166+ Best Twitter Bio For Social Media (Examples)

Every profile on Twitter needs to have a bio that will attract people’s attention, and for that purpose, we have a list of bios that will help you. Take a look at the following bios and if you like them, share them with your friends!

Funny Bio For Twitter

-I may be a mess, but I am a beautiful one, and I do not need any prince to save me!

-I had a horrible experience while I was trying to have fun! #fun

-I am way too dead to die once again! #deadinside

-Life is harder for stupid people, so quit being stupid.

-I am fresh, and I am brand new!

-I may be a potato, but I am French Fries! #potato

-It is fun and games as long as the fun and games continue!

-Inhale peace and exhale bullshit! #life

-I am no longer disappointed at what my life brings for me, I am used to it!

-Trying to be sassy but failing at it!

-I am trying to be a proper functioning adult.

-My puns are meant to be intended! #twitter

-I never felt that love could happen at first sight, but I do believe in being annoyed at first sight!

-Success always comes to people who are not busy looking for it. Instead, they are working for it!

-We are all cool online, but we have to take care of our personalities!

-I am tailor-made for online conversations! #introvert

-Onions should be made to pay for making us cry for so many years! #onionssuck

-I do not understand why people do not like garlic; I love them!

-If someone were to ask me how good I am at adulting, I would say that I was a fork, and adulting is a soup.

Good Twitter Bios

-If you are on my side, you are in my team, but if you are in my way, you are not in my team!

-If someone declared me the world’s laziest person, I would not even go to collect my reward; I would be feeling way too lazy to leave my couch!

-I really do not understand vegans! We do not go to them asking them to have meat and dairy; why do they have to force us to be vegans?

-I think what a person eats should be left for the person to decide and people should not have to change their diet because of the government!

-Love was in the air, and then the air started getting polluted! #lovesucks

-The air is so polluted these days, and love is known to stay in the air, so it is no surprise that love is not pure anymore these days!

-Feeling deader day by day! #deadinside

-Losing my will to get up from bed with every passing day! #lazy

-Really jealous of people who can wake up at just the first alarm!

-You may hate me, you may like me, and you may not even know that I exist, but I do not care at all!

-Missing the days when we could go out and have as much fun as we wanted! #coronacurse

-Love was never in the air; oxygen, nitrogen, and dust were! #science

-I really prefer a good night’s sleep to any sweet talk with any lover #sleep

-I have faced a lot of issues in life, and my ex-boyfriend was one of the biggest issues!

-I just realized that I am fluent in speaking the language of garbage because my ex-boyfriend was nothing other than a dustbin, and I used to talk to him every day! #exboyfriend

-The best way to approach me is with a pizza in hand! #pizzalove

-If you are looking for ways to start a conversation with me, start with Harry Potter and get ready to have yourself knocked out with my knowledge! #potterhead

-You guys may be addicted to alcohol, but I am just addicted to food! #foodlover

-A rainy afternoon, a cup of hot coffee, and a novel, and that is all I need to have a perfect day!

-I may be really up and active on Twitter, but I am not at all available to take phone calls!

-I really do not understand the obsession with managers to set up meetings for every small issue that could have easily been cleared over an e-mail! #officelife

Best Bio For Twitter

-I am not into people who think that they are superior to everybody else, I am rather fond of people who admit that they do not know everything and are willing to learn from new things!

-I could die for ice cream! #icecream

-There was never a better time to oil my hair and be sure of not being spotted by friends! #hair

-If my hair continues to fall at this rate, I will be bald before I turn twenty-five! #hairfall

-My hair comes apart faster than my life, or maybe it is my life that is falling apart faster than my hair! #myhair

-Your embrace feels so cold that I feel like I am slipping through the cracks of your icy embrace! #lovehurts

-Trying my best not to fall behind in this crazy rat race called life! #ratrace

-Lying is not my best suit.

-I am the person who defends every person in their absence, even if they are not my friends!

-I am not fond of love songs or love comedy; I would rather watch something real like politics! #politics

-I strongly believe that stars can be rewritten, and I believe that it is us who will be able to rewrite them! #stars

-We can walk through every door if we just stay together and try our best!

-It depends on me to change my destiny, and I truly believe that!

-Never be afraid of what astrologers say because they themselves do not know what they have said!

-What you see when you close your eyes means a lot!

-I see you in my dreams, I see you when I am awake, my love for you will never reduce, and you will never know how important you are to me, chocolates! #chocolatelove

-I will stop to enjoy a fight between random strangers even if I am on my way to an important interview!

-I love to live my life enjoying the highs as well as the lows! #lovelife

-All I want from life is the magic pencil from Shakalaka Boom Boom!

-My life has not been easy for me, but I know I have gotten through a lot of tough shit, and I know if I was able to come out of all that alive, you will be able to, too! #support

-My only motto in life is to be kind to people and support every other human being out there who needs support in whatever they are trying to achieve!

-Living my life on my own terms just after finishing all the tasks my mother asks me to do! #motherlove

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