100+ Trending Blog Post Ideas For Your Small Business Blog

Business is one of the ever-changing landscapes for customer demand as well as technology. 

For small businesses, it’s important to have a strong presence on the web and search engines. 

It helps in bringing more traffic, but with quality content, they get more engagement and communication. 

Where developing a high-quality website is crucial,  establishing your online marketing and strategy can change the dynamic of your business. 

One of the most effective ways to can help you in building brand awareness is – Blogging. 

To understand how to start with this and what topics you can use for posting your small business blogs, here is what can help. 

small business blog post ideas


Why Is Blogging For Small Businesses?

Blogging is not just effective, but it’s inexpensive too. For a small business where you don’t want or have enough capital, blogging is one of the ways that can drive more traffic to the business. 

According to an inbound marketing report,  more than 80% of companies are using blogging as part of their marketing strategy. Also, it says that they had acquired more customers through their efforts. 

Well, on another side,  around 82% of businesses believe that blogging is important for their work. 

reasons why small business need blogging

With the help of blogging, small businesses can make a lot of changes in how customers will react to the services and business. 

Some of the benefits they get are – 

  • Small businesses get a major boost on search engines since Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., prefer showing fresh and relevant content on the top.
  • With much more in-depth information and content, it helps in building as well as strengthening the relationship between the company and its customers. 
  • Blogging builds trust and establishes your business as a leader, regardless of how small it is. 
  • It increases brand awareness which helps in connecting more people to the business.
  • It helps in improving the network and sharing the content, which helps in getting better target customers. 

Practical Ideas For Your Small Business Blog Post 

When it comes to blogging, there are lots of thighs to consider. Well, there is no doubt that it’s a time taking process, but it has a long-term effect on business. 

Most people have two kinds of excuses when it comes to blogging I,.e  either they don’t have time or they don’t know what to write. 

Choosing the right topics for your post can help you in getting more engaged customers. Also, you can use the chance to share your thoughts which connects with your customers on a deeper level. 

Also, before you start, here are a few serious questions to ask yourself – 

  • What’s your reason for creating blogs?
  • Who are you going to speak to or aim for?
  • What topics are you going to talk about?
  • How frequently will you post?
  • What content type will you be creating?
  • How will it fit other marketing efforts?

To start with blogging, here are some post ideas to choose from for your next blog. 

Start With Differentiating You And Building Business 

1. What ‘ You‘ or ‘ Your Business’  can help in business growth?

The question is important, especially to help your audience understand how your business is different. And how it can help them to improve their business. 

The post can focus on showing how you or your business can make a difference. Include the benefits and attractive points to hold the attention of an audience. 

2. What Can They Get From Your Product or Services?

People don’t use the services or products just for the sake of doing it. They have a purpose, or maybe they want a solution or help. 

You can write a post about how your product or services can help. Mention those things which you think people will look for and answer their questions. 

If the audience knows that you have the solution for their problems and it can be solved by using your product or services, they will keep purchasing it. 

3.  Recap The Events Of Your Company 

Give them a post about what your business did recently. Not just will it help you in creating better engagement, but the customer will know what your business is about apart from the products you sell. 

Make sure to use photos, videos, and social media posts to keep the most engaging and interesting. 

4. Talk About People You Work With 

Knowing more about your business, especially those who are part of the whole process, it can be staff, workers, employees, or partners.  

With this, you can create a much more truthful relationship between you and them. 

5. What Makes You Confident About Your Business?

There are so many companies out there, and no matter what business you do, you will have competitors too. 

Understanding your plus points and how that make your business confident is useful for your next blog post. 

6.  Acknowledge And Solution Of Today’s Problems

Addressing the problems that your customers must be going through, telling them that you acknowledge and how your business can help in filling the gap is helpful content. 

You are not just showcasing what your business can do, but also customers will feel much more relaxed as they know you have the solutions for their problems. 

7.  Do Customer Of The Week or Month 

Write a blog about your customers, and use the ‘ customer of the week or month’ like tags and headlines to attract more attention. 

This is not just personalizing but you are building a much deeper relationship with your customers. 

Also, it helps strengthen your customer’s relationship with the business and make them more engaged with your brand. 

8. Feature The Customers And Their Tips for Using Your Products 

Another idea you can use for your post is to share tips or some innovative use of products. Ask your customers to share it with you and post it. 

