Top 10 Best Ice-cream Brands in the USA

Almost everyone loves ice-cream and loves to have one every day and experience as many as they can. There are many ice-cream brands in the market and it is very important to know the best brands so that people can spend their money on good brands.

Today almost every brand has their set of flavours and people can choose what they want to eat. Generally the companies with big names have an advantage as people tend to bend more towards the brands with established names. To attract more customers brands are bringing in new products and combinations.

Best Ice-cream Brands in the USA

Blue Bunny:

This is one of the biggest ice-cream manufacturers in the USA and is owned by Wells Enterprises, the largest ice-cream manufacturer in the USA. They are known for their quality of products and the ingredients they use whether it is the local milk or the fresh products. They are known to produce the a very high quality ice-cream. The brand sells ice-creams sell a large variety of 70 flavours which makes it very convenient for people to choose from.

They use different names for better understanding of the products and its N cream bunny has become so popular that it gets them lot of promotion. They are affordable too.

Ben & Jerry’s:

This organization was started back in the year 1978 when the founders took a $5 correspondence course in making ice-cream at Penn State and spent $12000 for their first shop. Since the they have transformed them into a ice-cream manufacturer and has been doing great. Some of their popular flavours are Cherry Garcia, Wavy Gravy, Chunky Monkey and Phish Food fill.

The organization has been functioning for a very long time and has made a name for them. In the year 2016 they brought a new type of vegan ice-cream made with almond milk and many other popular flavours. Their price range is also very affordable.


This is one of the most known and biggest ice-cream brands in the world. They are in the ice-cream production for the last 50 years. Their bi9ggest strength is that their ice-creams are creamy, soft texture and the premium ingredients they use makes it known for their quality and taste. They have different flavours like vanilla, chocolate, coffee and other. Their unique flavours include green tea, mango and peppermint black. 

Their name gives them a lot of promotion and makes them one of the loved brands. Their vegan ice-creams make them one of the loved brands as they attract a lot of people.


This is one of the most famous brands with long history. The organization started its journey back in the year 1866 when William A. Breyers hand-cracked his first gallon in Philadelphia. He started off by selling his ice-creams made of rich cream, pure cane sugar, fresh fruits and nuts to his neighbours. Very soon they became the most famous and known ice-cream in Philadelphia.

They are a very old company with long history making the people admire the brand very well. In the year 1993 the organization was taken over by Unilever making it more promoted and known brand.


The organization is mostly known for its cheese but this farmer-owned has also made its name in the world of ice-cream. The company is based in Tillamook, Oregon and makes their ice-creams with artisan ingredients like California pistachios, peaches, Oregon hazelnut and Oregon berries. The desserts are generally made with extra butterfat and creams which differentiates with other manufacturers. 

Their popular flavours create a lot of promotion for themselves and makes well aware of their products. They make the price fairly affordable which allows all people to buy their products. Their ice-creams have been in the market for long time making people enjoy them every time which makes it one of the most known brands.


This organization was started back in 1928 by Joseph Edy and William Dreyer. The next year they created a flavour called rocky road and this flavour made the brand famous and took it to the sky. Since then the company has changed many hands but still has managed to remain as one of the top ice-cream manufacturers in the country. 

The organization is known for its flavours which makes the people aware of the brand. The promotion of the company depends on the fact that it has been able to hold its long history.


This is one of the most famous and luxurious ice-cream brands which have made people feel enchanted over the years. In the beginning the ice-cream was only available in only chocolate, caramel, hazelnut and vanilla bars filled with Belgian chocolate.  Now they also offer magnum ice-cream in a tub with white chocolate milk or milk chocolate hazelnut.

Their taste and flavours made the ice-cream brand different from others. They use a chocolate wrapper which needs to be broken before eating makes it very tasty. This marketing strategies has worked well for the brand. Their tubs are priced at $4.29.

Blue bell:

Blue Bell is situated in a small town of Brenham, Texas and started their operation back in the year 1907. At present it is one of the biggest and loved ice-cream brands in the world. But in the case of USA it is not available in all the states. They recently recalled their operations due to listeria outbreak. The company got is most known for its flavours like Dutch chocolate, mint chocolate and homemade vanilla.

The company became very famous with introduction of its flavours like homemade vanilla. Blue bell is available in almost all grocery stores making it very easily accessible to all the people. 

Dairy Queen:

This is one of the most popular and most loved ice-cream brands in the country and has been in business since 1938. At present in USA, Canada and 18 other countries with around 6000 outlets.

Many surveys and magazines has valued them at $3.1 billion which gives a lot of promotion. The company gets lot of promotion for the long time it has been functioning.

Cold Stone Creamery: 

This is an American ice-cream brand which has been in manufacturing of ice-cream since 1988. The company first opened its outlet in Arizona. Today it is present in countries like UAE, Brazil, Japan and many others.

They were ranked as the 11th fastest growing company which ot them lot of promotion. Their product quality creates a lot of marketing for them.


In this list some of the top ice-cream brands in the country has been listed. They all have their own strengths which take forward from the others. They use marketing in different ways to stay ahead of the others.

Generally the companies with big names have an advantage as people tend to bend more towards the brands with established names. One of the most common paths everyone uses is that they showcase their quality and freshness to attract more customers.

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