10 Top Renewable Energy Companies In USA Making A Big Impact

At present, the earth is running short of resources quite fast, and the previous few years have been some of the hottest on record.

Businesses are significant contributors to environmental issues; however, you will come across many American companies that are becoming more responsible and sustainable with the advent of time.

Best Renewable Energy Companies in the US

In the subsequent paragraphs, we have talked about the top 10 green companies in the US and what has helped them to become so in recent years.

10. Facebook

Facebook is a social media giant committed to taking care of the environment by minimizing its greenhouse gas footprint by as much as 75% and getting to cent percent renewable energy in the year 2020.

Mark Zuckerberg, who is the co-founder of Facebook, has asserted the following in response to the US pulling out from the Paris Climate Agreement:

He thinks that every new data center built by them will be supported by 100% renewable energy. Being a global community, they can stop climate change and must act together before it becomes quite late. 

9. Defenders

This home security provider, based in Indianapolis, is a pioneer in the industry at present, safeguarding the residences of over 2.4 million households in the US. The company is likewise committed to minimizing its environmental effect.

The previous employees are extremely complimentary regarding their experience of working in this company. Some of them even asserted that it had been the best job they had ever had, that Defenders was an outstanding company, and so on.

Therefore, if you feel enthusiastic about the environment and home security, this might be the ideal employer you have been looking for. 

8. REI

In fact, the company can boast of having more than 150 retail outlets in as many as 36 states. The thing which helps to make REI different from other companies is the fact that it is built as the cooperative of the consumer.

REI is a fantastic company to work with since the work is pretty simple and straightforward, and the colleagues are also nice with identical interests.

7. Kent State University

This is a public research university which is located in Ohio. There are likewise 7 more regional campuses in the northeast of Ohio, plus extra facilities both globally and across the area.

The former employees have provided this university with a high environmental friendliness rating, and it is quite simple to see why.

The university is known to take sustainability extremely seriously. It has several desirable initiatives in place, such as its pledge to use only Green Seal-accredited cleaning items, the initiation of single-stream recycling, and competing in the Recyclemania contest out there. 

6. Universal Orlando Resort

This one is a fantastic place to visit while you are in Florida, and it is likewise making waves regarding its commitment to safeguarding the environment.

Universal Orlando Resort is working hard to produce the environmental footprint by committing to education, recycling, and conservation.

They provide the guests with an innovative ChargePoint electric automobile charger for powering their vehicles on-site. All 4 resorts happen to be accredited members of the Florida Green Lodging Plan.

Every single vehicle of the resort is driven by biodiesel, a cleaner gas substitute.

5. Gundersen Lutheran Health System

This health system happens to be a non-profit network operating in as many as 18 counties in the US. The headquarters of this company is located in Wisconsin at present.

It turned out to be the first health system in the US in 2014 to achieve energy independence by generating more energy than what was consumed, at least for some time.

4. Washington University School of Medicine

This company is one of the leading medical schools in the US and has a pretty high environmentally friendly rating out there.

It has made a pledge to the surroundings by including sustainability as an integral part of the community culture using its daily programming, activities, community outreach, and employee empowerment.

This school of medicine is implementing green landscaping and building projects at present. According to the employees, this company has a fantastic work environment and flexible hours, and the pay is also great, along with some astounding benefits.

3. Turner Construction Company

This particular global construction organization can boast of having a pretty high environmental friendliness rating at present.

This company has committed to becoming a green builder, which implies that it intends to minimize construction operations’ water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 50% within the next ten years.

According to the former employees, the atmosphere here is always enjoyable and relaxed.

2. Rapid Response Monitoring Services, Inc.

This particular security monitoring organization is based in New York and provides electronic monitoring solutions with locations in California and the adjoining areas. Its headquarters is situated in Syracuse, New York, at present.

This company ranks second in this particular list, and according to the former employees, it can boast of having a great workplace and atmosphere which provides fantastic opportunities.

1. Aptive Environmental

Aptive Environmental is one of the leading pest control companies in the US and has a tremendously impressive environmental friendliness rating.

The company provides its consumers with progressive pest control services, which help minimize any possible health risks to the environment and humans. The firm commitment of Aptive helps to make them stay ahead in the competition right now.

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