Top 10 Best Gift Shops in USA – From Handcrafted to High-Tech

There is no denying the fact that everyone loves a gift. The idea of gifting has been prevalent for centuries. Receiving a gift can be amazing, but another aspect that needs enough attention is the art of gifting someone the perfect thing.

The first and foremost thing you must do is find a shop that sells the best gifts. Listing the top 10 gift shops from the US can be a bit cumbersome.

Hidden Gems of Best Gift Shops in the USA

However, this article attempts to do just that so you can lay your hands on the best gifts available in the country.

MoMA Design Store

Moma Design Store

If you like to be updated about the latest trends and have a good sense of design, you are absolutely going to love this place.

It underwent a renovation recently, and it looks like it has almost reinvented itself, as far as adding a new plethora of options is concerned.

Located in the hub of New York City, it is popular for its glassware and accessories.

If you want to gift someone something classy and beautiful simultaneously, you should definitely not give this a miss.

There is even a magnetic train for your little one to enjoy. They also have a huge online presence, ensuring they are well-marketed.

Flying Tiger

Flying Tiger

Another store primarily located in New York City, with the main stores presented in Manhattan and Brooklyn, is Flying Tiger.

If you want to shop for gifts at a place where the diversity of choices is the maximum, you don’t have to go any further.

Moreover, if the person you will gift to is a child, you can choose from several options here.

Be it stationary like erasers and notebooks or small toys like wooden caricatures, there is no dearth here. There are quirky kitchen supplies and ornaments for the adults as well.

The best part about this shop is its variety if you want to shop for some party. It has a very strong game on social media, especially Instagram. You can check out their items there as well.



Even though greeting cards are becoming less and less popular these days, if there is one shop that still tops the chart of having the best ones, it is definitely this one situated in Los Angeles. There is something available for everyone here.

Therefore, you don’t have to think much before entering the store. Besides the cards, you also get small mementos or cute little apparel with typical SoCal appeal. Whether it be your best friend, boyfriend, or a new mom, there is something for everyone.

The popularity of Burro is mainly through word of mouth, as it has been around for so long, but it does resort to social media marketing and advertising.



If you love gifts that have an artsy feeling and are rich in creativity, Poketo is the best place to head.

Located in Los Angeles, the stores are easy to spot because of their overall demeanor. Pop-ups of artists like bands, footballers, movie stars, etcetera are one of the most chosen gift items here.

Most of the gifts available here are vibrant and bold, with a sassy feeling, and if it matches your personality, you will not feel like leaving without buying the whole shop.

It does not shy away from using graphic decors as well. When you gift someone something from Poketo, you can rest assured that it will stand out from all the other gifts that the person receives, and they will remember it for a long time.

Their main marketing strategy is through referrals and word of mouth as well.



The name of this gift shop in Chicago gives a pretty good idea that it is primarily a place to buy amazing frames. Frames are a common gift item on its own.

However, the locals also head to the shop to buy other gift items like flashcards, thank you cards after attending a birthday party or a wedding, and scented candles.

If you are looking to throw a party at your place and are looking for supplies, Foursided can fulfill all your needs.

If you are visiting Chicago as a tourist and want to take back small memorabilia for your friends back home, you will get a lot of options here in the form of small maps, books, keyrings, etcetera. You can check out their items on their personalized website as well.



If local handmade stuff is your preference for gifting, Embellish is your gift store. Not only is it budget-friendly, but you can also support local designers by buying and encouraging their products.

Accessories made from leather, scented candles made of soy wax, and Cashmere handbags are the main attractions here. You will get many of them if you want scrunchies for hair ornamentation.

Since this shop supports the local scene, they advertise themselves using orthodox methods like newspaper marketing and pamphlets.

Neighborhood Goods

Neighborhood Goods

It is undoubtedly one of the most attractive and beautiful gift shops that you can find in the US. Located in a prime location in Texas, this store has something for everyone.

The store’s concept is ultra-chic and modern, with goods ranging from candles to expensive watches.

You should not give this store a miss on special days at any cost, mainly because of how it is decorated.

You can spend hours browsing through it while sipping on cocktails. They also have an eatery inside, which is quite famous. Anyone who visits this store surely recommends it to others.

Stanley Korshak

Stanley Korshak

If there was a store that amalgamated cool with a class at the right amount, it is this one. Whether you are looking for party dresses for designers or small souvenirs to gift someone, you will find it all at this store in Dallas.

It was started in 1986 and had items that will make your grandfather to your young picky daughter happy. The best part about this store is that it is budget-friendly.

You can set your expenditure to your desired limit and shop accordingly. Check out the store on Instagram for a proper perspective.

Blue Elephant

Blue Elephant

Very few gift stores have good items for guys, this store being an exception. It has a chic and Bohemian appeal and a variety of bath suits and skincare products.

They also greatly support the local artists, and you can contribute accordingly.

There are several gifting options, like mugs, kits for beard maintenance, and belts, from which you can choose. 



The last on the list is an honorary mention, as it has been around for over a century. The blankets, socks, curtains, everything has a Native American feel, and you can add style to your home.

Other items for gifts include notebooks, mugs, etcetera. Several Pendleton stores are spread nationwide, and its popularity is mainly due to its heritage and being around for so long. 

Top Gift Shops Usa

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