Top 10 Best Yogurt Companies

The trend of having and enjoying frozen yogurt has been increasing at full speed and is showing no sign of slowing down. 

There has been a surge of shops and stores opening that serves frozen yogurt and is trying to provide better than others and stay in business. They are trying to woo people of different kinds and make people attracted to them.

Best Yogurt Companies

Several high-level organizations have entered this marketing making it bigger and better. This huge option gives people the opportunity to enjoy new flavors and type on a regular basis.

Red Mango:

Red mango is one top frozen yogurt in the country and makes around 7.8 percent of the market share.  Their main target is to target the health-conscious people as they make the yogurts artificial preservatives and sedatives free.

This makes it very healthy and nutritious.  In the year 2014, their total revenue reached $140 million with a growth rate of 33% annually. This makes them the known frozen yogurt in the country.

Their uniqueness is the most important thing they use to do their marketing. They are not like other franchises as they operate only one type o0f location. They generally target corporate, college, and university campuses from where they get a lot of promotions.


They opened their first store in the year 2009 and since then it has become a favorite of the pole. It now has grown to more than 250 stores and generated revenue of $187 million dollars, and owns 10.4% of the market.

They have opened their stores in some of the most prime locations, making it known to the people and getting a lot of promotion. They market their product as healthy and highlight the benefits of having their yogurt.


This is one of the top frozen yogurt companies in the country and owns around 10.6 percent of the market share. Between the years 2009-2014, they have made total revenue of $197 million and a growth rate of 36.3 percent.

They have around 250 stores in the USA as well as in other countries like Mexico, and Guam which increases the promotion level and gives it a bigger market. They market the feature that they have around 50 flavors and 40 toppings to choose from.


TCBY has been in business since the year 1981 and had its peak form in the 1990s although it has fallen lower than what it used to be. This brand still controls around 10.8 percent of the market.

The brand tried to rebrand itself and start the venture with a new image but the endeavor has been much successful. Its revenue has been falling since 2009 although it made $194 million in the year 2014 and had a growth rate of just 4.7 percent.

They tried to rebrand themselves using a new image but the action has not been much successful.  They are trying to get into new spheres of food for business opportunities. They have remodeled their stores to attract more customers.


This frozen yogurt brand was founded in the year 2007 and had been growing at a rapid pace since then. In the last five years, it has seen a high growth rate and making it one of the most promising frozen yogurts in the country. They control around 13.6 percent of the market and made a total earning of $246 million in the year 2014.

They market their products using the fact that they are one of the healthy options to eat. They have around 300 locations both in the USA and other countries, which carries promotions in different ways.


This is a frozen yogurt based in Oklahoma and was started in the year 2008. It had a great start and grew very rapidly to 300 locations all over the world. Apart from America, they have franchises in Asia and Australia.

One of the most prominent features of this brand is that the color Orange features in their stores very much. Their large range of yogurts makes them one of the known brands which include chocolate raspberry, birthday cake red velvet, and others.

Their main proposition to promotion and marketing is that they use the healthcare benefits that the yogurt has and nutritional values like 160 calories, 4g fat and 24 g of sugar.

Yogur Berry:

This is one of the most loved and known frozen yogurts in the country. Their decor is not exactly original and it has a low number of options to choose from. Their products generally contain lots of fruits mixed with them. But the products are very much similar, and there is very low uniqueness. 

They market their product using the tag that their product is healthy and nutritious.  The nutrition behind the serving of the frozen yogurt is excellent it is 100 percent natural, and is in vast quantity.  The price is also affordable at just $0.49, which makes it loved by the customers.

Tasti D-Lite:

This is one of the biggest and most known frozen yogurts in the market. The biggest drawback of this yogurt is its selection. They have only six flavors on the tap and all the usual toppings, which are still lower than other brands. 

This organization is in business since 1987 and is healthy, which is used by the organization to carry out its marketing.  They also market the fact that they contain a lower amount of sugar than other competitors. The yogurt contains 1.5 grams, 12 grams of sugar, and its flavor.


This is one of the no-frills and very clean yogurts which have become known in recent years due to its taste and nutrition. They have flavors like honeydew, carbo chips, raspberry, and many others.

They market using the fact that they are European-styled frozen yogurt. They have won the national yogurt approval, which makes them one of the known yogurts in the country.


This brand offers a wide variety of flavors like bread pudding, bubble gum, Kahlua, peppermint bark, and others. There are healthy options like thin mint, mango habanero, non-sugar, etc.

They market using the fact that they are healthy and nutritious. They have opened their stores in some of the most prime locations, making it known to the people and getting lot of promotion.


All the above-listed brands are some of the top brands and they are known for their frozen yogurts. All companies use different ways of marketing to promote their products. The most common is that they make people know the yogurts’ healthy parts and nutritional value.

Top Yogurt Companies

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