23+ Successful Marketing Ideas for Bike Rental Companies

Don’t let your bike rental company get left in the dust. Use these innovative marketing ideas to reach new customers and drive sales.

From email marketing to local events, we’ve compiled a list of tactics that have proven to be successful in the bike rental industry. Start implementing these ideas today and watch your business grow.

How to promote your bike rental business

  • The targeted customers will get to know about your business if you put up signboards or distribute leaflets. Doing so will promote your business well.
  • Promoting your business can be done quickly and simplistically if you get your business listed in the business directories.
  • Choose a suitable and unique name for the business in accordance with the domain of your business. This will be extremely fruitful in promoting the business.
  • You should also get a logo designed for your business as this will distinguish your business from the other existing business.

Few smart business strategies for marketing bike rentals that will put you at the forefront of your industry and help you succeed on a whole new level.

Get Listed On Travel Websites

This is the most effective way to drive sales. Tourists often want to explore the places at their own pace, and renting a bike is the easiest way to do so.

Tying up with business sites like MakeMyTrip.com, Yatra.com, etc., will help you bring in many potential clients.

Get Listed On Google My Business

This is another social platform where you can expand your business globally. These sites cater to audiences worldwide, where you could promote your bike rental marketing business ideas.

  • These sites expose your business by highlighting your services and area of expertise.

Through online reservations, maintain direct contact with the customer

Online booking helps you get rid of any middleman. The customer can directly access the company to minimize confusion and maximize customer satisfaction.

This also eases business transactions due to an easy buying experience for customers. Thus it helps you to get more sales.

Tie Up With Other Business Partners

Forming a partnership or co-partnering is a good strategic move for your business. You could tie up with hotels like the Taj Group of Hotels, cruises like Royal Cruise, community events, and travel agencies.

This will ensure that there is no shortage of exposure for your bike rental companies. You can also tie up with big companies for a corporate event that is organized every year to help you grow your business.

Get Listed In the Business Directory

Getting listed in directories like the Tourist information Conference directory is very important for any rental business. This way, the customer can find useful information related to your rental services without hassle.

These are often utilized by the tourist visiting the place, which helps them get information about the company and provides for easy accessibility of your business.

Organize Bike Race

As a bike rental business, you could organize a Bike Marathon or bike Race to increase your business growth. These can be very useful for the promotion of your bike rental business.

Bike Race could engage more and more customers to your brand and increase your business growth.

Create A LinkedIn  Profile

LinkedIn helps you build a professional profile and business connection, which will promote your business. They also help you get a better ranking in search engines too. These direct the right client base for your company.

So it is important to update your LinkedIn profile regularly and provide useful information to grow your rental business.

Design An App For Your Business

Another good move for your business idea is to design an app. You could add features where you could allow customers to get bikes from their desired location or provide online booking services 24/7.

Apps can be downloaded very easily and hence, could cater to a large group of people.

Bike Rental Company app for marketing

Start A Blog For Your Bike Rental Business

Writing a detailed blog about your bike rental business is a great way to promote your business.  You could talk about the launch of a new product, give updates, and provide insight into your company’s work or services.

This enables the customer to get useful information according to their individual needs and requirements. You could give catchy blog titles to grab the attention of your potential clients and increase your sales.

Organize Group Community Rides

Organizing group community rides can help you to build a brand identity locally. People will come to know about the products and services provided by your company.

These also help to build goodwill among your existing clients and bring in more potential clients for your business.

Say Yes To Paid Promotion

For the growth of any business, exposure plays a crucial role. Paid advertisements are the easiest way to draw the attention of potential clients. You can get paid advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, and many more social platforms.  

The paid advertisement is displayed on a popular medium like Newspapers, TV, Radi, or a social platform. They are viewed by a large number of people who could turn into potential clients for your company.

Create a Facebook Page For Your Bike Rental Business

Facebook page is free and relatively easy to use. Having a group Facebook page helps you to engage your clients as well as to get their feedback.

You could talk about updates and new launches, give valuable information, and emphasize your expertise and services too. Facebook ads are also an effective way to advertise your bike rental business.

Make a Printed Logo for Your Bike Rental Company

You could get a creative printed logo T-Shirt from your company and ask your employees to wear them to your workplace.