This will help in creating more engagement, and you will make your customer happier to associate with you.

9. Share The Product Demo And Update it With Latest Information 

The blog is one of the ways by which you can share what you are bringing for your customer. Make this exciting and fun so the customers can be ready. 

Also, you can share the demo of your products and keep the customers updated with all the latest changes. 

10 . Share About Company Celebration, Events, And Culture  

The more people know about the company, the closer they feel to it. When you show the vents, celebrations, and other things that are behind the whole business, you let the customers connect with you as a human instead of being a brand or company. 

 Show Your Mistakes And What You Learnt From It  

11.  What Went Wrong With Products And Services?

There are lots of things you have tried,  or there must be products or services that didn’t get a response as you planned. 

Highlight the wrong steps you have taken or mistakes that made your product fail in the market. 

12.  How do You Deal With Problems?

There will be a lot of people out there who are making mistakes. Sharing yours can help them in learning and also share what you understand from it. 

Telling people about your mistakes and way of dealing shows that you care about the audience. Also, you don’t feel embarrassed to confess and talk about the problems you faced. 

13. Answering The Negative Feedback & Hate Emails 

Talk about the feedback and emails you received. Share how you deal with such things. 

If you made changes after receiving such feedback and emails, talk about that too. With this, not just you are telling people that their opinion matters, even if it’s negative. 

But also, you are showing the changes you made and how you take their responsibilities seriously. 

Customers like to deal with a company that listens to and understands them. 

14. Share What Makes You To Fire A Customer 

There is a saying – Customer is always right.

But it’s important to draw a line. You are a company, and you have staff and people.  Their self-respect and health is your responsibility. 

It’s important to make the line clear and tell your customers about what kind of behavior your business will not tolerate. 

15.  What do You Forget To Consider While Doing Business?

No matter how detailed your planning you do, it’s obvious to make mistakes and forget a few points. All businesses grow from learning and making their fair share of mistakes. 

Tell about what points you forgot when you started the business and how it affected you. 

Sometimes these are so small that it can be overlooked by others; mentioning those things can help you in getting the trust of your audience. 

Show Your Business’s Fun Side 

16. What Books Inspired The Professionals In Your Business?

Share the list of books that are recommended by the professionals in your business. You can add your books along with what others recommended in the post. 

The post is not just for fun but also for everyone who likes to have good book recommendations. For those who are going to start their business, it can be helpful in learning. 

17.  Share The Historic Moments About Your Business 

Every business has its funny moments to share. If not funny, then it must be something that everyone in your business still remembers. 

You can share those moments with your audience to let them be a part of your journey. 

18.  What You Do When You Are Not Doing Business?

Having a humane side makes your brand look more authentic, and people feel good too. Showing what your team and you do when you are doing business can be a fun idea to try for the next post. 

19.  Talk About What Fun Activities You Play 

Every business has fun activities that they do; it might be to encourage your staff or to help them to manage stress. 

For example, Facebook-like companies have various fun activities. As it increases productivity and keeps the ideas fresher 

Share the activities you do in your business. 

20. Talk About Movies And How They Relate 

There are extremely rare people out there who don’t like movies. Talking about what movies have a close relationship with your business or what scenes are relatable for you can be an interesting post to read. 

How To,  Guide, And  Instructional Post 

21. A Must-Have Skills In Your Field 

What kind of skills does your industry need most? This kind of question can be helpful for people who are aspiring to be a part of it. 

With this, you can guide people and make them more aware of a set of skills your industry requires. 

Since you are a part of the industry such advice coming from you is more credible for readers. 

22.  What did You Wish To Have When You Started?

Such roundup articles can be helpful for people to learn about the skills they feel are important to have. You can talk about the importance and how your business was affected when you were not prepared for the situation. 

23. How does Your Team Handles Burnout?

Burnout is part of the work. It can be avoided, but lots of times, people don’t consider it until they are going through it. 

Running a small business and being the owner have their own experiences in dealing with burnout. 

Also, you can share tips and advice from your team to make the post more informational. 

24:  The Ultimate Guide 

Just guides are highly in demand.  People who are planning to start or interested look for such guides, especially from someone who has already gone through the phases. 

