30+ Best selling Shopify Themes: How to Pick the Best Theme?

There is lots of work that you need to do from picking what you will sell as products and how will launch your business. 

But there is this one important part which is important and i.e., picking your Shopify theme that not just your store but also helps in keeping your business effective. 

Shopify is one of the eCommerce platforms that help you in launching your store. You just have to register your account, select the look of your store, and add what you want to sell. That’s it! Your store is ready to do business. 

However, when you are creating the store, it’s important to keep everything in proper order so you can get the most from it.

Similar to product category selection, choosing your design also affects the business.

In this article, you will get a basic idea about how you can choose the Shopify themes and which one is the best. To know in detail, keep reading. 

What to Know Before Choosing Your Shopify Theme?

 In research, more than 70% of people don’t trust a site that has poor designs. 

This shows how your theme can help in changing or making the perspective of your customers towards your store. 

However, when you are choosing the Shopify theme, there are some important points you need to take into consideration.  

These points include : 

Choose Your Shopify Theme That Looks Familiar 

The first and most important point to remember when you are picking the theme is to keep it familiar to the users. 

Krug’s first law of usability,  he says “don’t make your user think”

Well, it means your website should be self-explanatory and obvious. 

Picking up the theme follows the website that has the conventional design. Also, choose the layouts and methods which are widely accepted. 

It’s important to choose the Shopify theme that keeps your buyers feeling comfortable and following a consistent look.

Pro Tip: Play safe when you are choosing the theme for your store on Shopify. The more your website looks familiar and comfortable, the more buyers will trust and proceed with the purchase. 

Also, focus on how your store design looks. If the design looks poorly done,  not just people will drop the shopping but also feel uncomfortable. 

Here are a few points that you can make sure to do : 

  • Focus on where your product images are placed. Also, keep it in such a way, so the call to action and price can be easier for the buyer to take action. 
  • Add benefits when you are writing the product description, keep it informational, and highlight what will help the customers if they purchase it. 
  • Keep the font, and placement of the product description focused. Avoid squeezing it to the corners of the page. 
  • Use space that you have on the page, and add testimonials and reviews so it can help customers to get social proof. 
  • Don’t just add one photo of your product, use different angles to click and perspective so the customer gets a much better idea and develops trust. 
  • Add photos that are not one-dimensional. Keep the products that accentuate and have better lighting. 
  • Highlight the features of what you are selling and keep it well defined. 
  • Keep your CTA prominent to get the attention of your audience.

View How Your Product Will Look 

Check your products and how they will look on the Shopify theme you selected. This will help you in understanding how you can pick the perfect one for you. 

30+ Best selling Shopify Themes: How to Pick the Best Theme?

Image source: Shopify 

Generally, the Shopify themes are designed to add premium product images that go perfectly with their style. 

Pro Tip: Replicate the images with your own products. However, make sure you are familiar with the design. As it will not look exactly when you use it in your store. 

Also, if you don’t have product images that are high in quality, it’s better to avoid templates by Shopify as they feature large sections for photos.

Consider Your Resources Before Choosing Shopify Theme 

For the website, it’s important that you have dynamic visuals. But when it comes to entrepreneurs on Shopify, they prefer to choose simple layouts to utilize banners.

So, it becomes a crucial point to understand how much you are willing to invest in images. 

30+ Best selling Shopify Themes: How to Pick the Best Theme?

Image source: ethemes

To those who don’t want to spend too much or tight on funds, it’s important to understand that you don’t have to invest that much either. 

You can choose free themes which will be effective for your store. There are plenty of free Shopify themes that work fine to keep the work going and design simple. 

However, it might be not the first choice, but you can get your work done and grow your business. 

Pro Tip: You can reinvest the money later to get the best themes when your store starts to earn. 

The important point here is to focus on how many resources you have and what to do with them.

Simple Shopify themes can do the work for you. 

Consider Themes That Are Mobile Friendly 

In today’s world, having a mobile-friendly eCommerce website is of utmost importance. 

On Shopify, there are more than 50% of sales happen using mobile devices.

This makes the importance of mobile-friendly themes more important than ever. 

30+ Best selling Shopify Themes: How to Pick the Best Theme?

Image source: pinterest 

When you choose the mobile-friendly Shopify theme, it will also boost the experience of your customers. It increases customer satisfaction which is another best thing for the store. 

