Top 10 Best Health Insurance Companies in the US

Health insurance happens to be a kind of insurance where the medical costs of the insured individual will be paid by the insurance company. There are two types of health insurance organizations at present, namely, individual companies and group companies.

While individual companies deal with the health insurance of professionals and self-employed persons, other time handles health insurance for a large group of people. It is important for you to find a trustworthy health insurance company to support you in the long term.

Best Health Insurance Companies in the US

In the subsequent paragraphs, we have mentioned the top 10 health insurance companies in the US at present.

10. Molina Healthcare, Inc.

This company happens to be a Fortune 500 company that emphasizes healthcare programs sponsored by the government for qualified people as well as families. Molina Healthcare, Inc. makes contracts with state governments by offering a vast range of healthcare services to families and individuals.

It offers health plans in Illinois, California, New York, New Mexico, Ohio, Texas, South Carolina, Puerto Rico, Washington, and Wisconsin. Molina Healthcare, Inc. likewise provides a Medicare product at present.

9. WellCare

This particular health insurance company emphasizes providing managed care services sponsored by the government to families, individuals, kids, as well as seniors with complicated medical requirements.

They do this by means of Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, as well as prescription drug programs. At present, WellCare is known to serve approximately 6.5 million individuals throughout the US.

8. Cigna Health

This one happens to be an international health service company that can boast of having in excess of 65 million clients along with patient relationships in more than 35 nations plus jurisdictions.

The products and insurance plans of Cigna Health consist of healthcare insurance for families and individuals, Medicare plans, dental insurance programs, Medicare supplemental plans, global health insurance, as well as other supplemental insurance.

7. Centene Corp

This particular Fortune 500 company happens to be a multinational and diversified health insurance company that offers a variety of services to healthcare programs sponsored by the government and focuses on underinsured and uninsured people.

Centene Corp functions in as many as 32 states along with three international markets with over 16 million members. This company offers a variety of health insurance services out there.

Moreover, it makes agreements with other commercial and healthcare companies to provide specialty services, including pharmacy benefits, dental benefits, behavioral health, and so on. They likewise provide telehealth as well as specialty pharmacy services.


HCSC happens to be the biggest healthcare insurance company which is owned by customers in the United States. In excess of 18 million members are served by the company across as many as five states, including New Mexico, Montana, Illinois, Texas, and Oklahoma.

HCSC is known to employ in excess of 24,000 individuals in more than 65 local offices. A wide range of health and life insurance products are provided by this company at present by means of its subsidiaries and affiliates, which include the likes of Dearborn Group, HCSC Insurance Service Company, Dental Network of America, Medecision, Prime Therapeutics, Availity, as well as TriWest Healthcare Alliance.

5. CVS

This insurance company intends to help individuals by means of its health services and plans out there. CVS has got over 9,900 retail locations plus almost 1,200 medical clinics at present. There are approximately 94 million members, and the company serves around 23 million medical members as well.

CVS can be described as an insurance company that has been serving in excess of 1 million patients every year while expanding its specialty pharmacy solutions too. 

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4. Humana

The cultural foundation of this health insurance company has been aligned to help the members achieve the best health at present. Humana performs this by offering simplified, personalized, as well as whole-person healthcare services.

This company recognizes that the healthcare of every single individual and family requires evolving, and it creates innovative resources and solutions for helping individuals lead healthy life.

3. Anthem, Inc.

Anthem, Inc. happens to be a health insurance company that intends to improve the lives of the communities and also make healthcare simpler. Right now, this company serves in excess of 80 million people, and it intends to be the most valuable, inclusive, and creative partner.

The affiliated health programs of this company have established various PPOs, HMOs, different types of specialty and hybrid products, plus health plan solutions that help individuals lead a decent life. It will be possible for the different groups to choose from comprehensive and basic plans for fulfilling their individual requirements.

A wide variety of specialty products as well as other services, is available, which includes COBRA administration plus adaptable spending accounts.

2. Kaiser Foundation

Right now, this particular health insurance company functions in the form of a non-profit organization. Kaiser Foundation provides a variety of services, including allergy, cardiology, audiology, occupational therapy, pediatric rehabilitation, dermatology, hospice, pain management, laboratory, oncology, nephrology, as well as a pharmacy.

This company is known to serve patients in the United States.

1. UnitedHealth

Being a diversified health insurance company, the core abilities of UnitedHealth happen to be Advanced Technology, clinical expertise, as well as health and data information.

This insurance company is known to serve consumers and customers in the United States plus over 140 other nations by means of a couple of distinct platforms at present.

While healthcare benefits and coverage services are provided by UnitedHealthcare, technology and information-enabled health services are offered by Optum. UnitedHealth is known to invest over $3.6 billion in innovation and technology right now.

Top Health Insurance Companies

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