Top 10 Best Summer Camps In USA

Summer camps are one of the most interesting things in our life. There are many sets of options like any university, and there are a few summer camps, which are like Ivy League summer camps.

Most of the summer camps are located in the Maine area, many of which are the top summer camps and have been in existence for a century. In this list, some of the top summer camps will be discussed.

Best Summer Camps in USA

Kieve summer camp:

This summer camp is located in Maine on the shores of Lake Damariscotta and has been providing various skills like wilderness and boy characters since 1926.

Their main focus remains on excursions like camping and generally, only half of the people remain on the campsite at any given time while the other half goes on camping.  They have various options out of which the person can choose their own.

They market the fact that they are one of the oldest and have been providing excursions with high experience. They have various options like lacrosse, baseball, woodworking, fishing, swimming and paddle boating, and many others. 

Action Quest:

This is one of the top summer camps in the country and is a paradise for travel-centric, adventure lovers and people who love the hands-on experience. They offer summer camping facilities to people of all age groups.

Their adventure has been designed to fit all people of different experience levels. They are located near the British Virgin Islands. 

Their facility to provide summer camping for people of all ages and experiences makes them one of the favored ones. They also run special programs which are for students older than 17 and younger than 14, also making them one of the known camps.

Raquette Lake Camp:

This is one of the top summer camps and is located in New York, and was established in the year 1916. The camp has been enjoyed as the Harvard summer camp and features different types of facilities.

They have extensive programs, state-of-the-art lodgings, uniforms, chefs at the sites, and other facilities. Their selection process is hard with an exclusive application process.

There the students are divided into two groups a boy camp and a girl camp, and they are separated by a lake. 

They market the fact that they have separate camps for boys and girls. Their long list of activities also makes them different.

Camp Laurel:

This is one of the top summer camps which is huge and also has a large number of activities to choose from. The campuses generally get divided on the basis of age, and the grouping takes place in the following way of 3 groups for boys 240 and 3 for 240 girls. They also provide smaller and more specified training with special care.

They have a huge campus which is 3000 square feet of indoor gymnastics, volley court, swimming, zip line, and many other activities. They also have 22 horses which makes them one of the different ones.

Lake Bryn Mawr Camp: 

This is not just one of the top summer camps but also one of the all-girls summer camps which provide safe haven for the girls to enjoy their summer and learn a lot of things. The camp was founded in the year 1921.

They have made their names based on four values Loyalty, Beauty, Merit, and Comradeship. The girls need to wear the required uniform to take part in all the activities which are present here and learn new things. 

The directors visit every hall to take care of their students personally. They have separate facilitesa for dancing, swimming, tennis courts, indoor riding, and others.

Camp Manitou:

This is one of the top summer camps, which is known for providing opportunities for activities. This summer camp was started in the year 1947 and is an all-boys camp.

The camp is known for its different sets of activities which have been designed in a very traditional way. The general routine of the camp starts with a breakfast of milk and cookies at 9:00. 

The camp is huge and has a campus of around 10000 square kilometers with different activities. There are also facilities like a theatre, growing different plants and foods. They also teach the students about traditional farming.

Camp Vega:

This is an all-girls camp that was established in the year 1936 and has been named after the brightest star in the sky. Their motto is that every girl will find the best thing, that is she at the camp.

They have definite uniforms for their students, and the students sit around a campfire and participate in different activities. There the girls are given the option to choose whatever they like.

The camp has a huge campus that has facilities for different activities like windsurfing, jazz, ballet, hip-hop dance, sailing, field hockey, and many others.

Sail Caribbean:

This camp is for people who love the marine environment and love to explore. This is one of the few summer camps which allow students to live in a 50-foot monohull or a 45-foot catamaran for either 2 or 3 weeks. There are also facilities for sea surfing, scuba diving, and others for both experienced and beginners.

They are known for their community services in which they involve their students and teach various aspects of community services.

Camp Androscoggin:

This camp was founded in the year 1907 by one of the former presidents of the American Camping Association and is an all-boys camp. The camp was set up with two basic principles building confidence by participating in every activity and a personalized schedule for progress. Every boy gets a meeting with the big brother before joining.

They have facilities for many different activities like tennis, golf, archery, soccer, riflery, and lacrosse. They also have fields for various outdoor games. They also have an affordable price which makes people avail their opportunities.

Timber Lake Camp:

This is one of the top camps where students are given the opportunity to explore themselves through various activities. The camp is a co-ed facility with a campus spanning for around 500 square acres. The camp also has lakes and mountains. There are various facilities for adventure activities.

The camp also provides a great opportunity for candle making, woodshop, 3d design,  printing, and different sports facilities. They include swimming, martial arts, spinning and yoga.

Top Summer Camps


There are many summer camps present all over the country and offer various activities. They all have different charges for their courses.

It is very important to the best camps and pay for the right thing. All these camps use different marketing strategies to promote themselves and attract students. One of the most common things they promote is the various activities which they have. 

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