Writing the guide can help those people, and it boosts your credibility as a business. It improves your presence on the search engine as Google keeps such helpful posts on top.


25. The Common Myths About Your Industry 

Those who are not from the industry have lots of misconceptions and myths. It’s normal since they all are living in the internet era.  Lots of people believe those myths as true. 

You can bust such myths to communicate better and also share real information with the people out there. 

 26. Recommend The Tools For Doing Certain Tasks 

Share the tools you and your team use for performing daily tasks. You can include how it helped and share your experiences. Add the changes and benefits you get from it. 

Recommend only the genuine ones so your audience can get the benefits from them. 

27.  Highlight The Hardest Side Of Your Business 

No business is easy and it depends on how the businessman is handling it. 

You can write about the hardest part that you feel about your business. Also, plain what makes it difficult and what your company feels about it. 

Include the ways you found for tackling such cases and how you are managing them.

28. Types Of Customers You Deal With 

Talk about the customers you have and what type your business deals with. 

You can inform the customer more about the second party.  Understanding a viewpoint about customers from a company side will give a lot of points, and you can give the idea to your customer to compare with. 

29. Share The Favorite Type Of Customers 

Well, now you can also share the favorite or the ideal customer your company believes in. Share what makes a customer favorite of your company. 

You can highlight the characteristics and behavior to give the post more information. This also puts information about what your business wants its customers to be like. 

30:  How You Collect Data From Webpages 

Talk about how you collect data and what helps you in doing that. You can write a post on where those data are used and helpful for the business. 

With this, you are transparent about your data collection, and the customer out there will know what you do with the Information. 

Research & Information 

31. Share About The Topic And Feedback 

You can write a post about the topics that you asked others and what they said. Sharing the research and reactions makes your website look more credible. 

Also, keeping your reader engaged as you are providing research that you did on your own. 

32.  Make Infographics 

Infographics are one of the engaging tools that help the audience digest the information. With this, you can break the information into small parts along with adding pros and cons. 

Infographics are attention-grabbing and easy to share. Also, you are adding information that makes it more important for those who are looking for it. 

Social media research helps in understanding different ways by which you improve your brand online. 

Sharing your experience with the social media channel and how it affected your brand. This might be useful for people and readers who are confused about the same thing. 

You can use the research to get more people to keep coming to your blogs. 

34.  Share Your Prediction For The Future In Your Industry 

Add your past experience of yours, your studies, your research, and everything that you have come to know so far. 

Make a blog that includes all of these things and what you predict based on your information. 

Back up with the facts and stats to keep it credible. 

Post-Based On Participatory Content  

35. Ask Anything 

The Ask Anything or Ask Us Anything like post lets the customer talk about their queries regarding your business. 

With this, he or she can feel participated, and with the questions you will receive will help you understand what your customer is thinking about your brand, business, and you being an owner. 

36. Something From Customer’s Social Media

Share the business-related campaign you did. Maybe you have asked the customers to share their version of your brand or let them design the logo of your business. 

In such campaigns, most companies have lots of participants. This post can be a good idea to use it. You can feature all the posts that stand out during the campaign.  

37. Best Feedback You Ever Received 

Talk about the feedback, Customers do it all of the time, and there are some rare moments when any business acknowledges their efforts. 

Writing your next post about the feedback you received so far, you can list the best ones. Also, you can make it a weekly or monthly series of posts. 

38.  Answer The Most Asked Questions 

There will be a lot of questions that people search for every day; you can take time and gather those questions. 

Answer your thoughts or what you feel about it. It will be helpful for people to get answers to their problems. 

39. Share The Customer’s Stories 

You might have encountered some customers who you still remember. Maybe you do it frequently; this is another great idea to feature your customers and their stories related to the business. 

This will help in making your customer feel more contact and encourage them to involve more with your brand. 

40.  Share What Your Customer Say About You 

Ask your customers what they think about your brand, product, or services. Collect their responses and share them in your blog post. 

You can also write about previous customers who shared their thoughts after purchase. 

Content Marketing 

41.  Invite Guest Blogger 

Invited guest bloggers to help in showing the diversity in content. Also, sharing ideas and perspectives of someone else on your website gives more viewpoints. 

This can help expose more about other content, and your readers will get more from your industry. 

