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Bidsketch is a proposal software business that focuses on helping customers create excellent client proposals in less time. Ruben Gamez is the founder of Bidsketch, and he started the company in 2009 in south Florida.

The main headquarters of Bidsketch is situated in Spokane, Washington. The total revenue of Bidsketch is $5 Million.

HEADQUARTER: Spokane, Washington.

They have features of adding photos and videos in the proposal to show your client with the help of HTML/CSS designs, and they help their customers or clients with different ideas. Mid Size Businesses or Small businesses are the main targets of Bidsketch. 

list of Bidsketch alternatives


HEADQUARTER: Halifax Regional Municipality, Canada

Proposify is one of the proposal software companies which provide their customers with a variety of proposals as per their needs. Proposify was created on the 13th of March, 2013, by Kyle Racki and Kevin Springer.

The total revenue of Proposify is $7 million. The headquarters of Proposify is situated in Halifax Regional Municipality, Canada. They have features like an editor, electronic signatures, CRM integrations, data-driven insights, and interactive pricing, which is the best part.

Content management and approvals. They also help with creative proposals while you are making sales. 


HEADQUARTER: San Francisco, California

PandaDoc creates, shares, and tracks online documents and customizes applications. Their features are the best, and many companies are using them. The American Software company was established on the 13th of March, 2013.

Mikita Mikado founded it along with Sergey Barysiuk. PandaDoc has features like Access Controls, Accounting Integration, Activity Dashboard, Activity Tracking, Alerts, Approval Process Control, Approval Workflow, etc. The value of PandaDoc is $1 billion. 


HEADQUARTER: Sydney, Australia, 

Qwilr is one of those who create professional proposals for clients in significantly less time. They have trials and different features which their customers like. Qwilr was founded by Mark Tanner and Dylan Baskind in 2014.

Qwilr’s main headquarters are in Sydney, Australia, but they operate globally. The total revenue of Qwilr is $7.3M. Qwilr is an expert at making beautiful business proposals that are eye-catching.

They also deal with closing in less time with all e-sign and online payment options and help businesses grow their sales. 


HEADQUARTER: Beaverton, Oregon, United States

RFPIO is a cloud-based software company that helps in requesting business proposals. RFPIO is available in 16 different languages. RFPIO was founded in the year 2015 by Ganesh Shankar.

The headquarters of RFPIO is situated in Beaverton, Oregon, United States, and their total revenue is $60MThere main features are they do their work in less time and save customers time, money, and a lot of work.

They also manage all the questionnaires during proposals and get successful rates in business proposals. 


HEADQUARTER: Palo Alto, United States

GetAccept is a company that is used for B2-B sales. All the work is done online, and their main features include video, live chat, proposal design, document tracking, and eSignature.

The founder of GetAccept is Samir Smajic and founded in 2015. The main headquarters of GetAccept is situated in Palo Alto, United States. The revenue of GetAccept is $7.5 million.

Some other features of GetAccept are Account-Based Marketing, Content Marketing, conversion rate optimization, demand generation, digital analytics, email marketing, event management, etc. These all features are the best part of GetAccept. 


HEADQUARTER: San Francisco, California

Docsend is a document-sharing software that is used to send private documents or any necessary documents. Russ Heddleston is the founder of Docsend, which he founded in 2013. The headquarters of Docsend is situated in San Francisco, California.

They provide customized deal rooms for content that include the most relevant deal content, including case studies, product overviews, proposals, and case studies to help their clients understand all their submissions faster.

They help their customers crack up on all the recommendations in less time. Docsend also do page analytics. Many companies are using this for sharing critical documents in the online world. The total valuation of Docdsend is $165 million. 


HEADQUARTER: Toronto, Canada

Loopio is Response Management software that works in businesses and startups. It is one of the thriving tech startups. Matt York, Jafar Owainati, and Zak Hemraj are the founders of Loopio and founded Loopio in 2014.

The headquarters of Loopio is situated in Toronto, Canada. Loopio is mainly used for sharing private information and managing business proposals and essential documents, and it also includes RFP, RFIs, DDQs, Security Questionnaires, etc.

Many companies use Loopio to send and secure their files and documents. They have also raised $200M in funding, and their total revenue is $19.53 million. 

Congo Contracts

HEADQUARTER: Broomfield, Colorado, United States

Congo contracts are one of the best software for lifestyle management. Mark Whiteside and Michael Markham are the founders of Congo contracts, founded in 2006. Congo contracts headquarters are situated at Broomfield, Colorado, United States.

The total revenue of Congo contracts is $48.994 billion. They have features like creating contracts, sending and receiving approvals, making and tracking changes, reporting, contract creation, contract attachments, approval process, notifications, and 

contact database. All features are unique, and they have excellent ratings. 

Conga Document Generation

HEADQUARTER: Broomfield, Colorado, United States

Conga Document Generation is software that manages sales, legal, and operations to streamline processes. It is one of the private companies—Mark Whiteside and Michael Markham in 2006.

Conga Document Generation headquarters are situated in Broomfield, Colorado, and the United States is one of the other companies under conga.

The primary characteristic that is the main feature of Conga Document Generation is digital documents that are built using pre-designed or custom templates that automatically populate with information from Salesforce that many businesses use. The total valuation of Conga Document Generation is $117M. 


HEADQUARTER: Los Altos, California

DealHub is software used to close deals, so sales can focus on selling. IHS Markit owns DealHub and founded DealHub in the year 2015. DealHub headquarters are situated in Los Altos, California.Total net worth of DealHub is $5 Million.

DealHub is quick to use and simple to use. You need to input the details of your products, then set your business rules and begin quotations.

They have features of a zero-code, which is the best part, and a purpose-built platform that empowers visionary leaders to connect their teams and processes. 

Bidsketch Alternatives

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