Top 10 Best Gun Companies in The USA

The history of guns and their culture is synonymous with the USA. Guns were very much used in The Great American Revolution.

During the better part of the 19th century, Cowboy culture and the Wild West had got implanted in the American mindset.

Even about a century ago, gun totting people and occasional gunfights were a very common sight on the streets of America.

Best Gun companies in the USA

In this context, one cannot forget the assassination of Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Senator Robert Kennedy.  

10. Savage Arms –

Founded in 1894 in Westfield, Massachusetts, Savage Arms was a subsidiary of Vista Outdoors till 2019. Savage manufactures a whole range of firearms like rimfire and centerfire rifles.

Stevens single-shot rifles and shotguns are the flagship brand of the arms manufacturer. Savage arms were used extensively in World War II. Currently, Savage produces rimfire rifles Model 64, A series, Model 93, Mark II series, and B series.

It also makes combo guns and sporting rifles. Its best-known product is the Model 99 lever action rifle (not in production now) and the 300 Savage. 

9. Springfield Armory Inc –

Founded in 1974 and based in Illinois, the arms manufacturer makes a whole array of premium quality rifles, shotguns, handguns, and pistols both for sporting purposes as well as for self  protection.

Springfield Armory has the rare distinction of winning the prestigious American Rifleman’s Golden Bullseye award from the National  Rifle Association four times.

Its name is historic because, in 1777, the Armory was created as per instructions of the first American President, George Washington, which closed in the early 1960s.

The present founders hire the name. New launches from the stable of Springfield recently include 9mm pistol, 5.56, and other handguns and light ammunition

8. Beretta –

One of the oldest gun makers worldwide  , Beretta was established in Italy almost 500 years ago. It operates in several countries and is famous for its sporting guns apart from ammunition for law enforcement and as military hardware.

Beretta has the rarest distinction of supplying arms to every major European war since 1650. Beretta USA has one of the biggest ranges of accessories and apparel like men’s and women’s wear, T-shirt for shooting, cartridge bags for hunting, trousers, eyeglasses, bags, and cases, and gun accessories apart from 9mm pistols, rifles, shotguns, and gun barrels. 

As a strategy, at the moment, Beretta is offering its customers a 25% discount on the sale of clothing, knives, and gun accessories. 

7. Colt Defense –

The Connecticut-based Colt Manufacturing LLC was formed in 1855 and is internationally renowned for its range of pistols, revolvers, rifles, handguns, and other firearms.

In 2002 Colt Manufacturing Company was reorganized, and Colt Defense began manufacturing small arms for individual soldiers and law enforcement agencies, especially the police. 

The producer of the fabled M16 rifle, Colt, now has a massive assortment of firearms based on the derivative of the M4 Carbine. Colt is one of the largest suppliers to the US Defence forces and has a subsidiary in Canada too. 

6. Mossberg –

Originally known as O.F. Mossberg and Sons, the company is a century-old arms manufacturer from Connecticut making rifles and shotguns for hunting, rifle shooting competitions, self-defense, and the police.

Two of the iconic products are the Mossberg Brownie pistol and Mossberg 940 JM shotgun. Mossberg produces some of the finest bolt action and pumps action shotguns for rifle shooting sports, and its 500 series pump action shotgun is one of the highest-manufactured sporting arms in the world. 

Other ammunition ranges include bolt action, lever action and autoloading rifles, pump action, and autoloading shotguns. Last year the company introduced a subcompact semi-automatic pistol which is steadily picking up in the market..

5. Heckler & Koch –

The German arms and ammunition major from Baden – Wurttemberg was established in 1949 and had its subsidiaries in the USA, U.K., and France.

The company is the primary arms supplier to the crack  US Navy Seals, Delta Force, HRT, and other counter-espionage and counter-terrorist groups.

Known worldwide for its innovation in ammunition, HK, as the company is better known, has also used polymers in its weapon design. It has recently shaped polygonal rifling with a cutting edge above all other systems.

Some of the better-known guns of HK are MP5, UMP Submachine guns, G3, Battle rifles, assault rifles, general-purpose machine guns, handguns, and sniper rifles

4. SIG Sauer –

The name of these firearms major from Germany originated from combining the names of two sister organizations producing arms. L & O Holding gruppe is the owner of Sid Sauer Group now.

The American-based Sigram was renamed SIG Sauer in 2007, and in 2014, almost all its guns were being manufactured in the USA.P320 pistols produced by the company are one of the most sought-after items, followed by P 365, P226, P229, etc.

The rifles produced by this group are very popular too. P 365, of late, has become the number 1 gun among Americans.

3.Sturm, Ruger & Co –

The company is more popularly known as Ruger and was established in 1949 in Connecticut.

Some of the important ammunition produced by the company are bolt action type rifles, single shot rifles, semi-automatic rifles and pistols, auto loading rifles, lever action rifles,  rim fire pistols, and centerfire pistols.

2. Remington Outdoor –

Established in 2007 in North Carolina, Remington has acquired some of the highly respected brands in the gun market: Bushmaster, DPMS, Remington, Marlin firearms, Barnes bullets, Parker gun, Advanced Armament, and Dakota’s arms.

Apart from producing pistols, rifles, and carbines, the company also produces apparel and uses the brand name effectively. Cerberus Capital Management is the current owner of the organization.

1. Smith & Wesson –

Undoubtedly the number one globally and in the USA, Smith & Wesson is Massachusetts based and is an industry leader in rifles, handguns, revolvers, pistols, and other shooting accessories and way ahead in the minds of the end consumers,

Some of the most popular products of Smith & Wesson are Used for shooting sports, hunting, personal and home protection, hunting, and by law enforcement agencies.

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