The point is simple, however, lots of entrepreneurs overlook this factor when they are choosing their theme,

Pro Tip: Check your theme on both devices, use your smartphone and tablet before you launch the store, it gives you experience related to how it will work. 

Keep your mobile-friendly theme responsive so the buyers can easily access and get the purchase done much faster. 

Also, look for how your website works on mobile and other different devices; you might have to tailor it as per the devices to keep it faster in loading. 

Choose Themes That Are Lightweight 

The importance of having a lightweight website can be understood by taking the example of Amazon. 

If the website slows down its page loading speed by one second. They will lose around $16B in their annual sales. 

30+ Best selling Shopify Themes: How to Pick the Best Theme?

Image source: behance

This highlights how big a role does your website loading speed plays and having a lightweight theme can help in keeping the time much lesser. 

Pro Tip: When you are choosing templates, avoid clumsy elements such as fancy scrollers,  overloaded animations, busy loaders, etc. 

Keep your theme as light as it can be possible. It boosts the chances of getting more visits to your site as they will find it much easier to find the product and purchase without wasting time. 

Steps to Pick the Shopify Theme for Your Store 

It’s never easier when it comes to starting your online business. From choosing the niche,  organizing inventory, and doing all other tons of works. You finally start your business. 

But choosing a theme is still an integral part of online business. Especially when you are using Shopify that’s counted as one of the fastest-growing and top-rated eCommerce platforms.

When you are signing up for the store, the major step includes choosing the theme. 

30+ Best selling Shopify Themes: How to Pick the Best Theme?

Image source: xperteria

Here choosing the right one can help in boosting the efficiency of the store. They have their free and paid templates. 

But to choose one, you have to check every demo and compare features. It will take too much time if you are not having the criteria set for the template.

With this, you can much better 

To make sure you are picking up the right one, here are some basic steps that you can follow. 

Step 1: Note Down Top Three Feature

Before you jump to start the selection, the first step you need to follow is to write down the features you need at all costs. 

Don’t go for the shiny, beautiful typography and demo images. It won’t be for you if you don’t need it or are not going to use it.

Focus on what type of functionality you will need. Add important points such as mega navigation menu, image zoom tool,  frontpage slideshow, etc.

Try to get your prioritized features first. Write down the most important and needed ones in the top three. 

When you have your list ready, you can easily move on to review the themes. 

This gives you an idea to shortlist what theme is suitable for your store. 

Step 2 : Set Your Budget Straight 

Shopify themes have a huge range when it comes to pricing.  It covers free to over $200.

Choosing what will fit your bill, first, it’s important to have the budget ready. 

This will allow you to pick the theme that not just covers the feature list you created but also the price you are comfortable paying. 

However, the free themes are not bad either. They are approved after processing the strict rules of Shopify. So, they will do the work as well.

30+ Best selling Shopify Themes: How to Pick the Best Theme?

Image source: envatotuts

But if you can afford to pay, make sure you are choosing the premium one.

The price range for a premium one can cost $140 to $180. And with these ones, they have more functions as compared to the free ones. 

When you choose the premium themes, you get the advantages of being more professional-looking, flexible, and different than others ( free themes might be used by larger sections so you don’t get a different vibe from your store).

Also, premium themes are designed to deliver better browse,  search and purchase. 

This also leads to better sales and product purchases. 

Step 3:  Select Your Images for Featuring 

Functionality is no doubt the most important factor when it comes to how your customer is going to use the store. 

It’s important that your first impression is effective and count. 

And due to this, lots of themes will have a featured image that is large or have a series of images that are prominently shown on the homepage. 

This is why making sure that your images are on point is a crucial aspect. 

The customer makes their judgment within the 1/10th second. And that’s why you need your best content for it. 

Here the best content is the images. It can be something like a video or it should move to have a better impact on the visitors. 

This step focuses on what images you can use for the banner, and carousel sections of your theme.

Well, you can always change the images in the future. But to pick the best theme, you are going to have some shortlisted images to review your selected ones. 

Step 4: Get the Numbers of Products You Sell 

When you were looking for a theme store, here is one thing you will notice. Not all themes have the same catalog sizes. 

The gears are used to support a certain amount of catalog size which affects the speed and overall result if you have exceeded the amount here. 

