Top 10 Best Liquor Brands That Are Famous World Wide

It is a well-known fact that Americans love their liquor and spirits. The consumption of it becomes more during the festive seasons. It generally ranges from vodka to whiskey to scotch to even gin. Which one is the favorite, though?

That question could only be answered by asking the people themselves. The responses received gives a pretty good perspective of the top 10 liquor brands in the US. They go as follows-

Best Liquor Brands:


Anything coffee-flavored is a hit in this part of the world, and the liquor section is no exception. Kahlua took up a spot on the list, and Johnny Walker could not make it. This is enough testimony of the fact that it is liked by many. The taste has been described to be distinctive and classic which results in it having so many takers.

Statistics show that women prefer it more than men. The sales of the brand have been on the rise since 2016, which can be attributed to the fact that most people now welcome the idea of coffee-flavored cocktails in comparison to hard drinks as such. This makes Kahlua one of the most popular brands of liquor in the US.

Jack Daniels

You must have heard of the Tennessee Whiskey brand on television ads and on the internet quite often. Even choice-wise, Jack Daniels seems to be a crowd favorite among the people of the US. The sales of it have been on the rise, with numbers recording it to be as high as 7%. It has been labeled as a liquor whose taste never gets old and is an all-time favorite among the faithful.

They recently launched a new expression that said that it formed a perfect balance of a variety of flavors. Their new serves that are ready to drink have also been found to be very successful in the market.


Rum is definitely one of the most popular types of liquor in the world, and Bacardi is the best representative of it. Therefore, it makes sense that it is included in the list of top liquor brands in the US. The Aneja Cuatro flavor, which is a new entrant in the mix, is an effort of the brand to climb up the ladder of premiumization.

They have a very sound advertising strategy in place, with Trinidadian Dj Jillionaire being the brand ambassador. They continue to launch new limited edition rums that have been liked by almost all liquor lovers.

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There was no way that Smirnoff would miss out on the list of best liquor brands in the US. Its popularity of it is also greatly influenced by a number of celebrities and influencers who parade it as one of the best in the business, and rightly so.

More than 50% of Americans have agreed that Smirnoff vodka is one of the most-liked liquor that is consumed, with their packaging and marketing being an added advantage. Imagine having a watermelon-flavored vodka. The idea of it itself is very enterprising. The fact that they make a lot of effort to have a good online presence also adds to its popularity.

Their recent collaboration with Spotify to promote more female musicians has also gained appreciation from all corners of the world. 


If there was one liquor that got most of its brownie points based on its taste, Baileys would definitely be it. They also spend a lot of time and money on finding new ways to market the brand which has also resulted in its booming popularity.

Even though it is an Irish Whiskey variant, the strawberry and the cream-flavored ones have also struck the right chord with the drinkers. They recently worked on launching a version that was free from even dairy products, making it one of the most sought-after vegan drinks. Thus, the popularity of Baileys is simply unparalleled.

Crown Royal

It is one of the most popular whiskey brands by the company Diageo, and the US is no exception. The fact that JB Smoove is the brand ambassador of this liquor brand makes it more appealing to the newer generations.

It recently launched a platform known as Generosity, and the strategy seems to work quite well, as Crown Royal had a growth of 4% in the recent market. The Deluxe and the Apple version of the brand have also been able to get the brand to the top.


Many do not consider gin to be hard liquor. Therefore, it is hard to believe that it is included in this list. However, this liquor brand seems to be breaking all norms, especially on the basis of the sales in the market, becoming one of the most sold gins in the US market. If you are under the impression that the flavor is very dry, it occasionally launches new ones like the Lime and Pineapple versions which have been widely appreciated as well.

The fact that Seagrams has been around since 1857 is enough marketing for the brand in itself. A product that has been a fan-favorite for more than a century has most of its popularity by word of mouth.

Jim Beam

If you have heard of a honey-flavored premium bourbon liquor brand, chances are high that it is Jim Beam. When a brand has an ambassador as famous as Mila Kunis, it is natural that the sales have recently skyrocketed. The introduction of the vanilla flavor has also worked magnificently toward its popularity.

There are very few people, drinkers, and non-drinkers alike, who have not heard of Jim Beam in the US. The brand is often considered the perfect representation of the native nature of the country. Do not miss out on Jim Beam shots to have one of the most amazing liquor-drinking experiences.

Grey Goose

The fact that it is the second brand of vodka to feature in this list after Smirnoff gives enough indication of the fact that Americans love their vodka. Although Grey Goose is a French-based liquor, it has been widely accepted by the faithful in the US as well.

The taste is very distinctive and considered to be extremely smooth, which is why it is preferred by many. The sales of Grey Goose have been continuously on the high, with double-digit profits for the brand being the norm.

They have a very good marketing strategy at the place as well, with a targeted approach towards the people of Charles De Gaulle and Melbourne Airport, which contributed to its good revenue generation as well. 

Captain Morgan

If you are looking for a liquor brand that is completely value for money and also does not compromise on quality in any manner, Captain Morgan, a popular rum brand in the US, is the perfect example of it. It is also one of those liquor brands that are preferred by the male gender more than the female one.

Captain Morgan also makes a lot of effort to continuously better it’s a product and launch new innovative flavors in the market. The watermelon, as well as the coconut-flavored rum, are the perfect examples of it.

Like most other brands mentioned here, it is also owned by Diageo, and they have issued instructions to remodel the bottle so that it has more of a modernistic appeal to the common masses.

Top Liquor Brands

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