consultants if you lack experience in marketing via social media. Check out for business groups in social media and advertise your service in them through comments or posts.

The best way to promote your business in your local community is to sponsor a public event. It provides you the scope to meet and engage with new people.

Visitors should find your conversation to be interesting, tell them about the specialty of your business, the skills, and qualifications of your employees and your unique way of working. Distribute business cards and fliers in such events.

Hire a Marketing Expert

You should hire a marketing expert if you wish to expand your business. The marketing expert should be a talented person who can provide you with innovative marketing techniques.


Design a professional website that will help you to book appointments, clients should get access to your websites without having to face any hassle. The website should contain all the details of your business, for example, the companies you work for, your vision, the profile of your employees, the type of accounting services you provide etc.


Use the traditional marketing technique of advertisements. Put up hoarding and billboards in our locality, distribute business cards and pamphlets in strategic areas like business meets, conferences. Advertise your business in local newspapers and TV commercials.

Start with Small Businesses

Start your business slowly, don’t be over ambitious. Try and reach out to small businesses in your locality, convince them how your services can prove to be beneficial for them. There are many small and medium-sized businesses that require a bookkeeper to maintain their financial records.

Support a Non-Profit Organization

You can support a non-profit organization like a charitable trust and offer free services to them. Also consider donating money for a good cause like flood relief, or for cancer patients. This will make you more popular among the local population and your business will get more exposure.

How to drive sales to your Bookkeeping business?

  • Give advertisements in the local newspaper and business magazine.
  • Connect with clients through regular blog articles, newsletters, and SMS.
  • Contribute guest posts on famous blogger’s account.
  • Ask existing clients to refer your services to their friends or family and offer an incentive.
  • Target people through social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Here are some Important FAQs about Book Keeping Business to Get more Detail and Grow Business

1. What is the target market for your bookkeeping business?

You will describe your audience by your market niche. Child literature, for example, calls on parents, writes travel draws on readers with a desire for wander, etc. Regardless of the subject, your clients will be enthusiastic readers or, at least, curious to know your preferred topic. When you have wisely selected your primary genre, it would be an area you know a lot about, so that your people and interests are generally innately understood.

2. How can you make your bookkeeping business a profitable one?

You may start providing many other services such as book renovation or repairs. You can restore practically everything when you understand the. You will potentially expand your services to more people who are involved in restoring family homes or collecting books. Look for auxiliary services that can add value for your customers and consider digital expansion for your company.

Render your website a place for online trading and encourage online ordering. Some popular indie bookstores expect online purchases to account for almost 30% of annual sales in the next few years.

3. What is the marketing strategy for your bookkeeping business?

Irrespective of the purpose of your shop, prospective customers want to read for any bookstore. Customers would be inspired to learn about your store and to engage with you as a proprietor if you communicate with it on social media.

However, the unveiling of a new one is still worthy of news in many societies despite the near death of libraries. If this is the case at your site, media coverage will be easy. You can then link your social media to this useful free advertising to optimize its value. Find and invest in branding.

4. How can you keep the customers visiting your bookkeeping business?

If you see that your shop is a great place for book talk and shares your love for reading. This will build extra possibilities to drag similar clients through your doors if you have a café or host book club gatherings.

Make sure you have a Facebook page of your store, and connect via other different forms of social media. Please include photos of inside and outside your shop and bookshelves. Speak about books and authors on your social media, not just self-promoting relentlessly.

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