Also, inviting guest bloggers can help you in growing your blog. They will do the sharing on their part, which will bring more audience to your site and brand. 

42. Create A Post About Office Playlist 

Music helps in increasing productivity. What kind of your music do you play in your company, and how this helps your business to improve? 

You can add music and create a playlist for the readers. 

43. Profile Your Manager Or Co-Worker 

You can write about the managers and co-workers.  Mention their descriptions, and analyze their performance and their contribution to the organization. 

You can also help others to understand how to profile their manager and co-owner. 

44.  Interview Your Customer 

Interview your customer, you can do it either by email, or you can do it the traditional way. 

With this, you can talk about what your customer and business look like. And how you solve their problems and queries. 

43. Write About Your Workflow 

Lots of people are interested in knowing how business owner maintains everything in their life. Not just they have a lot of work to maintain but being an owner, there are tons of parts where they have to focus. 

Telling about how you manage your day and workflow can give an insight into you as an individual.

44. Share Your Advice On Your Career 

For lots of people, what you are doing is something they want to do in the future. This is helpful for those people who want to start their own careers in this industry. 

Talk about what advice you want to give to the newcomers or someone who is considering. Add helpful points that can make others’ lives easier. 

45. Invite Customers To Attend Quiz 

The quizzes are good options to get more engagement. Also, there are lots of famous businesses that have a lot of quizzes on their website. 

You can make a quiz to keep the audience interested. There will be fun, and you can get more people interested and participating. 

46. Roundup Your Company Success 

Talk about the milestones that you successfully achieved. You can start with how you decided on it and how you achieved it. Talking about the problems and questions you faced. 

You can write about your achievements and business success. 

47. Write About Team Conduct Success 

Talk about how your business is performing different activities to achieve success. You can mention the team and what starters you tried to activate the goal you wanted. 

You can give case studies and how you applied different aspects that made your team powerful and effective. 

Show The Leadership And Your Business Core 

48.  Describe What Mission Statement Means To Your Business

Every successful company that made its own place in the market understood the importance of a mission statement. 

It’s an extremely important tool for navigating where you want your business to go in the future. Without a mission statement, not only it’s hard to navigate, but also you will not understand the real purpose too. 

For others, the mission statement is helpful in understanding what your business is all about.  Write about the mission statement and how it’s helpful or important for the business. 

49. Dive In To Tell How You Boost The Traffic

Talk about the ways that you choose and how effective it will be for boosting traffic. You can mention different ideas, plans, and strategies you used and how it affected them. 

It’s helpful for others to know how they can boost their traffic.

50.  Break Down About Ideal Culture In Business 

Working culture in the workplace is an important part of any business. You can break down the ideal working culture and what it looks like. 

Having a positive workplace culture shows talents, the impact of business,  satisfaction,  performance, etc., about your business. 

51. Write Ways How Your Business Focus On Inclusion & Diversity 

For a business. It’s important to have inclusion & diversion in their workplace. Their employees should feel included, and the company requires to understand how to take advantage of the diversity in their business. 

Talk about the ways you implant both in your business and the response you received.

52.  Why Diversity Matters To Your Business 

For any company, their employees should feel welcomed, and without having a team who understands that they are valued members of the company, it’s impossible to achieve the objectives they want. 

Talk about the reasons why your business is focused on welcoming the diversity concept, how it’s improving your business’s environment. Or you have lower turnover rates because of this. 

53. Outings With Remote Employees & Remote Teams 

This post can be fun and focused on how you deal with your employees and teams in a remote working concept. 

Talk about the outings you planned or virtual activities that you do so you can boost team building. 

54.  Write About Techniques Your Employees Do For Combating Burnouts  

You have already created a post talking about how you being an owner of a small business, deal with burnout. 

Now your next blog can be about your employees and how they manage their work when they are going through this phase. 

There will be lots of employers out there who might need the techniques your employers use for combating such conditions at the workplace. 

You can write about the trends you have an eye on. Also, you can make a list talking about which trend is suitable for your business and how you are considering it. 

It will show that you are updated with the latest changes and trends, which make you more in the present time. 

56.  Compare & Contrast Types Of Marketing 

Being a business, you have much better experience in marketing.  Write about the marketing you selected and how far, you achieved through it. 

You can also write about the types and what you believe as a businessman about it. 

