164+ Cool WhatsApp Bio(Examples)

Whatsapp is undoubtedly one of the most private social media platforms out there. Whatsapp is something that is very widely used by everyone, by people of all ages, as it is truly useful, almost as helpful as bios are for Whatsapp accounts!

Check out our amazing collection of bios, and hope you enjoy it!

Best Bio For Whatsapp

-I prefer pizza to veggies, vodka to coffee, and sleeping to working!

-My life is a wonder; even I wonder how the hell I am still a person and have not been declared some God of some sort! #miracle

-The best way to recognize me is by trying to forget your impressions about me!

-Love is not the solution to any of my problems; money is! #money

-Honey is the reason that honey bees are so respected!

-I do not understand why people even need to write bios for Whatsapp! Well, here I go!

-There are not many people who would even bother to read bios on Whatsapp, let alone write one! #whatsapp

-I think the fish do envy the birds at times, and the birds do wish that they were fish instead!

-Life is a mixture of uncertainty, fear, and some sadness, happiness, and love to spice it up! #lovemylife

-Life may be cruel, but it usually finds a way to keep us in good spirits most of the time! 

-I am a mediocre functioning woman with a lot of dreams! #dreamer

-Believe in yourself, and the world will believe in you! #believer

-I am a pretty girl with loads of anxiety issues! 

-All my life I had been looking for you, and now again, after arranging for all the tests, she has to do!

-people with serious relationships, just great good, serious people!

– Where is your business located because I have been dying to change the direction of our nose! #social

-A few misunderstandings do not mean that everything is over; it can just mean that your relationship is just getting stronger!

-People do not understand the meaning of true love these days; they think that it is all about hanging out and going to places to eat and watch movies! #truelove

-I am a person who is more comfortable talking to animals than to humans! 

-Keeping a proper attitude is very important when it comes to facing situations in life! #attitude

-Good behavior and good conduct are more important in a human being than his educational degrees! #education

-When you share your happiness with your friends and relatives, it just grows! 

-I have been playing Ludo all my quarantine days, and now I do not know what to do with so much knowledge! #ludolover

-Love is the best feeling in the world, no matter how much people deny it! 

-I have lost so much that I am not scared of losing more! 

Short Bio For Whatsapp

-Do not wait for your destiny to change; you have to change your destiny yourself! 

-Sunsets are beautiful, and sunrises are too; everything is pretty if you just have the knack for finding beauty in things! #beauty

-If you have been able to stay on the path of right during the most trying times of your life, you will be able to find something really good for yourself! 

-Everyone in life has a quota of happiness and sadness, and you get only as much as your quota allows you to get! #happiness

-I live in a world that has unicorns, pegasuses, and centaurs! 

-Food is what makes my day! #food

-My dream is to do my best so that my parents and family can be happy!

-Life has always been wonderful to me, but your arrival in my life has been by far the best thing that has happened to me! #surprise

-If you are looking to avenge some wrong done to you by someone or some people, always remember to be happy and positive in front of them, and they will themselves not be able to bear your happiness, and your revenge shall be completed #happiness

-I am on my WhatsApp all day long, and even if nobody texts me, I will be here waiting to reply the second any text shows up! #addicted

-I do not understand how my parents overestimate my addiction to phones when they should be relieved that I am not addicted to drugs! 

-My friends are my lifelines! #friendship

-Will be starting a better life pretty soon! #newlife

Whatsapp Bio Ideas

-Let us run away from the chaos, and let us start afresh somewhere else!

-The best things do not come for free; the best things in life come after you buy them with money; anybody who has said the other way round is absolutely wrong! 

-My brother is my most precious possession; I love him more than anybody else! #brotherhood

-I am learning every day from every people I come across! #learningeveryday

-I see you standing just across the street every day, and my heart almost bursts with the pain of missing you! #missyou

-We are just blocks apart, but it feels like there is an ocean between us now; we are so far apart from each other! 

-Lately, I seem to have been losing my touch in the art of impressing women! #sadlife

-I may have been busy, but that has never stopped me from sharing memes!

-I have not grown up mentally; I am still a teenager. #youngmind

-I push away people whom I care for so that I do not end up hurting them!

-I wish that I could move over the flirting phase and actually start liking somebody, but I do not seem to be able to like anybody for more than a few weeks!

-Living the best way I can because there is no guarantee that I will get to see you tomorrow! #today

-There are a million ways to tell people that you do not like them; you should choose the way that hurts the other person least. #considerate

-I have been let down by people multiple times, and I am tired of keeping faith in people.

-I am just happy to have met you in my lifetime; I do not worry about how long you will be there with me because I will be just grateful for whatever time I will be able to spend with you! #loveyou

-You are the only person who has been able to revive me from my state of hibernation! #love

-I really wish I can rewrite my stars so that I can guarantee a life with you! #stars

-Love is not meant to be easy, but with you, everything has been so spontaneous that I feel like you were the one reserved for me! #iloveyou.

-Animals are my first favorites, then birds; humans are still a long way away! #animals

-Of all the animals in the animal kingdom, a panda chose to be my soul animal, and it is inevitable that I should be able to resemble a panda in some ways. #panda

-Slamming doors should be the international benchmark to display anger! #anger

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