Top 10 Best Pesticides Companies in the US

A pesticide is any material or repellent that destroys and prevents the pests that can harm any type of crop. It can  be a mixture of agrochemicals or can be pure herbal ones also. Pesticides are extensively used by the American farmers also naturally .

On the one hand pesticides are expected to keep away harmful insects, pests and rodents from the crop and on the other hand it helps in increasing the crop yield. With the increase in demand for organic food, the demand for pesticides has also increased simultaneously.

The pesticides market is expected to be around US$19.1 Billion by 2022 growing at a rate of 5% annually.

Best Pesticides Companies in the US

10. Nufarm USA

Nufarm Americas Inc. is based out of Alsip Illinois. The company has two plants in Chicago producing almost 90% of their products that they sell. The facility at Alsip HQ has State of the Art technology which the company can really boast of.

Apart from pesticides production, Nufarm also specialises in turf, Ornamental plants, Greenhouse, seed treatment and industrial vegetation management.  

Nufarm has a strategic business relationship with Sumitomo Chemicals. Coupled with Nufarm’s wide distribution network , sales have grown up manifold in recent years.

9. United Phosphorus Limited

India’s largest pesticides manufacturer is one of the heavyweights in the USA market. UPL is one of the leading global players in the crop protection segment.

Apart from specialising in crop protection techniques, UPL also imparts valuable inputs in seed protection and post harvest solutions to the farmers.

A novel strategy adopted by UPL is its dedicated and highly professional registration team which works in close coordination with registration authorities and the end consumers.

8. Sumitomo Chemicals

Part of the giant group, with 160 companies worldwide, Sumitomo is a trend setter in the crop protection scenario apart from being a major player in petrochemicals, crop sciences and other allied services.

A great marketing strategy that has really paid off is its marketing channel network through affiliates and marketing distribution zones where apart from marketing of  pesticides one can avail of plant growth regulations, agrochemicals and biological herbal pesticides

7. FMC Corporation

Founded in 1883 with headquarters in Philadelphia, FMC started off as Bean Spray Pump Company manufacturing piston pumps for insecticides.

Rechristened in 1928 as Food Machinery Corporation, it diversified into various other industries including military hardware and  other types of agricultural equipments since the World War II.  

The company in order to retain, reinforce and strengthen its current position in the US pesticides market plans to delve more into organic growth like product innovations, expanding the market horizon and continuous research for betterment.

6.Adama Agricultural Solutions

Adama is  Israeli based  with their US Headquarters in New Connecticut. Apart from manufacturing insecticides and fungicides , the company also manufactures herbicides. With their R&D facilities worldwide, Adama has big presence in Israel and China.

The Chinese agricultural major Hubei Sanoda acquired Adama in 2017. Adama markets its products in 100 countries globally and has 60 subsidiaries.

Adama lays highest focus and stress in its product development and enhancement of its product attribute continuously. It also focuses on specific customer needs and the solutions are tailor made according to customer requests.

5. Monsanto

One of the well known names in the pesticides industry globally, the company was founded in 1901 with the headquarters at Missouri. In 2018 the German multinational giant Bayer acquired the company and made it a part of its crop science division.

The company is a major player in genetically engineered crop segment. During 1970s Monsanto produced a specific herbicide “Roundup” which was acclaimed internationally. Controversy has always being a part of Monsanto be it introduction of genes in plants or genetically engineered crops. 

Very deftly, Monsanto has made use of the four Ps in marketing by aptly handling, the items — Product, price, place and promotion.

4. Corteva Agriscience Inc

Corteva has in its core values the expertise of two giants – Dow, DuPont Pioneer. In fact it is an amalgamation of both of them. Both the companies are path breaking in the field of agriculture and crop sciences in their own rights.

The company works in perfect sync with the producers farmers and the end consumers so that the right balance in crop protection management is maintained.

Having harnessed some of the best brains in crop sciences, one of Corteva’s objectives is also to have a better earth for living.

The strategy of the company is manifold. One – through continuous R&D to deliver the best what the present food system demands and to help increase consumer confidence in their products. Also to have comprehensive solutions to all the farmers needs is also of prime importance.  


One of the biggest German MNCs, BASF’s American headquarters is in New Jersey. As a leading manufacturer of pesticides, BASF plays a very responsible role in environmental protection.

It is the pioneer of Chemcycling project,a concept  to produce new chemical products from plastic waste. It plays a leading role as a partner of a global alliance to reduce plastic waste and stopping pollution of oceans.

The main corporate strategy of the company says — “ We create Chemistry for a sustainable Future”. True to its core, they have what they call Verbund integration to carry on  innovation for the betterment of the society.

2. Bayer

One of the global leaders in pesticides internationally, Bayer is the subsidiary of the German parent group Bayer AG . The main office is located in New Jersey . the company has been instrumental in creating A 1 pesticides thus yielding the crop yield and ensuring better food supply globally.

The company is very active in fulfilling its corporate social responsibility. 

1. Syngenta AG

Undoubtedly the leader in the pesticides market globally as also in the USA , Syngenta has its thrust in mainly – crop protection , seeds protection and its treatment. It is truly a one stop place for all integrated solutions to crop protection. The main motto of the group is in innovation for helping the farmers at large.  A

t its RTP Innovation Centre Advanced Crop lab, the scientists are relentlessly working on better products innovation for minimising damage to the crops. At present the company uses 145 products in as many as 200 types of crops around the country.

For wheat, vegetables, soyabeans and corn, Syngenta produces new hybrid seeds variety. 

The company has a novel marketing strategy of providing solutions for almost anything to do with plants be it landscape and turf management, ornamental plants growth, pesticides management at homes and offices, flowers for homes and gardens and last but not the least — professional pest management.

Top Best Pesticides Companies

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