167+ Best Quotes For Bios (With Examples)

We all want bios for our social media profiles that will stand out among the millions of profiles on social media, and do you know that quote from various novels or movies or quotes from speeches made by famous men and women?

Make these bios with quotes your own and amp up that social media account of yours!

Good Bio Quotes

-If you are looking for greatness, you should know that one who never fails is hardly the great one, but one who always rises after each fall is a great human!

-If you want to begin, you must stop talking first and start doing it!

-Life would be flavorless and meaningless if life could be predicted!

-Set an unbelievably high goal so that even if you fail to achieve that goal, you will still fail high above everyone else’s success!

-You will get more in life if you focus on what you already have, but if you concentrate on what you do not have in life, you will never get enough!#life

-Do not forget to give out love wherever you go. Make sure nobody leaves your company without being a happier person!#instamood

-If you feel like you have reached the end of the rope, you must make a knot in the rope and keep hanging on to it!#life

-The harvest reaped should not be the judging factor of each day because every single day should be judged by the seeds planted!#life

-The future will always be a gift to those who have faith and belief in their beautiful dreams!

-If you tell me, I might forget. If you teach me, I shall remember. If you involve me, I will learn.

-The most wonderful things on the earth are not those that can be seen or can be touched; the most wonderful things are those that you can feel with your heart!

-Joy can be contagious. If you are joyful, you are imparting joy.

-Let us abstain from going where the road leads; rather, let us go where there are no roads, and let us leave our trails behind!

Short Instagram Bio Quotes

-We shall face a lot of defeats in our lives, but we must never allow ourselves to get defeated!

-After everything, the years in our lives do not matter; what matters is the life in our years!

-Do not allow yourself to be frightened by the thought of striking out to stop you from participating in the match!

-Life should be lived like one of the most daring ever adventures!

-A majority of the failures in life are of those people who had failed to understand how near to success they were when they had decided to give up!

-As long as your brains are there inside your head and as long as you have your feet inside your shoes, you can take yourself in whatever direction you want to go!

-Without beginning a journey, what makes you decide that it is not possible?

-In our lives, we are not capable of doing great things; we are only capable of doing little things with a lot of love!

Good Quotes For Instagram Bio

-We only get to live once, and if we live it the right way, it is enough to live once!

-I want to be living in the sunshine, swimming in the seas, and drinking the wild air!

-Living for the mirth of others is living joyfully for yourself. 

-The sole reason to live our lives is to find happiness!

-Always walk with confidence to where your dreams direct you! Always try to live your life in the way you have imagined!

-I wish that we all live every day of our lives!

-When have you thought that life is an amazing tale of fairies and love?

-Do not save your life; please spend your life!

-While you are earning for your life, don’t let it stop you from living your life!

-Always smile as life is a wonderful thing with so many reasons to smile for!

 -What I have learned about life can be summarised as life always goes on!

-Numerous partings, when welded all together, is what makes up life!

-Life is experimenting with new things and seeing if they work out!

-A person’s success is not the person’s final destination; A person’s failure is not a fatal occurrence; It is the person’s courage to keep going that matters!

-Success is always found by people who are way too busy to be digging for success!

-If you can take a closer look, you will find that all overnight successes have actually taken a rather long while!

Cool Quotes For Bios

-The secret to being successful is by doing the usual thing exceptionally well!

-You will find that more the effort you put in your work, the luckier you seem to get!#motivation

-The actual challenge is not if you will avoid that failure, as you will not. The challenge is if you will allow it to harden you or allow it to shame you into giving up, or if you will learn from the failure, or if you will choose to be perseverent!#motivation

-Do not dream about success; always work for it!#motivation

-Success is linked with action. People who are successful continue to move. They keep making mistakes as well, but they never give up!#inspiration

-There is no secret to gaining success! Success is the result we get from learning from mistakes, working hard, and preparing!

-Try failing in originality rather than succeeding in imitating!#life

-The path leading to success and the path leading to failure are very similar to each other!

-Failing your way to success is the only way to reach success!

-At times to get great, you have to give up the good!

-Aspire to be valuable, not only successful!

-Success means to walk from one failure to another failure without losing interest!

Funny Bio Quotes

-If you are doing your job and if you are not getting paid for it, you should know that you are on the path to success!

-If you wish to get excellence, you can reach it this day; as for this moment, top doing any work that is below excellent!

-Be impatient, especially if you are dying to get certain things. 

-Success never comes before you have worked, do not go by dictionaries!

-A person alone will never be able to change the world, but his or her efforts can create a lot of ripples across still water!

-Belief helps in the completion of tasks, not disbelief.

-Your speed has no impact, but if you decide to pause, it can!

-You should dance like nobody’s watching you, love, as if you are never going to be hurt, Sing as if nobody is listening to you, and live as if it is a paradise on earth!

-You will realize when you are in love because then you will not be able to sleep as your real world will finally feel better than your dreamworld!

-You get stronger when you are being loved deeply by someone, and you become courageous when you love someone deeply!

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