Top 10 Best Flower Companies in USA

Flowers are one of the best gift items be it for any occasion like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, farewell, promotions, etc.

All one needs to start a florist business is a very reliable supplier or land where one can grow the flowers oneself, a list of clientele to start with, and a nice cozy retail outlet that should be very presentable.

Best Flower Companies in the USA

Of course, lately online flower delivery has also become quite profitable which is definitely much more hassle-free.

10. Flowers Fast –

Established in 1997, Flowers fast is a very successful online flower seller operating all these years. It caters to occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, gets well, new baby, funeral, and best wishes floral gifts.

The colors of the flowers are most exotic and the price range is such that it suits every pocket. Flowers Fast promises to deliver flowers the same day when the order is placed at no extra cost with the flowers remaining as fresh as ever.  

9. 800 florals –

The organization started operation in 1923 and is family-owned till now. The florist believes in fresh flowers, best and personalized service where the fragrance and freshness stay much longer than expected.

Orders for flowers can be placed over phone fax, mail, and lately even satphone services and satellite links.

Many of its retail outlets have won prizes, making the florist one of the top ten in America. It has links with almost 30000 top-notch florists worldwide, therefore delivery is not at all a hassle. 

 The objective of the florist is to deliver fresh flowers at the shortest possible time it leaves no stone unturned to keep up to its commitment. In the USA and Canada, it is successfully giving same-day delivery. –

Starting in 1976 the florist caters to all types of occasions and all types of flower arrangements can be made available as per the customer’s choice. The florists affiliated with them are very talented and deliver the highest quality of flowers and bloom.

Apart from the USA, it delivers flowers globally through its chains and network of florists  

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7. –

This is based in Los Angeles. The ranges of collections span from birthday flowers, romance flowers, get-well flowers, and funeral flowers.

As a good marketing strategy, the florist works with preferred and guaranteed florists globally so that the quality of the gift item is strictly maintained at the highest level and is not compromised at all.  

In almost all cases same day delivery is maintained.  In the major gift seasons like Xmas, New Year, etc, deliveries are organized even up to 9 pm if not more. 

6. –

Operating for the last 16 plus years, has an impeccable record of having some of the most loyal customers in the trade. The floral suppliers and the preferred gift vendors are meticulously chosen so that the end customers are satisfied with the service.

The flowers that are offered are roses, lilies, daisies, orchids, tulips, flowers in baskets, farm-fresh flowers, plants, etc.

Apart from the normal occasions, the flowers can be arrayed for college festivals and special office corporate occasions too.

5. Proflower

The Company thinks of itself more than any ordinary florist or flower expert and has positioned itself what can be termed as a gifting professional apart from a flower delivery organization.

The birthday flowers that it offers can be customized according to the choices of the customers and the colors of the vases can be arranged according to the customer’s choice.

Similarly, sympathy flowers are hand-delivered with care and utmost seriousness keeping in mind the gravity of the situation. All the bouquets are arranged in such a way that it suits every pocket

4. Teleflora –

Established in 1934 in Los Angeles, Teleflora has got equally famed subsidiaries like Interflora, Petals Network, and Access Flower Trading. Since 1979 The Wonderful Company has acquired Teleflora and is currently operating in 20 countries of the globe.

The company has more than 15000 associated florists with it throughout North America and is one of the largest floral wire services companies in the world.

The noted international supermodel Adriana Lima has been one of its models quite a few years back. 

The delivery schedule of Teleflora orders can be tailor-made as per customer choice — either the same day or the next day. 

3. Floraqueen – 

The florist major started operating in  2004 from Barcelona, Spain as a small website and today its operations span almost half the globe. Fresh flowers for all occasions are shipped daily to almost entire Europe, North America, South Africa, and parts of Asia. 

The bouquet of Floraqueen consists of the rarest and the most exotic flowers and plants with a highly personalized touch. 

As an innovative marketing strategy, every customer becomes an exclusive member at no cost of its elite club called – Flora club, where every member gets several benefits.

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2. Flower factory –

A family-operated florist business since 1993, Flowerfactory is a leading florist and flower delivery service in the USA.

It believes in the motto of exceeding the expectations of its customers in terms of fresh flowers, exotic flowers, and a timely delivery schedule.  To cap it all it has won the best florist award for over ten years in a row till now. 

Every order is executed keeping in mind the quality and the individual style in mind. Flowerfactory has some of the best flower designers with it and has its own delivery fleet that tranships the items both within the USA and globally through FedEx and UPS. 

1. F.T.D –

The full form of FTD is Florist’ Transworld  Delivery LLC is the biggest wholesaler cum retailer based in Illinois and currently the largest floral delivery service across the globe. Established a century ago in 1910 it was based in Detroit as a retailers’ co-operative.

Currently, It is owned by Nexus Capital Management and has two important subsidiaries called FTD and ProFlowers. FTD has its own delivery network called Mercury Network. FTD network today spans over 125 countries with 30000 florists spread over. 

Hand-crafted flower arrangements are available with a same day delivery schedule. FTD has floral gifts and arrangements for the corporate sector also.

Top Flower Companies

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