You could also get the logo printed on bikes or helmets so that when tourist rides these bikes to explore the place locally, your company can get free exposure.

Have a photo contest on Twitter, Instagram

Organize photo contests on Twitter and Instagram, like clicking photos of your trips using bikes to explore new surroundings, photos of you participating in a group community event with bikes, and so on. This brings exposure and promotes your company in a fun way.

You could even invite new people to participate in bringing in new potential clients. These social platforms are viewed by a large audience and are a fun way to promote your business.

YouTube Marketing

Youtube has become a popular way to advertise your business. Making fun videos like traveling to tourist attractions on the bike or exploring new places locally on a bike could help you give an overview to a customer about your product and services provided by your company.

This is a good way to promote your company’s USP.

Marketing Through E-mail

E-mail marketing is the most direct way to reach your customer.  Sending bulk mail through MailChimp etc. is relatively easier.

Although this is common nowadays, these marketing ideas are even used by big companies to promote their products. This is a direct way to reach your potential clients.

Sponsor An Event Locally

Sponsoring an event or charity is an effective way to get noticed.  Local people will come to know about your brand and the services provided by your company.

The people attending could also become potential clients for business too. This will also improve your standing in the bike rental business industry.

Ask Your Clients For feedback

It has become a useful tool to draw new clients to your company. You could ask your existing client to post their feedback online.

These reviews are often read by the potential client before they buy any product or services. Having a positive review of your services will help you get more clients.


Often people shy away from asking for referrals from existing clients. But getting referrals can be of huge advantage and could help you bring new clients to your company.

The existing customer will be able to give a better review of your services as they have already used the product or service offered by your company.

Give Exclusive Discount  Or Deals

There are so many companies marketing the same product, so the best way to ensure more sales is through giving exclusive discount or deals. For Example, in the rental bike marketing business, you could give a 10% discount on a first bike ride or free food coupons on the use of promo codes could hike up your sales.  

Everyone is looking for good deals so it could be a win-win situation for both the customer and your company.

Create An Impressive Website

Website is a must for any business. They are the first point of contact, so having an impressive website can speak volumes about your company.

They provide valuable information regarding your products and services offered by your company and help you to draw in potential clients.

Implement A Cloud-Based Rental Software Program

This software can be the ultimate solution for your rental business. It helps you to store data on the cloud without you having to be present at your workplace.

These allow you to have direct contact with your existing customer, and you could also keep track of your employee too.

Through these bike rental marketing business ideas or tips, one can decide which advice suits your requirements and needs and can help you increase your rental business. These simple tips can be used by anyone to grow their business on a large scale.

How to drive up the sales of your bike rental business

  • Using social media in a witty manner will make your business reach more people who are interested to take your service and thus the sales will also rise.
  • The paid platforms of advertisements such as newspapers or television will also make your service reach more people. This will raise sales.
  • Deciding the price slabs is extremely crucial. Survey the market properly before deciding the prices.
  • The interested people will find your service more lucrative when you offer sufficient discounts and attractive offers on the usage of the service.

Here are Some Important FAQ’s for Bike Rental Business for you to Grow

How can you make money through bike rental business?

Renting your bikes on hourly basis or on the flat fee basis or via combination of both is the best way to promote your bike rental business. Few bike rental companies even sell some products related to biking. Check whether you are on the same page. You can also consider selling fleet bikes whenever they are being replaced by the new ones. 

How to make your bike rental business profitable?

If you run a business in a famous tourist spot then consider offering your bikes on rent for a flat fee.  You can also display souvenirs like key chains, bumper stickers, mugs, t-shirts and post cards.

Does partnership helps you in increasing your sales?

Yes off course. Getting paired with other businesses means that you will be having access to the network of their customers too. You can create partnership with the other tourist service providers like the cruise companies, travel agencies etc.

Contacting companies those organize the corporate events is a great decision as these companies would require your bikes on rent for serving their delegates.

Bike Rental is the best and Lucrative and highly Profitable Business in Tourist Place. BIke riding is a great pleasure to find new places with your Loving Friend. Here is the infographic which suggests your some best Adventures Route Find new Ways. Read More.

Best bike Adventurous Routes Infographic

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