For example, if your store has 10 catalogs, it will need less navigation as compared to a store which has 100 or 1000 products. 

30+ Best selling Shopify Themes: How to Pick the Best Theme?

Image source: themeforest

Here when you are choosing the theme, make sure you know how many products you are selling or will add in the future. 

Let’s say you are selling books or digital downloads, anything that is a single product. 

You can show it on your homepage.  But If you have more than that,  you will need a theme where you are allowed to create a selection on the homepage to keep your product arranged and separated. 

This gives much better navigation to the customers. Also, you can list your products with better effective results. 

Choosing the template that has the gears to support the number of products you sell is needed. 

Pro Tip: Get a list first, and add the overall number of products you are selling. Keep this handy so you can check when you are selecting the theme. 

Step 5: Know About the Theme Developer 

So far you should have an idea of what kind of theme you want to choose.  However, there is one more point that most people overlook. 

It doesn’t matter if you are choosing the theme from the Shopify marketplace or from some other place. Always pay attention to who is the developer of the theme.

30+ Best selling Shopify Themes: How to Pick the Best Theme?

Image source: shogun

It’s crucial to remember that not all themes are made in the same way. When you choose the theme, focus on its rating and see what people are saying about the developer. 

The reputation and overall work are crucial parts of choosing the right theme for your Shopify theme. 

Double-check the offers and work before you decide to purchase the theme.

Technical Details To Choose Your Shopify Theme For Store 

Shopify is one of the leading platforms in eCommerce with more than 1000,000 active stores. 

When you choose a Shopify theme, it helps in determining the layout and style that you want your store to look. 

With the provided sections, you can do the page building and structure for navigation menus. 

Choosing the theme on Shopify has a big impact on your website. It affects your visitor’s numbers, functionality, user experience ( UX), and many more technical factors that lead to the conversion rate. 

Some of the technical details that you need to look at so you can choose the Shopify theme are listed here: 

The Size Of Your Product Catalogue 

When you are choosing the theme, focus on the catalog product.  

The Shopify theme store offers the choices that you can filter to choose the number of products that they support. 

For example,  stores like fashion or electronics require a larger catalog that includes more images. 

30+ Best selling Shopify Themes: How to Pick the Best Theme?

Image source: pagefly

Here you will need a theme that can help you in getting the whole collection on display. Also to help in making the browser accessible. 

But if you are looking for a theme and you have a product that is lesser than 10. It’s better to focus on themes that focus on developing the homepage better.

Support From Developers Of Theme  

Well, maybe for certain occasions, you will need help from the developer of your theme. It can be because of changing or tweaking the settings, adding tools, etc. 

Also, you might need the upgrading or request for updating the package. Since building your store is a complicated process, you don’t want something that takes too much time and affects other work.

Here you will need quick access and support from the developers who can help in doing the changes for you.

As for the third-party developers, your dependency increases and that’s why you should check whether they have a good reputation in the market or not.

Responsiveness To The Mobile Devices 

When you are building your store, it’s important to keep your theme supportive and responsive to mobile devices.

In 2019, the Shopify store did $2.9billion in sales between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Even after the scale of doing the promotions,  69% of sales were done from mobile devices. 

30+ Best selling Shopify Themes: How to Pick the Best Theme?

Image source: themeforest

The desktop is one of the preferable options for online sales  but since the mobile is playing a huge role, make sure whatever theme you choose has a higher responsiveness to both devices 

You can also narrow down the selections and do the exploring to check the website on mobile.

When you are doing this, make sure you are focused on these factors: 

  • Change of image and how much it’s covering the mobile screen?
  • The time that takes in scrolling and the interactions with other elements 
  • The drop-down menus are clear when they are vertically arranged
  • Visibility of your Call to action and the accessibility by the thumb
  • Space in Clickable actions to prevent the accidental clicking 

Also, focus on speed and how much time your website takes in loading. However, it’s hard to guess the speed when you choose for the first time. 

It’s better to keep it safe and make sure you have other complex functions in mind that will affect you later. 

Such as images, video blocks, carousels, etc. can increase the loading time. 

The Compatibility And Tools For SEO 

To make sure that your store attracts the right customers. Focus on your ranking in search engines.

This also means that you have to spend less on your PPC ads and focus on sales.