57.  Recap The News In Your Industry 

Are you aware of the latest big news that is going on inside your industry? Talk about those headlines and share your opinion on them. 

You can do a recap, highlighting the overall big news in your related industry and business to keep the post more informational. 

58. Write Promoting Blogs 

Writing a post doesn’t mean you can use it for promoting your brands.  You can use it for promotional blogs too. 

Every week or month, choose your date when you post about something promotion-related about your products, services, or brands.

59. Free Giveaways & Contest 

Are you launching a new giveaway or contest? Use your blog post to promote it. Or you can do the giveaways and contests on the blog too.

You can also do promotions on social media, so you can get more people to participate. Apart from this, don’t forget to email your readers to remind them about the free giveaways and contests. 

60.  Updates And News On Upcoming Products 

Talk about what products your customer can expect from you, and make this post interesting and mysterious. 

This will keep your customer excited about the upcoming products, and also you will get the pre-ready market for them. 

If your products or services are getting delayed due to some reasons, you can also mention the reasons. 

61.  What Your Promise To Customers For Next Time 

Promise something big is going to come with your next blog. This will make your reader excited and help in creating curiosity about your upcoming blogs too. 

Also, make sure you are not using it just for promotion, do deliver what you told them. 

62. Talk About the Advantages Of Subscribing to The Email list

You might already be using email marketing for your communication strategy. But for those who are not yet subscribed or have doubts, you can write a post about the advantages and highlight the reasons why they should do it. 

The great way you can get the best from this is to add the link to your homepage.  Those who click will sign up for the subscription box. 

63. Upcoming Plans, Events, and Promotion Days For Your Customers

With this, you can turn your readers into your customers as they are still in the process. You can write about the upcoming plans, related events, discount days, promotional stuff, and sales bumps that you are planning to do this year. 

64. Talk About Most Visiting Blogs 

When you have so many blogs on your site, there will be a few of the most popular and visited ones too. 

You can start by writing the top 5 to top 10  blogs that you published and how you received the response. 

65. Mention The Topics Your Blogs Are About 

Do the readers know what topics you cover? You can write a blog post, talking about all the topics that your blog post is about. 

Also, add the link to this post to your homepage. Those who are visiting for the first time can read the post and understand what they can expect to read on your website of yours. 

66. Write About The Future Topics Your Post Will Cover 

There should be reasons why your readers want to come back and check the blog again. For that, you can write about the future topics that your business post is going to cover. 

For example, you can mention the important topics that the month is related to and keep your post talking about the events that happened. 

67. Different Challenge And Series Of Post 

You can do challenges based on your blogs and it will be exciting as well as rewarding too.  Not just it adds great value to your post by which you will get more readers. 

Also, you can start with seven days of challenge or monthly challenge, etc. 

68. Give Reasons About Why Customer Matters To You 

Every person knows that there is no business without the customer. But what about next?  Talk about how your business or you as a person look at your customers. 

Make sure to be really honest and sincere while you are writing this post. This is a good chance to communicate what your business thinks about the customers directly. 

69. Find Old Post And Add New Perspective 

There are lots of changes that are happening in the business industry. You might have written some blogs a few years back but lots of things have changed since then. 

You can revisit the blog and add new changes. Since your old post is outdated, make sure to add new facts, stats, and data to make it look fresh. 

70.  Promote Blogs From Other Companies 

Blogging helps you in building relationships, not just with readers but with others too.  You can use blogs to increase your connections. It’s a great tool that can increase your networking. 

You can share other bloggers’ work or companies’ thoughts, but make sure to ask before you do it and give the credits. 

71. Ask Readers What They Want You To Improve

Remember that your blog should be two-way communicational; instead of sharing your thoughts, make sure to let your readers ask questions too. 

To improve your business, there is no better than asking your readers directly who might be your customers too. 

Ask what problems they face while they make the purchase with you and what kind of improvements they would like to see in the future. 

You can write a post listing all the improvement suggestions that you received from your customers and readers. 

This will also show that your business really wants to improve and that you listen to what customers say. 

72.  Write Post About Improvements But Prioritize It 

Well, you might end up receiving lots of suggestions from your readers. You can list them according to how important they are. 

Here either you can write separate blogs on each suggestion or you can write one. Explain what you are planning to do and how you are going to improve it.

