Bonusly: 15+ Top Alternatives and Competitors

HEADQUARTER: Boulder, Colorado

The Bonusly can be described as a great and fun reward and recognition platform that can help teams flourish throughout the year. Bonus is a straightforward and enjoyable way to acknowledge and reward your team for their efforts.

The bonus app is a mobile app for a company called Homejoy, and it allows users to pay for points they can get in exchange for accessing their apps. The bonus app is also a YouTube app and can be used to access YouTube and other video platforms.

Raphael Crawford-Marks is serving as the CEO of Bonusly. 

List of Bonusly Alternatives and competitors


HEADQUARTER: San Francisco, California

Fond is a multinational SaaS forum that seamlessly interoperates with existing and emerging media. Fond offers a powerful toolset that allows companies to optimize their employee compensation and reward system, which will help them achieve their business goals. There are more hits than that.

Fond offers a unique combination of user-friendly, social and communication tools. More than 500,000 people use Fond every month. The company’s CEO is Taro Fukuyama. 

The company’s net worth is $24 million. 


HEADQUARTER: London, United Kingdom

Kudos is a simple, flexible, and fun employee recognition system. It is a system that allows you to set rules for your employees and show them recognition for everything they do. This includes running errands for customers, responding to customer emails, responding to your customers’ requests, taking out the trash, etc. It also allows you to rank employees according to their ability to do these various tasks. 

The company’s net worth is more than $5.5 million. 



The company aims to create a peer-recognition system that is easy to use and co-locate with other companies. The system is built on subscription-based software that allows companies to use employees from other companies to search for and download images of resumes for consideration for one or more job positions.

The approach has been experimented with in more than 100,000 consultations with employees, and the annual Harvard Business Review has rated it as an employee satisfaction success story.


HEADQUARTER: Austin, Texas, United States

Kazoo is a leading HR software for the global market. Kazoo is a cloud-based HR software based on a modular architecture, allowing the user to customize the solution to meet the unique needs of their organization.

Kazoo Employee Experience Platform Kazoo Employee Experience Platform allows users to design a comprehensive HR process workflow that covers every employee within the company.

Kazoo’s net assets are $10.2 million.


HEADQUARTER: Provo, Utah, United States

A virtual, virtualized, and mobile-based company that offers its employees an open POS system.

The awardco platform is a simple platform that allows employees to share and discuss ideas. The awardco team has taken their marketing, business, and technology experience and applied it to a highly interactive and functional platform (Awardco, 2013). (Pretrained transformers made this)

The platform uses a social networking application (SNA) to allow employees to communicate with each other. 

The company’s net worth is $25 million. 


HEADQUARTER: San Francisco, California 

Gusto was a dynamic, prolific, and highly talented leader who built a fantastic culture, increased productivity and retained top talent. The corporation was the nation’s most considerable high-tech company.

Its first product was the first drive-by-wire technology for cars.The company built the first commercial satellite broadcasting system, which other high-tech companies later adopted. It was one of the first companies to adopt the Internet and the first high-tech company to use the Internet for marketing purposes.


HEADQUARTER: Toronto, Ontario

Achievers is a reward-driven employee engagement platform that helps people go above and beyond the call of duty and accomplish their goals.

Achievers let you motivate your employees with a reward and recognition. For example, you can reward employees with points for completing tasks or earn points for completing tasks that you have set for them. You can also suggest rewards like a free iPad or a trip to a resort.

The company’s CEO and chairman are Razor Suleman. 


HEADQUARTER: San Francisco, California

15Five Continuous Performance Management is a solution that combines employee feedback and pulse surveys. The continuous performance management (CPM) features provide an effective solution for your employees to monitor their work and provide real-time feedback to learn from their mistakes and improve their performance.

It has analytics to help teams and managers become more agile, more effective, and ultimately more profitable.

The company’s net worth is nearly $10M.


HEADQUARTER: San Francisco

A team of people with similar skill sets can be key influencers in your company. Nectar gives you a simple and effective tool to manage your entire employee base.

Nectar incorporates all the elements of an HR program, including employee-level rewards, individual recognition, and departmental recognition programs.

Nectar’s employees are encouraged to do good work, recognized and rewarded for this, and rewarded for being part of the Nectar culture.

Its softwares are more accessible to the admin.

CEO: Rajan Bind 

Reward Gateway

HEADQUARTER: Greater Boston Area, East Coast, New England

Reward Gateway is committed to enabling HR to support complex workforces in a segmented way. Our global HR community comprises professionals dedicated to creating a culture of innovation, collaboration, and innovation in human resources.

This platform offers HR professionals the flexibility and agility to support our most complex workforces while maximizing their work efficiency. This is how HR can engage with employees to encourage them to participate in the development and execution of their personal goals. 

Culture Amp

HEADQUARTER: San francisco

Culture Amp is a reward app for your phone. It’s designed to help you stay motivated and motivated because your motivation is what keeps you going. It’s a game played inside your phone. Your goal is to get as much culture amp as possible. 

A culture amp reward app is almost like a mini-game phone. You must set it as your trigger and download a culture amp reward app if you want to do something. Then you can use a mobile phone app to do the same thing, only without the cost and inconvenience of a phone bill.

Culture amp reward apps allow you to track your reward activity and can be implemented in various ways.

Bonusly Alternatives

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