There are some Shopify that have inbuilt SEO features. Whereas there are some others that lend themselves better to SEO through their structure for navigation.

30+ Best selling Shopify Themes: How to Pick the Best Theme?

Image source: geniusecommerce 

Well,  if getting organic traffic is one of the parts that play an important role in marketing strategy then here are a few features you need to look at: 

  • Features for User-generated content 
  • Integrated blogging 
  • Customer  metadata
  • Automatic sitemap generation 
  • Social media sharing buttons
  • Google snippets support.

Support For Language And Translation  

If you are launching global eCommerce on a global level, it’s important that your content is translated to other languages too.  

Even though the majority are familiar with one kind of language, still having the additional language can help in targeting more people. 

Also, it helps in boosting your search engine presence too. 

There are some themes that have language support built-in, but if you are choosing those who haven’t, it might be a little bit difficult. 

Choose the theme that allows you to translate into multiple languages and site search.

Conversion & Checkout Process 

Having a theme that has easier options can help in boosting the Shopify sales funnel.

For example, choosing the theme that comes with progress bars, back buttons, itemized orders, and helpful icons can help your customer to complete their purchase. 

30+ Best selling Shopify Themes: How to Pick the Best Theme?

Image source: weglotsupport

Also, the theme can help in reducing the cart abandonment rate. 

Formatting The Images 

When you are building an eCommerce store, here is one of the biggest advantages you get is serving the content handle. 

So when you upload the pictures to the store, they get distributed through the CDN or international content delivery network. 

This helps in boosting the speed of your page loading. 

30+ Best selling Shopify Themes: How to Pick the Best Theme?

Image source: shopifypremiumthemesupport

It also gives you a dynamic that allows the resizing depending on devices. With this, it saves the extra effort of keeping the different versions of images for mobile and desktop. 

As per the Shopify developers, the file was reduced by 30 % without affecting the quality. 

UX. Menu Architecture And Navigation 

Well, there are lots of particular industries that need special kinds of features. 

If you are selling different products, let’s say you have more than 100. Here categorizing them won’t be easy to categorize. 

That’s why you will need the multi-level menu so you can help the customer to access different items.

With a multi-level menu, your customer can get an instant overlook of your complete product collections. 

30+ Best selling Shopify Themes: How to Pick the Best Theme?

Image source: nudgify

It can help you in reducing the bounce rate if you are using the paid campaign and taking product or category pages as landing pages.

With this, people who clicked on your ads will be easier to navigate and easily explore the store before they exit.

Whereas having features like breadcrumbs and filters makes it easier to navigate for the new visitors as well as the old ones. 

Best Shopify Themes That You Can Consider For Your Store 

Here you can discover the best themes that you can find on Shopify.  Also, they have their own set of features and gears to help the store. 

The best one you can find depends on what you are looking for. Or the list you created by following the above steps and pointers.  

You can find some key functionalities that are added to keep the themes responsive. And it includes : 

  • Lazy image loading
  • Wishlist and compare product features 
  • Sticky and mega menus
  • Countdown deals
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Ajax shopping cart

Here you just require to add your logo of the brand and put the details about your products to get your ideal themes. 

Launch your site and get ready for the business right away! 

1. Elisha

This one is a multi-concept theme on Shopify. Here you get unlimited layouts with a powerful admin panel. This lets your tweak depending on the store and the requirement. 

Also, Elisha is a good option as it’s suitable for a variety of niches.

With the sliders, you can use the space for showcasing your products. Here you can also do it for highlighting the most popular product or you can use it for products that are on sale. 

Apart from this, there are notable features that you get from Elisa. It includes : 

  • Ajax shop and price slider
  • Sticky mega menus 
  • More options in colors 
  • Retina ready 
  • Newsletter Popup 
  • Advance shopping cart in the header 
  • Wishlist

2. Enzo 

If you are confused about what to choose and have no idea, Enzo is the best option to go with. 

Not just it has a multipurpose theme which makes it eligible for different niches. 

30+ Best selling Shopify Themes: How to Pick the Best Theme?

Image source: wedesignthemes

But also responsive and makes the work much faster if you are not into choosing the theme for the store. 

