How to Boost Etsy Sales: 18 Ways Blogging can Helps

Comparing it to last year,  there are more than 4.3 million sellers who did their sales by using Etsy. And as comparing it to the worldwide stat, there are over 39.4 million Etsy buyers 

This shows that Etsy has huge numbers in both sections, not just you get the competitive environment to run your store but the numbers of buyers are good too.

 So if you know how to direct them towards your store, you are in a good position.

But it’s not that easy either, that’s why lots of Etsy sellers started their blogging to get more traffic from there. 

This can be a game-changer if you know how to do it. And for that, here are the ways to know how blogging can help your Etsy store and how you can start one for yourself. 

How Blogging Helps In Boosting Your Sales And Why You Need It?

Well, a dedicated website or blog can do wonders, it’s not just about the traffic but different other benefits come with your blogging. 

Not only you can improve your sales through blogging, but blogging itself becomes a way to earn more money. 

The requirement of blogging increases especially when today the business works on brands and customer connectivity.

 If you don’t have a brand that connects you and your business, no matter how much you are following the right work, it won’t build loyal customs for your store. 

To boost your connection, blogging is the smartest way you can choose. You can promote your product by adding more value to your customer.  

Here you can build a comfortable relationship where the buyers know more about you and what you do that supports and build trust.

Here are how blogging helps : 

Enable You To Create Your Traffic 

Instead of struggling with how to direct the traffic on Etsy, why not create one for your business?

And to do that, blogging is the smartest way to go with.  Start your own blog which should dedicate to your Etsy business, including your products and more. 

You can share information that will help others to know more about Etsy. Also, you have the freedom as a writer which allows you to target multiple ways and hold the attention of your potential customers

Unlike Etsy where you get limited space, you don’t have to hold yourself back with blogging. 

Also, you get the chance to interact more with your audience. Use comment sections to get feedback and ideas which can help you in understanding how your product is doing out there. 

Building A Email Subscriber List 

Customer retention is an important part of a business, and for your Etsy store, you are going to need one. 

Creating an email list can help in getting more chances to connect with the customer after their first purchase or interaction with the products. 

However, doing that with Etsy can be a problem as you don’t get too much worth to add which causes the customers to drop the idea. 

But not with blogging, here you can use the ways that will make it beneficial for the customer too. You can create your subscribe email list which can be turned as a potential customer or your Etsy store later.

Linking Your Social Media Profiles 

However, you get the space on your Etsy profile, where you can add the social media profiles. But not just is hard to find but creating unnecessary hurdles makes it difficult for the customers to connect. 

Unless, you have determined followers who want to connect with you anyway, But with blogging, you can easily link your profiles to your homepage.

You can choose whatever plugins suit your idea or find compatible with the blog. 

This makes it much easier for the customers to connect with you. Also to add more, you can install widgets like sidebars which will show your latest post on social media. 

Get Easily Found On Google 

You can optimize your Etsy store and it will appear in the search results, it’s important to do because this is what brings your customers to your store.

However, adding a blog can skyrocket the chances of finding your store on google. Here you get much easier and organic ways to use the keywords as well as the following SEO to improve your rankings on search engines. 

Also, Google looks for fresh content, if you are publishing new content at least once or twice a week, this could help you in getting better chances to get a high ranking. 

Empowering Your Etsy Store & Branding 

Blogging gives you an opportunity to build your brand and brand identity. You can create your business by connecting your brand with your customers. 

And for that, you are going to need to brand your store. Etsy, however, allows you to create your brand by adding logos, banners, etc, but it’s more toward the visual branding, however, it’s not enough for creating a great brand that can empower your store. 

With Etsy, you can improve your branding and it will help you in connecting with your customer. This also helps in building trust and recognition. 

Connecting People Emotionally To Your Products 

To sales, emotional connection is the aim that every seller targets.  And for that, you need a story that connects well with your targeted buyers.

With blogging,  you can create a connection and establish it with your customers.  

Use your blog to tell the stories behind how your product was created, where the idea came from, what are the different stages of the creative process etc. 

Add photos and videos to evidence your stories. This will keep you more authentic and people will love to know more about how your business works. 

This also helps you to connect your brand directly with your customers. You can add the latest products that you are bringing which will hold interest and people will look forward to purchasing them from your Etsy store. 

Sell Directly Using Your Blog 

Well having a medium where you can sell products apart from having an Etsy store, it’s beneficial for you to get more chances to sell.

You can use your blogging to sell your products, also later you can convert your blog to an online business and connect your Etsy store with it. 