You can also ask your readers to share their opinion on the post to give more suggestions. 

73. Write Post On The Improvements 

Once you are done with writing all about improvement suggestions, you can update your customers by telling them how far you have processed since the last published blog about it. 

Write about the processes and mention how you are going so far. This will give proof that you are not just asking customers for the sake of it but actually taking action too. 

74.  List The Valuable Comments And Add Your Side Too 

Check your old post and see if you received any comments. You can list all the valuable comments that gave our business something and how you are improving because of it. 

You can change this into an FAQ and answer the comments from your point of view. 

75. Publish About Readers Who Commented The Most 

It’s time for you to acknowledge and reward the readers who have been actively commenting on your blogs. 

You can also host this weekly or monthly. Mention how you do the selection process and what rewards the person will receive. 

With this, you can increase more of conversions. Also, to add more value, you can do the interview with that reader of the week or month. 

Appreciation & Gratitude Post 

76. Thank You Post For Readers 

You can use this chance to deliver what you feel about the readers. Not just can you keep it emotionally connected but giving time to time remind us that the readers are important and valuable. You can increase engagement and a better relationship with them. 

77.  Gratitude Post Towards Your Team 

Every team is important for the business. Without them, it’s impossible to deliver what you promised to your customers. 

You can take time and write about the team who are helping and working for the business. You can make it more personalized by mentioning people by their names, adding photos, and highlighting the quality that led the business to achieve something. 

78. Appreciation Post For Your Customer 

There might be some really good and understanding customers you have. Not just he or she is helpful but he also fits the picture of the ideal customer. 

You can write about them and mention their encounters with you. This will encourage more people to behave like one, and also, the customer will know that you care about them. 

79: Answer The Fan Mail 

There might be some people out there who liked your product or the business. You can feature their email and thank them for writing sweet words to you. 

Also, you can mention how their words are encouraging and help your team to keep up the hard work. 

80. Talk About Your Mentors And What They Changed 

Being the owner of a business, you might have some role models, mentors, and people who contributed to your business directly or indirectly. 

You can write a post about their contribution and how you felt about it. 

Engagement Among Community 

Showing your appreciation to someone who is in your field but you are impressed with their work. This does not just give a positive vibe to your customers, as you are taking competitors too seriously. 

But also shows that you appreciate people’s hard work and their achievements in general as well. 

82. Interview The Business Owner In Your Local 

Look for the owners who are working great in your area. You can ask about their journey and share it on your blog post. 

With this, you can help others to feel motivated and boost positive relations among the local business owners too.

83.  Start Survey About Your Ecosystem 

You can talk about how your ecosystem works. Also, you can do the survey based on this. 

Keep the article informative and make sure to add valuable stuff, so the survey ends up on a positive note. 

84. Celebrate The User Generated Content 

There will be lots of customers who might be doing the work for you. User-generated content is one of the most engaging and social proofs that your customers are satisfied with your services. 

Also, it gives evidence that the brand is successfully delivering its promise. It increases credibility in the market as well. 

Write a post about the user-generated content that you received. You can list the best ones and keep it going, with this more people will be interested in doing this in the future. 

85. Discuss The Practical Use Of The Products You Sell 

Such a post can be interesting and something that no one expected. Even though you can make it informational, wiring about the most practical uses will be helpful for people to understand what you sell and how to use it. 

You can ask your readers to comment on their ideas and how they use your products in a unique way. 

86.  Ask Your Employees To Do Guest Post 

Talking about the business when you are the business owner is different but listening to the employees is a whole different story.

Invite your employers to share their points of view about the experience of working with the company, what problems they faced, and how they tackled them. 

They can share their stories,  write about improvements they feel the company should make, and what’s the overall insight they share. 

87.  Write About Community Events

Write a post about the community events and celebrations that happened. You can share the photos and overview to show how everything went. 

There are lots of things you can do, also this makes your blogs interesting to read. 

88. Throw A Recap 

Recap what happened in your neighborhood and local market so far. You can share the news and events. 

Also, you can make a post about what new things will be coming in the future. With this, you can boost engagement and promote your local business as well as the market. 

89. Spotlight The Client Of the Week Or Month 

Talk about the clients, not just about how they are helping your business. You can also mention the vendors and suppliers you are working with. 