Along with this, you can consider choosing Enzo, as you get the following features: 

  • Multiple currencies
  • Over sticker header 
  • Shipping Calculator 
  • Newsletter signup form (Mailchimp)
  • Product reviews
  • Drop-down shopping cart 
  • Hover effect for the product photos
  • Custom links & icons for social media 

3. Marley 

The theme is more suitable for you if you are looking for a website that has a minimalistic approach to designs. Also, it’s perfect for certain stores like watch shops.

The theme offers a parallax effect that looks stunning and also it gives a much better impact. With this, you can grab your audience’s attention much faster. 

30+ Best selling Shopify Themes: How to Pick the Best Theme?

Image source: Envantoelements

Marley’s theme is also responsive. Apart from this, The theme has different features that include: 

  • Mega menus
  • Multi layouts 
  • Blog pages 
  • CMS pages
  • Product landing pages 
  • SEO optimization 
  • Advance product filter 

4. Wokiee 

Wokie has more than 8000 sales and one of the best sellers. 

With all the needed tools and modules, this theme helps in creating a super fast website which are responsive. 

30+ Best selling Shopify Themes: How to Pick the Best Theme?

Image source: rahulogy

Wokie offers themes that can be used for multipurpose,  This allows you to choose the different layouts and build your store much more hassle-free. 

You can use Wokiee for different purposes such as : 

  • Interior
  • Food
  • Flowers
  • Health 
  • Fashion
  • Electronics
  • Transport
  • Books
  • Sports 

5. Fastor  

Fastor is one of the powerful themes that are responsible and have more than 50 premade skins. 

Also, you get more than 20 header styles that are different and can tweak the colors, fonts etc. 

Here you get the left-to-right and right-to-left languages, as Fastor supports both types. 

Apart from this, you get features such as : 

  • Custom social sharing widgets
  • Custom layout width 
  • SEO optimized 
  • Hover effects for the banner 
  • Sales and new badges 
  • Quick view 
  • Different image effects for products 

6. Kala 

The Kala theme is suitable for a different niche.  The theme is responsive in design and has stunning looks for both mobiles as well as desktop devices. 

Here you get more than 60 pret homepages and layouts for 60+ niche stores. It has 5 different foot stylers, banner sections, an informational top panel.  10 different header styles, product page styles, etc.

Kala covers most of the features that the customers like and developer support, And it includes : 

  • Responsive web design 
  • Custom homepage with sections
  • Advance product filters 
  • Fast product configuration
  • Mega menu
  • Dynamic checkout
  • Sticky buy
  • Size and color swatches
  • Compare and wishlist 
  • Button dark, light, and color

 Kala has other important features with zoomable images viewer, ask a question form, product reviews, search product instantly, 

This one comes with a product gallery to showcase all the important images in one place. You get the blog post, google fonts,  and it’s mobile user-friendly.

7. Avone 

Avone is made for fulfilling all purposes and online stores. 

Here you get the  18 demos for a complete online store. This increases the chances of getting the better for your store as well. 

There are different demos available that you can use, the website has all the demos listed to use and get better ideas. 

This is suitable for future,  fashion, and footwear-like stores. 

Image source: themeforest

With minimal design, here you get a modern, clean, and suitable store. 

Here you get different features such as : 

  • More than 1000 theme
  • Logo positioning  
  •  Adjusting sidebar content 
  • Mega menus
  • Mobile responsive 

Apart from this,  Avone offers general-purpose features that suit the website and keep your store progressing to get more success. 

8. Furniture Paradise 

As the name suggests, The theme looks exclusively for furniture stores. 

However, the theme has multipurpose so you can use it even if you are not selling the furniture. 

The multipurpose design makes the theme ideal for sports, fashion, and many more.

30+ Best selling Shopify Themes: How to Pick the Best Theme?

Image source: themerain

Well, the theme also has different features to keep the website attractive and responsive, here are some that are highlighted. 

  • Megamenu
  • Currency switcher 
  • Quick shop 
  • Cloud zoom 
  • Ajax shopping cart 
  • Ajax product filters
  • Newsletter pop up 
  • Product owl carousel 
  • Grid and List view 


Apparelix is one of the themes on Spotify that suits perfectly if you are looking to take your brick-and-mortar store to an online marketplace. 

The theme is highly functional along with other features that keep the website going smoothly. 

