Top 10 Best Payroll Companies That Are Leading

It is essential for most business owners to dedicate more time to administrative jobs such as payroll. Once there are multiple employees or contractors working for your company, bookkeeping might require a significant amount of time.

However, it will be possible to save your valuable time by making use of payroll outsourcing companies which will allow you to concentrate on your own business. In this article, we have talked about the top 10 payroll companies in the US at present.

Best Payroll Companies

10. MyPayrollHR

This particular company is known to bring a “co-sourcing” solution while other similar companies concentrate on outsourcing payroll services. This is achieved by this company by providing lots of payroll services at a rather flat rate which might cost more with other similar companies.

While using MyPayrollHR you are going to have around-the-clock access to lots of payroll features, including direct deposit, timesheet entry, payroll processing, general ledger tracking, plus deductions and contributions. It is also possible to include new employees for free which can help you to save cash in the long run. 

9. iSolved

This payroll company provides basic as well as full-service solutions. It is also possible to track attendance and employee time, and iSolved likewise provides multiple portals as well as including for positions like administrators, employees, managers, and insurance brokers or agents.

The access controls, which happen to be role-based, can help you to make certain that every single department receives the required information that is needed by them to ensure that their employee requirements are properly addressed.

Moreover, you’re not going to overwhelm any specific department by providing them with an excessive amount of responsibility or information at once.

iSolved is going to be the ideal payroll service for you in case you want to go for a comprehensive suite of HR and payroll benefits.

8. PayUSA

This company provides payroll services for as many as 1000 employees. It will be possible for your employees to deposit checks into a single bank account or a number of accounts simultaneously using direct deposit.

In case you like to go for paper checks, this company likewise provides chick stuffing solutions as well as which will print the signature automatically on every single check. PayUSA can be used for services such as ACA compliance, new hire reporting, tax reporting, and workers’ compensation.

You might prefer using this particular payroll company thanks to its customized payroll services.

7. SurePayroll

This particular payroll company is known to provide online solutions for businesses with as many as 10 employees. Payroll can be easily submitted by making use of several facilities offered by SurePayroll, including the mobile payroll app, time clock integration, and integration with most of the bookkeeping programs out there.

One important reason to take into consideration this payroll company happens to be its A+ BBB rating out there. SurePayroll will allow you to submit payroll online or you can also use their mobile application.

Any withholding tax at the local, national, and state levels will be automatically calculated by this company.

6. OnPay

This one is yet another extensive and inexpensive payroll solution. You will be able to enjoy several benefits for a flat monthly charge, including prepaid cards or paper checks at no extra cost, fresh employee self-boarding, lifetime accessibility for the previous workers, and new-hire reporting.

One important reason for using this service is the fact that there is no need to pay extra for payment cards or printed checks.

Even though direct deposit happens to be the most convenient and quickest, it will be better to use the option while writing a check. OnPay can also be used for health benefits. 

5. ADP

Probably ADP happens to be the biggest payroll outsourcing company in the US. In spite of being more costly as compared to some of the other options, this company has got a fantastic reputation at present. According to your payroll requirements, you can select from several ADP plans, including Essential Payroll, Complete Payroll, and Enhanced Payroll.

The company provides a number of options for full-service HR solutions, including background checks, HR forms, a compliance database, and new hire onboarding. 

 4. Deluxe Payroll Services

This payroll company can boast of having an extended history of offering payroll assistance to organizations at all places. They are known to serve large corporations as well as small businesses.

The standard payroll package of Deluxe consists of features like a payroll register, employee checks, tax advice, worksheets, and exception reports. They likewise provide payroll debit cards, bank reconciliation, paper checks, as well as Direct Deposit.

They also come with dedicated customer service for all your payroll requirements and queries. It will also be feasible for you to submit the payroll info by means of online, by fax or by phone at the website of company.

3.  Paychex

This company is accountable for the payroll services of 9% of the private-sector workers in the US. You will like to select the proper platform depending on the current size of your company. The 2 most well-liked options for small businesses happen to be the Paychex Flex Select and the Express Payroll.

Express Payroll will allow you to enjoy several benefits, including direct deposit, new hire posting, payroll tax administration, a free mobile app, and around-the-clock phone support. Paychex is going to calculate, pay, and also file the proper state, local, as well as federal taxes for every single employee.

While employing a fresh contractor or employee, Paychex is going to report all the new hires automatically to the proper state registry. 

2. Intuit Quickbooks

In case you are already tracking the business transactions on this payroll company, your subsequent step will be to use their Full-Service payroll or Enhanced Payroll option. This particular option is accessible with any of the three small business plans, including Essentials, Simple Start, and Plus.

The Enhanced Payroll option will allow you to enter the overtime, the number of hours, and deductions for as many as 50 contractors and employees.  Intuit Quickbooks likewise calculates and also pays payroll taxes. Apart from this, you are going to have access to an expert anytime you need assistance.

The Full-service payroll option will offer you several advantages, including direct deposit on the same day, new hire forms, as well a no-penalty guarantee. 

1. Gusto

This company is known to provide a cloud-based payroll and human resource management application for businesses at present. Gusto takes care of the payments to the contractors and employees as well as the paperwork required to aid the customers in complying with labor, tax, and immigration regulations.

This payroll company operates in all 50 states in the country. The core product offering of Gusto happens to be payroll processing. It provides employee onboarding as an integral part of the payroll product. 

Apart from this, Gusto likewise provides dental insurance, health insurance, as well as vision insurance administration and enrollment. Similar to other providers, Gusto charges a monthly fee from the employees.

Top Payroll Companies

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