Top 10 Best Supermarkets in USA

Most people head to supermarkets very often to get their essential things. Almost every week people visit supermarkets with a list of things that needs to be bought.

The supermarkets provide us with the essential belonging that is needed to live life and resupply our dwindling supplies in our kitchen or house.

Though many people tried to get their foods directly from farmer’s supermarkets the majority, the still heavily depend on the supermarkets. The sizes of the stores vary from store to store.

They differ in size. Some of them are big while others are small. There are some who run an entire chain while others are single stores. In this list, some of the best supermarkets have been ranked.

Best Supermarkets in USA


This is an American multinational supermarket chain and is headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas. Their sheer number of locations and stores makes them very easily accessible.

They have a huge range of products which attract people to their stores and lets people to get all their belongings at a single point. 

It attracts a lot of people and gets lot of attention for their section of organic products which is huge. Their customer-friendly policies like discounts and offers attract a lot of people.

Their prices are very affordable. Their diverse range makes it easier for people to choose their belongings.

WinCo Foods:

This is another supermarket giant based in Idaho and is present all over the country. It is a privately owned, majority-employee-owned company which has been providing people their services.

They have around 120 locations all over the country and employ around 18000 people. The organization started its operations in the year 1967.  The company purchases its products directly from farmers or manufacturers.

They are mostly known for their affordable and low prices which suit most people. They were also one of the largest certified employee-owned company. They provide lots of coupons, discounts, and offers.


This is a subsidiary of Southeastern Grocers and is also the second-largest supermarket chain in the Southeast. They have stores in are present states of Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Florida, and Mississippi. They are known to provide great quality of products, and their list of products is very large which helps people to get all their things from the same location.

They have recently put up a series of marketing strategies to redevelop their brand. They have rules for both employees and customers which help to optimize their services. Their product quality is great which takes them forward and makes people aware of the brand.


This is another of the largest employee-owned supermarket chain. The organization is based in Beaconsfield, Iowa. The company has more than 245 outlets and has a network throughout the Midwest.

They are known for their quality products and a huge range of products that are available there. They try to bring new things into their system which makes the organization more efficient and accessible.

They always innovate new technologies to make their stores better and easily accessible. They have their own app Hy-vee app, which helps people order from their house.  They market the brand with the slogan “Where there’s a helpful smile in every aisle”.

Stop & Shop:

This is one of the largest supermarket chains in the country and was started in the year 1892. The organization is based in Somerville, Massachusetts.  Its outlet strength spans around 400 stores all over New York, New England, and New Jersey.

They have recently put up a series of marketing strategies to redevelop their brand. They have rules for employees and customers that help optimize their services.

Their product quality is great which takes them forward and makes people aware of the brand. They have used media for their promotion and to make people aware.

Giant Food:

This is one of the top supermarket brands in the country and is also a subsidiary of the Stop & Shop franchise. The merger of the two organizations took place in the year 200. Giant Food itself was founded in the year 1936 in Washington, DC.

At present, their network encompasses over 150 outlets. Their network is mainly present around Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia.

They have started a tv advertisement made around Giant Foods, their services, products, online grocery facility, and their team. They have highlighted their grocery pickup facility to attract more people. Their prices are also very affordable making it accessible to loot of people.


This is one of the most known supermarkets in the country. The organization was founded in the year 1915 and has over 1300 stores all over the country.

Its motto is to provide for the people by offering high-quality products and the exact things the customers want. Their ethics lies in the fact that they want to share love and care with tithe customers.

Their marketing strategy depends on the fact that they provide the best quality and the exact product the customers want at an affordable price. They have outlets at many locations which offer great services and carry out the promotion.

New Seasons market:

This is one of the top supermarket chains in the country and is one of the top food and other service providers. The company was started in 1999 and is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. The retail organization has over 4000 employees.

The company operates around 18 stores which carry out their marketing in various ways.  They interact with the people regarding their products. They are owned by the employee and run privately, which attracts many people.


This is one of the most famous and trusted supermarket chains not in the US but all over the world. The organization started its operations in the USA in the 1970s. In the beginning, they started their operations only around the Chicago area.

Aldi operates with a clear vision and stays very strongly attached to it. Their guiding policies oversee everything that goes into the organization. Their superior quality products and low prices attract a lot of people and make more known to the people.


This is one of the top supermarket chains in the world and is a European organization that is also a fierce rival of Aldi. Their concept is very similar to the concept of Aldi. In the beginning, the company almost let the customers shop for everything at an affordable cost.

They have quality products which get really well suited to the needs of the people. They also have some unique products which make a lot of people aware of that. 


In this list some of the top supermarkets has been discussed. This list will help to get an idea about the best supermarkets. The supermarkets use different methods to carry out their marketing and promotion.

They all provide quality products and has affordable price which makes them in any single day and will marry him. The supermarkets also have lot of products, which provides with the option to clear the air.

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