The fully-fledged website comes with an easy interface, advanced features, responsive layout, and well structure to keep the store more suitable to the clean multipurpose theme for Shopify. 

If you have a low budget where you can’t hire teams of developers, then you should consider the pre-designing templates that will keep work handier to you. 

This Spotify comes with all needed tools that might be necessary for free website development. 

To one and all templates, that have numerous layouts which have dynamic sections, footwear variations, categories, and product pages. 

With the help of  Shopify visual builder, here you don’t have to worry about layouts as you can add as many as you like. 

Just reorder, add and remove the selected when they are in real-time mode. 

This one comes with major updates for : 

  • Homepage layouts
  • Header and footer layouts
  • Product page variations
  • Collection
  • Skins
  • Different sections

There are other multiple features that come with Apparlex i.e. 

  • Dropshipping 
  • Multi-currency support
  • Image Gallery 
  • Countdown timer 
  • Ajax shopping cart 

 10. Roxxe 

Roxxe is ideal if you are planning to start a new store. It’s new, beautiful, and fast as well as multipurpose. 

The theme is flexible and it can be perfect to start your business within a few clicks

From starting a store for Korean cosmetics to sportswear, this theme covers all the important requirements that you need.

 It suits all kinds of tastes and goes well with all kinds of niches. 

With the versatile and large range, you can create your level of the store. Here you can shape the store the way you like. 

Also, you can design the homepage with the help of a Shopify visual builder. 

It comes with different visual designs which give you options to play with.

Here you get regular updates on the new designs, new pages, and new topics.

11. Pionita 

If you are planning to start your cosmetic store, Pionnita is the one you should consider.

With the eye-catching template, and the user-friendly theme it requires zero amount of knowledge regarding coding. 

You get page layouts that are exclusively pre-made. Also, these layouts are easy to customize and with the handy tools provided by the admin panel, you can do it much hassle-free. 

30+ Best selling Shopify Themes: How to Pick the Best Theme?

Image source: templatemonster

Also, you get lots of help to create your store as per your liking. 

Pionita allows you to do changes with the module, and you just do a few clicks.

Here you get the sticky menu which displays all the pages. This makes navigation easier for your customer. 

Also, they have the Ajaz cart which allows adding products without exiting the current page. 

12. Similux

If you are looking for a responsive minimal that can be used for various uses, Similux is the one you can consider too. 

The theme is ideal for online stores related to fashion and jewelry. Also if you have a business related to household goods and furniture, this can go well. 

Here you get the four homepages that have the perfect pixel design. Also, you have the drag and drop sections page builder. This ensures you keep your customizing process much more intuitive and flawless. 

30+ Best selling Shopify Themes: How to Pick the Best Theme?

Image source: premiumwebsitetemplates

To know how to use the theme,  you get a well-documented user guide. This will make your process of installation as well as configuring much better. 

It makes it much hassle-free for newbies who do have not much experience in dealing with the theme and other related work for starting their store on Shopify. 

13. Pure Leaf 

To those who are looking for Shopify themes that don’t cost too much but have a powerful site for eCommerce. Then you should go with pure leaf. 

The theme has templates that are not just stunning but also response-designed, added features, and dynamic layouts. 

30+ Best selling Shopify Themes: How to Pick the Best Theme?

Image source: pinterest 

You get complete control over the sidebars and the width content area. Here you have advance customizing and options in choosing the right typography for you. 

Besides all of these features, they have the guarantee to keep your customer experience enjoyable. 

They have added features such as : 

  • Product image zoom
  • Convenient view of products
  • Advanced refine search 
  • Scroll to the top button 

14. LiveStock 

If you are looking for a Shopify theme that can help you in creating stores for a niche like health, accessories, and fashion. Livestock offers a stylish layout and loads of other customization settings. 

This is effortless and you get a drag & drop visual editor. Here you are completely free to do the changes and customize as per your liking to the front view. 

This also takes less time for designing your store as per your preferences and the needs of the business. 

Well, there are different features that you have here including : 

  • Comparison feature
  • Ajax cart 
  • Quickview
  • Cloud Zoom
  • Product wishlist

15. Giftmart 

Giftmart is ideal if you are looking for a theme that suits the niche like gifts and fashion. 

This template gives you a modern website along with multiple features to keep the visitor focused. 

