BMW – History, Brand Value, and Brand Strategy

When we speak of luxury cars, the first and foremost brand that comes to our mind is BMW. Over the years, this car has been a symbol of success and pride for many, and it has always kept up to its brand name in terms of performance! Let’s delve deeper into the brand- 

BMW History

BayerischeFlugzeugwerke AG was shaped in 1916. Bayerische Motoren Werke was the name given to the brand in 1923. BMW produced its first product named BMW IIIa, and it was a six-motor product of an airplane. Following the finish of World War I, BMW stayed in business by delivering cruiser motors, ranch gear, family unit things, and railroad brakes.

In 1927, the company shifted into full-time car manufacturing and produced the theFahrzeugfabrik Eisenachunder permit fromDixi marque.

The vehicle was sold to BMW, and it was renamed BMW 3/15. This is how BMW got the acquired rights of the car manufacturer, namelyAutomobilwerk Eisenach. All through the 1930s, BMW extended its range into sports vehicles and bigger extravagant vehicles. 

The production units of the brand began slowing down during the wars, and the units which were stationed in Germany were completely banned from any further production.  Once more, the organization made due by making pots, skillets, and bikes.

The sales and demand for expensive BMW cars were going down the hill, and since then, the market for BMW products has gradually declined. The brand Daimler-Benz took over the market shares of BMW and completely took advantage of the rivalry. 

A German industrialistHerbert Quandt saw the chance of reviving the brand and invested in order to revive the company and enhance its survival quotient.BMW then launched its comeback product BMW 700, and it proved to be a successful venture.

  • BMW Was Created in 1917 from The Munich Firm Rapp-Motorenwerke.

BMW Brand Value

As per reports published in 2019, BMW had a brand value of around $ 24 billion. The previous year, it held the title of being the ninth most profitable and reputed brand in the world.

The company has a production output of approximately 2,564,100 vehicles, per 2019 reports and statistics data. The brand earned a revenue of around €105 billion. The operating income of BMW exceeded €7.5 billion and earned a net income of €6 billion.

The company has acquired total assets worth €229 billion and saw a rise in total equity of around €60 billion. Coming to ownership of the company, Stefan Quandt owns 29%, Susanne Klattenown 21%, and the rest is public ownership of around 50%.

The company has around 135,000 people working under the umbrella.

BMW Brand Strategy

The business system of BMW depends on having a ground-breaking brand picture. This methodology shapes the establishment of the accomplishment of the brand.

BMW puts stock in keeping up with guiding principle as innovation, development, execution, quality, unwavering quality, selectiveness, and consumer loyalty.

The organization trademarks of BMW in English, for example, “The Ultimate Driving Machine” and “Sheer Driving Pleasure,” give us a diagram of the showcasing procedure it receives. 

The methodology of BMW is plainly characterized on the landing page of the organization, for example:

“Distinguish potential and empowering development. Comprehending what we speak to. Perceiving where our qualities untruth and utilizing each chance. Objectives we have accomplished are fundamentally the purpose of flight for new difficulties”. 

Advertising Methodology of BMW: 

The achievement of any organization depends on how powerful showcasing and promoting techniques it receives. BMW embraces an advertising effort of focusing on its clients.

In the trademarks, for example, “The Ultimate Driving Machine” and “Sheer Driving Pleasure,”. BMW tells its clients and other individuals that BMW vehicles give pleasure in driving that no other vehicle can give. 

The promoting methodology of BMW likewise comprises a solid publicizing technique. WCRS has been BMW’s publicizing organization since 1979 and has made an incredible brand picture for BMW by promoting efforts.

BMW Brand Picture: 

The brands of BMW incorporate BMW, smaller than usual Cooper, and R Royce. The three brands represent themselves and are of excellent greatness. Every one of them has incredible advancement capacity, and the clients truly feel pleasure in driving. 

This is likewise BMW’s business procedure, for example, to keep up an extraordinary brand picture among clients. The extraordinary publicizing procedure of BMW  is likewise a purpose behind BMW’s incredible image picture.

This brand picture of BMW has been worked by utilizing more than 300 shading promotions. BMW, in all ads, has stayed predictable on the substance utilized in the vehicles themselves.BMW brand centers around a certain something, “Sheer Driving Pleasure.”

Division for BMW: 

BMW has a procedure of focusing on their clients by utilizing division. Geologically, BMW focuses on the zones that are increasingly industrialized like Europe, North America, a few pieces of Asia and Africa, for example, China and South Africa. Over 70% of deals of BMW vehicles are recorded in Europe and North America. 

BMW focus:

BMW targets mature individuals between 25 and 40 because these individuals have an effective picture. By these individuals have a perfect present-day look and a decent vibe factor.

BMW centers around being named as an “extravagance vehicle” and “an outside or universal vehicle,” so BMW doesn’t hope to target one ethnicity or citizenship. 

The point of BMW is to target clients with a salary of 30kpounds.

BMW market: 

There is a citation on the site of the BMW, which says that the picture that BMW has situated itself in selectiveness, execution, quality, and innovatively propelled maker on the planet. The business sectors in BMW positions themselves are extremely serious.

A large portion of the customers focuses on a sentiment of wellbeing while at the same time utilizing BMW, which positions BMW Gathering ahead of its rivals in consumer loyalty.

  • BMW, in Full Bayerische Motoren Werke Ag, German Automaker Noted for Quality Sports Sedans and Motorcycles.


BMW is undoubtedly one of the legendary car manufacturing companies renowned globally. The state-of-the-art engines and car designs of the brand have contributed to the immense success of the brand and have earned a place among the top companies in the world market.

The company’s future is in safe hands, and the world has yet to witness the innovation BMW has to offer to the automobile industry.

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