Top 10 Best French Restaurants in the USA 

The United States is country where people from all over the world migrated for a better future. That is the reason many cultures are found in the US including their food habits are also prevalent.

People are used to so many kinds of foods and as a result there are restaurants of all types of dishes. In this list some of the best French restaurants will be listed which the best fine-dining restaurants and bistros which generally specialize in French fare all over the USA.

Best French Restaurants in the USA

Over the years French foods has find their lover not just in French communities but among communities.


The restaurant is based in the heart of New York City in TriBeCa. This is a fine-dining restaurant and is owned by the chef named Chef David Bouley. The French restaurants generally specialize in exquisite French cuisines. The restaurant is very beautifully decorated with vaulted ceilings, beautiful dining rooms and artworks. 

The restaurants have bagged the interests of the people by opening for lunch and dinner everyday which makes them one of the known restaurants. They have started a trend that the reservations are recommended and the males need to put a jacket. This makes them totally different from others.

Cafe Provence:

This is progressive French restaurant which specialises in serving progressive French dishes of various kinds. This is family-owned, friendly restaurant situated in Prairie Village in Kansas which is an area of Kansas City. Their delicacies include various types of tasty French dishes including yellow potato, leek fricassee, grape, chanterelle mushrooms and creamy sausages. 

They have won several awards which has made them one of the most known and recognised places to eat. They have voted as the best restaurant in Kansas City which made a lot of promotion for them. Their cosy and friendly environment attracts a lot of people.


This is a fantastic French restaurant which is famous for its neo-classical interior and its dinning establishment has been done by the famous chef Daniel Boulud. This restaurant basically specialises on French cuisines of various types with seasonal features and has an great list of exotic French wines. They are located in Manhattan’s Upper East Side and are a tow-start Michelin recipient.

As they are the winner two-star Michelin recipient they are known across the city. Their menus are very thoughtfully divided with vegan and non-veg courses, a dessert list including various types of fruit and chocolate options.

Joel Robuchon:

This restaurant is located in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and is most famous for its Chef Joel Robuchon’s first restaurants in the US. He actually established the restaurants after coming out of retirement and establishing this restaurant he shocked everyone.

The restaurant forms a masterpiece of art and provides a cosy environment with its specially designed interiors.

Since its inception it has received a lot of awards which made it famous and recognizable in the country. Their choice of dishes which includes exotic and exquisite French dishes has made them known restaurants and has created a name for them.

Le Diplomate:

This restaurant is one of the most famous French restaurants situated in capital city of the country right in the heart of Washington D.C. They specialise in traditional French dishes and was established by Stephen Starr.

They have designed their restaurant in such a way that they make vry customer fl that they are in some cafe in Paris. 

They have made the environment so friendly and comfortable that the customers can have a cup of coffee and linger over a croissant and read newspaper. They have also long list of exquisite French wines which makes them different from others.

Le Pigeon:

This restaurant was founded by Chef Gabriel Rucker ion Portland, Oregon. The restaurant is famous for its speciality in exotic French cuisine. Their interior has been designed in such a way that makes customers feel relaxed and comfortable. The interior features a relaxed dining room, wooden tables, open kitchen and others. 

The marketing strategy of the restaurant is made depending on their cuisines. They make different cuisines everyday which makes them unique.

Their menu includes some of the most exotic dishes like grilled pigeons, sunflower seed pesto, mushroom wellington, blue cheese and others. Their long list of wines and deserts makes customer feel attracted. 

Les Nomades:

This restaurant was founded in the year 1978 basically as a family and private dining room. In 1993 it was purchased by Mary Beth Liccioni and the restaurant is still owned by her. It is a very beautiful restaurant situated in a elegant brownstone in New York city.

The culinary team is looked after a renowned Chef Roland liccioni. He is known for using the finest materials for the dishes. 

They have been featured in many magazines making them one of the known French restaurants. They have been voted as the best restaurant with best interior and perfect for a peaceful night out.


This is one the most famous and known French restaurants in the country. Their contemporary and exotic French dishes amazes people and they get a lot of customers who wants to enjoy their cuisines.

Their interior is designed to provide the best time to the customers who enjoy menus like lobster Bolognese and others. 

They have been repeatedly voted as the best restaurants in Los Angeles since 2003. They have a long list of deserts and wines which provides people large range to choose from. They get a lot of promotion for this.

The French Laundry:

This French restaurant is a three star Michelin recipient which specializes in various types of French dishes. The restaurant is located in Napa valley. The interior is designed in such a way that gives a comfortable feel. The restaurant is built in a cottage built in 1900. 

They featured in many magazines which make them known to many people. They have been the winner of Michelin recipient. This promotes them a lot and gives them a lot of marketing space.

The French Room:

They are located inside the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas. This is a very famous restaurant t known for their exotic French cuisine. The chef, Marcos Segovia is known for his expertise in exquisite French cuisine and has received praise from all over the world.

They had received the AAA five diamond award for 25 years running making them one of the favourite restaurants in all these years.

Their special menus include lobster   veal and others have brought them a lot of fame which makes them one of the known restaurants in USA.


All these restaurants are very famous and known in the country. They are known for their exotic French cuisine. They use different ways of marketing strategy to make people know their restaurants and visit them.

Most of the restaurants use their variety of menus to attract people. This provides a lot of space for promotion. The association with renowned chefs has also given the restaurants lot of place for promotion.

Top French Restaurants Usa

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