Also, your visitors can find what they are looking for. The theme is flexible so you are free to turn this into anything. 

Giftmart has features that are : 

  • Mega menu 
  • Animations
  • Blog page 
  • Sticky  add to cart 
  • Cross-browser optimization 

Giftmart is easy, simple, and modern so you have the theme that suits the store. Also with the features like the mega menu, you can make the website easy to use.

Animation makes your store more dynamic and the blog page helps to let people know about the new products. 

16. Amera 

 Amera offers a balanced combination of flexibility and modern design. With this theme,  you can start a website that also has mobile optimization. 

Apart from this, Amera has different features such as : 

  • Responsive design
  • Integration of Google web fonts 
  • Multiple currencies 
  • Custom contact page 
  • SEO optimized 

The theme allows you to use the different fonts and keep the store mobile-friendly. 

With SEO optimization, you can boost your website ranking on search engines. 

This not just makes your website easier to find but also you get the target audience you are looking for.

If your store is targeting international customers, you get multiple currency choices for the store. 

17. Paws

As the name suggests, Paws is the best idea to consider if you have store-related pets. 

The theme comes easy to use and has a great look. Here the visitors can get the items much easier. 

Paws don’t add elements that you don’t need or are unnecessary for the store. This helps in keeping the design light which reduces the loading time.

Overall boost the experience of your user and keep the website much more interesting. 

Here you get more features that include: 

  • Easy installation 
  • Responsive design 
  • Various elements 
  • Easy customization 
  • Optimization 

18. Tomkiz

Tomkiz is a Shopify theme that suits especially if you are offering products regardings kids. It includes toys, clothing, etc.

The theme has a vivid and bright appearance that helps in creating the store stunning.

30+ Best selling Shopify Themes: How to Pick the Best Theme?

Image source: templatemonster

With their collection of features, it makes it easier for you to build the store. As for the Tomkiz, you get these added features : 

  • Product labels
  • Gallery page
  • Drag and drop 
  • Instagram shop
  • Facebook chat 

19. Smile 

Another theme that you can consider if you are looking for kids. However, Smile is more focused on baby clothing. 

Because of this, the theme is well-structured and simple.  Here the template enables the addition of different customer content. 

You can add text, videos, and pictures and create appealing blocks. With this, you get different sizes and here you get the option to do customizing. 

You can represent your product the way you like. Smiles have different options for that too. 

Here you can use the display for showcasing your product via: 

  • Lookbook sections
  • Collection banner 
  • Grid Gallery 
  • Slider
  • Product Carousel 

Apart from this, here you get currency options and customize delivery to change the numbers depending on the customers. 


Luxwear is a Shopify theme that is ideal for multipurpose swimwear as well as lingerie. 

If you are looking for a theme that can shine in your store, you can consider choosing this one. 

Here you get unlimited fonts, parallax backgrounds, colors, etc to create your website

You can create your store attractive enough so it can catch the attention of your audience. It’s unique and eye-catching.

With their single product page, you get : 

  • 4 shop heading 
  • 5 shop layout
  • 3 filter layouts
  • 5 products variable style

Apart from this,  The theme supports smart filtering,  ajax shop, product search system, etc. 

The Luxwear Shopify theme has a super fast speed in loading the pages. 

21. Wine

Wine is one of the themes that have a combination of optimization and modern design. Its important features and helpful in creating popular stores. 

The theme is a perfect pick if you are planning to build your eCommerce store.

30+ Best selling Shopify Themes: How to Pick the Best Theme?

 Image source: down

They have various elements as well as features such as : 

  • Chat 
  • Bootstrap compatibility 
  • Parallax effect 
  • Responsive Design 
  • SEO optimization 

The highlighted feature here is the parallax effect which adds the depth effect. This helps in giving a more dynamic and modern feeling to the site. 

Also, bootstrap compatibility helps in creating a responsive device where CSS and HTML are used.

22. Diamond 

Diamond is ideal for you if you are looking for a Shopify theme to start your jewelry store.

This one has a combination of luxurious style and minimalism. 

The theme is flexible and you are allowed to modify it as per your need for the store. 

Also, they have features that include: 

  • SEO optimization 
  • Sale Countdown 
  • Blogs
  • Cross-browser 
  • Sticky menu 

23. Rette  

To those who are looking to start their furniture store and don’t want too tricky a Shopify theme, Rette is the one to pick. 