Make sure to give an appreciative note to their contribution and understanding. If you have interesting stories regarding them, you can share them as well. 

Miscellaneous Ideas 

90. What is The One Thing That Drives You Crazy In Business?

Even though you love what you do, there will be something that drives you crazy every day. Talking about such staff is much deeper as it’s coming from someone who is doing it already. 

Also, it can be fun and helpful for people who might be going with a similar thing. You can share your experience and how you tackle that work daily. 

91. What Will Be Your Advice Before You Retire?

Consider what if you are going to retire tomorrow, and there is some advice you want to share with those who are going to enter the same industry. 

Share the advice that you came to know during your working years. This will be helpful for people who are about to start the same business or are interested in knowing how the business works. 

92.  What’s Your Horror Story?

Talk about the messed up your company, team, or you as an owner did. How bad it affected you and what you learned from it. 

You can mention the points that went wrong and suggest what else you could be doing. This is a good example of sharing your horror story in business but also mentioning what happened after that. 

Mention how you overcame the phase and what you consider important from that experience. 

93. Write About Your Journey And How You Started The Business

Tell me about the history of your business, how you started, from what you got the idea, and what inspired you to start what you are doing right now. 

What process you followed, and what is the story behind the journey? You can dig deeper, talking about the different processes like launching your first products or how the idea you get develops it. 

It will give much more insight into what your business started and how far you came in business.

94. What You Want To Accomplish From These Blogs 

The purpose of writing these business blogs and what you want to achieve from them. Mention the reasons and write a post talking about the milestones you have with these blogs. 

Also, you can show transparency and keep the ideas that you have related to the blogs in the future. 

95. Your Take On Recent Events Or News 

Is there something that happened in the news that you want to talk about?  Share your opinion about the current events; maybe it’s a new rule passed by the Government or a change in the industry. 

You can make it something related to your business or keep it different too. Write your opinion on how things will get affected and what are the pros or cons you believe. 

96. Rant

Instead of looking for the topics to write your next blog post, you can simply do the rant. Pick what you want to talk about, from anything and to anyone. 

Start writing about things you are feeling about it and share your thoughts.  This will give you much more ideas about what you think and your actions. 

97 . Changes That You Want To See In Industry 

As a business owner of a small business, what changes do you want to see in the future? 

You can take an example from your experience with the problems you faced. What else do you think will be easier or make the path better for newcomers? 

Also, you can write about the opportunities that you want your industry to offer. You can compare different countries’ approaches toward the problems and how you want your industry to do the same. 

98. Describe How Your Hire People 

Talk about the people you hired and what process you follow. What are the things you avoid and make your hiring process better? 

This will also inspire others who want to be a part of your company. Make sure to keep the instruction and process clear to understand. 

99.  Tell Story Behind Your Business 

What made you start your business? What are the points you want to confess and how do you overcome the hurdles?

Talk about the people who contributed, the team helping you to achieve the business targets, and the customers supporting you throughout the journey. 

You can give a recap about what you started. 

100. What’s Your Mission Apart From Earning Profit And Providing Services?

The business is not just about earning profit and providing good services to your customer. What else do you want to do?

What motivates you toward society? The contribution you are making to the surrounding in you do business. Talk about other reasons your business thrives. 

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

Why does my small business need a business blog?

The chief reason why every small business should start their blog is to increase the presence and visibility online. The more blogs you create, the better opportunities you get for showing up when search engines index the sites.

It increases the organic traffic to the website. It’s also perfect for strengthening your strategy related to SEO. 

How blogs can help in increasing sales in business?

The blogs help in improving ranking and hold the interests of the readers. These readers are the potential customers or maybe some of them are already purchasing from you. 

With blogs, you can communicate better and have exposure to the products as well as brands. The better reach you have, the more chance in sales increases.

What a small business should know before starting blogs?

Start with choosing the platform where you want to blog. Choose the domain name,  web hosting services, and make the site good for reading.

 Choose the topics you want to write about and the audience you are targeting. Make sure you have an understanding of what you want to achieve from blogging. 

What should my small business blog be about?

Ideally, aim to solve the questions and problems that your customers have. Help the people out there to get a fresh and interesting insight into where you work, what you do, and the team behind it.

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