If you establish an Etsy seller,  you can use plugins that will help you in turning your blog into eCommerce.

Here you don’t have to pay any fees and it’s overall profitable for you. Using Etsy plugins will display your products too.

Add the link to your store so the people can visit the shop, this will improve your shop view too.

Earn More Money Through Blogs 

One of the ways that can skyrocket your store,  you can use blogging to grow your followers and create your audience. 

But you can also use the blog for generating passive income for yourself. And you can use the money to invest in your Etsy business. 

There are different options you can consider that will help you in earning money through your blogging. For example : 

  • Using Google Adsense or any other third party through the advertisements.
  • Selling the sponsored content or post.
  • Selling your text links.
  • Create digital products like tutorials, ebooks, patterns and sell them to your blog. Also, you can use your ebooks for selling them on Kindle Direct Publishing or the KPD platform on Amazon.  And sell the patterns on your Etsy store.
  • Using the affiliate for products that interest your readers.

There are Etsy affiliate programs that you can sign up as a seller. You can here get the link of your own products, if not you can get links from other sellers too.

With this, you can use the links and place them on your blogs,  by clicking on the links the interested buyers will do the purchase. And you will get a certain percentage through the price as a profit. 

How To Start Your Blogging For Your Etsy Store?

Blogging can help your Etsy store to get the marketing, and the more people know about your products, the better sales you will do. 

Etsy is a wonderful platform for sellers, however, you are going to need more ways to get traffic instead of depending on Etsy itself. 

You are going to need a base where your business lives, and that will be your blogging. This will give your audience and you an opportunity to connect and develop relationships.

Communication is an important factor in business and for sales, if you have a base of people who listen to you, they will buy whatever you ask if they find the profit.

With this, you don’t have to do much more convincing as people will have trust. And this trust will be built by blogging.

But how will you start a blog that can help you in getting these benefits? Well, it’s not that hard but it can be complex if you are new here. 

To start your blogging, you are going to understand few basic points such as : 

Start with Securing The Domain 

The first step you need to take is to get the name for your blog. Well, it’s much preferable to give the same name as your Etsy store. Or choose something that can be close to that name. 

Next is to secure your domain as soon as you can, EVen if you are not planning to start right away, it will help to get the domain first so no one else can take it. 

Choose Your Host 

There are different kinds of hosting services which depends on what type of blog you are planning to start.

You can pick the host depending on your preferences and fits your budget. Also, different hosts have different services, choose what you will need and make your work easier. 

Designing The Blog 

Here you can contact the professionals to do it so you don’t have to go through everything. But when you are designing your blog, there are few points you need to focus on. 

  • Your Welcome Page 

Similar to Etsy, you will get a  space where you can tell more about your shop. Here add graphics, texts, and videos to make it more appealing and authentic. 

Also, you can have landing pages for welcoming the visitors,  this will help in landing your visitors to the Etsy store and other places. 

Make sure you are adding all-important stuff so they will know what you sell, about you, and where they can go through your pages to do what. 

  • About Page

Every business has its own story, make sure you are using its whistle so the customers can connect with you. 

The page needs to add why you have started the business, blog, and what your Etsy store is about.

Here people will visit to know more about you as a person and as a seller. Add your photo and other thighs to let them see you and feel connected. 

  • Link Your Etsy Shop

Deciding the home is important but you need to link your Etsy to your blog. Add the link on the top menu, side ar, footer, etc where people can easily click. 

Social Proof 

Add more about your social media, show how they can connect to you in more ways. Also post the plugins to show your Instagram, Twitter, or another post there. 

However make sure it’s not too much, choose the platforms which you feel confident about.  It will help you in doing the marketing for the brand as well as your Etsy store. 

Create Your Content 

Without content, you can’t run the blog. This is an important aspect where you need to focus. You can hire the writers for you or you can write on your own. 

Do brainstorm, add ideas, and use different ways to show your content. The more value you will add, the more people will visit your blog. 

You are going to need the product links once you are done writing the content. Make sure you review everything carefully and choose keywords specifically. 

Now you are going to need the links that will connect your blog to your Etsy shop. 

This is an important step that you should not skip. Add the links to your blog, use multiple ones to ensure you get the benefit from your business blog. 

The more smartly you do, the better chances of turning readers into your potential customers.  Without the links, it will be just a  normal and simple blog. 

Promote The Blog 

After you completed the content and product links, you need to promote your blog so it can reach more and more people.

Share it to your social media and Pinterest etc. this will help you in gathering more traffic. 

Make sure you have the Pinterest account and pins ready. Make a different post especially for Pinterest so you can get the most of it. 

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