The layout here is user-friendly. Also, you get all the things that you need for building your modern website that looks stunning. 

They have some important features which include: 

  • Slideshow 
  • Documentation 
  • Google map 
  • Search Form 
  • Multilingual 
  • Multicurrency 

This theme contains the multilingual and multi-currency which makes it perfect for the international store. 

To know how to use the theme and create the store for you,  you can use the documentation that has all the needed information. 

24. Hosting 

If you are looking for the best Shopify themes and you are a  hosting service provider. Well, this one got everything covered for you. 

Also, all the elements here are 100% optimized.  Not just you get a unique website and a high level of flexibility. But also they have important features such as : 

  • Responsive design 
  • Chat
  • Bootstrap compatibility 
  • Optimization

This one includes almost everything that you need so the website stays useful and as per your requirements. 

25. Popshop 

Popshop has a cool and colorful vibe that goes well if you are looking for a vivid template. 

Especially for the store that sells candies or sweets, Popshop is the ideal Shopify theme that they can consider. 

30+ Best selling Shopify Themes: How to Pick the Best Theme?

Image source: pinterest

To keep it user-friendly, Popshop has all the needed elements. Also, they have some added ones such as: 

  • Testimonials 
  • Custom content 
  • Parallax effect 
  • Product Carousel
  • Instagram feed 

26. Mexico 

One of the best themes that you can find for starting your online store is Mexico.  

With the elements that you need to build your website, they are completely optimized too. 

Apart from this, you can use creativity and create a unique store. To help you with this, you have features like : 

  • Product grid 
  • Blogs
  • Compatibility 
  • Product  Amazon affiliate 
  • Clean design 

The theme has a product amazon affiliate that helps in boosting the client numbers.

 Also with the compatibility, you can get a browser that is 100% compatible and modern. 

27. Esteva 

If you are looking for a theme that can reduce distractions, well Esteva has the perfect solution for that. 

Also for those who are looking for nutrients as well as the health shop.

With the bloat-free layout that highlights the homepage as well as the product. This one has a specialization in health, nutrients, and wellness.

Apart from this, it comes with a 5 premade homepage layout that is different from online shops.

With every layout, you get features like : 

  • Image sliders
  • Mega menus
  • Flexible section design 
  • Ajax shopping cart 
  • Wishlist functions

28. Cafi 

Cafi is a beautiful Shopify theme for a coffee store. 

The theme is speed and SEO optimized. Also, the coding is done in that way to keep it fast as well as responsive. 

With this, Cafi can be used for mobile and cross-browser compatibility to keep the workings smooth.

This one has a drag-and-drop builder, special effects, carousels,  and fonts. 

It comes with loads of features to keep the theme suitable for you : 

  • Mega menu 
  • Ajax wishlist 
  • Sidebar tag filter 
  • Product Comparison 
  • Dynamic checkout buttons

29. Cheerx

If you are looking for a theme that can be charming and especially for a store like beer & liqueur. 

Well, Cheerx is a stylish and modern theme that gives a long-lasting impression. 

The theme comes with different  features that include: 

  • Newsletter pop up 
  • Product owl carousel 
  • Ajax wishlist 
  • Shopping cart 
  • Quick view
  • Cloud zoom

Also, the theme is coded using HTML5 and CSS3 which keeps the sites secure as well as abreast. 

Cheerx is integrated with all important social media so you can easily share the blogs as well as products with others. It’s also SEO optimized. 

This one is reliable and comes with support and a user guide.

30. Mipet 

Mipet is one of the powerful themes that will help in creating an eye-catching shop. It’s ideal for a pet food shop and offers beautiful homepage layouts. 

30+ Best selling Shopify Themes: How to Pick the Best Theme?

 Image source: pinterest

Apart from all of it, this one comes with all elements that you will require to show on pet-related items. It keeps the store much more good-looking and organized. 

There are different features that Mipet has, apart from being responsive and retina and i.e

  • Pop up newsletter 
  • Ajax add to cart 
  • Automatic price change
  • Wishlist 
  • Buy together functionality 
  • Quick view
  • Drawer shopping cart
  • Multi-currency support

This Shopify theme is SEO optimized and compatible with Oberle. You get good documentation to use this in better ways. 

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