Top 10 Best Fertilizer Companies in the USA

Fertilizers happen to be an essential part of agricultural procedures. They play a significant role when it comes to elevating productivity and increasing yield. If applied properly, fertilizers will help in increasing the capacity of production to a large extent.

Even though you will come across quite a few fertilizer companies on the planet at present, only a few of them have proved to be dependable in the long run.

Best Fertilizer Companies in the USA

Here, we will take a look at the top 10 leading fertilizer companies in the US that you must take into consideration.

10.  Trammo

This company was founded by   Ronald Stanton in the year 1965, and its headquarters are located in New York City. Trammo has offices in Europe, Africa, North America, South America, and Asia.

It engages in global trade, commerce, distribution, transportation, and selling of fertilizers, crude oil, chemicals, liquefied petroleum gas, methanol, and petrochemicals. Trammo happens to be the largest private fertilizer trading company on the planet. 

9. Terra Nitrogen Company

Terra Nitrogen Company was established in the year 1990, and its headquarters are located in Deerfield, Ill.

This company is known to sell nitrogen fertilizers, the majority of which happen to be ammonium urea nitrate and anhydrous ammonia solutions. Terra Nitrogen Company is actually a subsidiary of the CF industry.

The fertilizer firm likewise produces phosphate fertilizer items at present. The major product of the company is nitrogen fertilizer which is imperative for plant development and yields. 

8. Scotts Miracle-Gro Company

Established in the year 1868 and having its headquarters in Marysville, this company is known to manufacture and market consumer lawn as well as garden products.

Scotts Miracle-Gro Company operates by means of 3 segments which include Hawthorne, U.S. Consume, and Other. The fertilizer company provides lawn care products that consist of grass seed products, lawn fertilizers, spreaders, outdoor cleaners, and other durable items.

Scotts Miracle-Gro Company likewise produces lawn-related pest, weed, as well as disease control items. This company has a presence in the Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America.

7. Sigma AgriScience, LLC

This fertilizer company has its headquarters in Texas and has its presence felt in Latin America, North America, Asia, and Europe. It’s the largest fertilizer company in the USA.

It is engaged in the production of agricultural fertilizers. It likewise provides liquid biostimulants, granular biofertilizers, and granular organic fertilizers for organic farming, orchard, turf, conventional farming, nursery, and greenhouse, as well as landscape markets. Biotechnology items are also offered by this company.

6. California Organic Fertilizers, Inc.

This company was established in the year 1990 and had its headquarters in California. It is involved in the production of liquid and dry fertilizers for usage in organic farming operations.

California Organic Fertilizers, Inc. offers dry organic fertilizers, which are protein-based, as well as liquid NPK fertilizers, plant nutrients, adjuvants, lawn and garden natural products, organic pesticides, as well as top-quality control products. 

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5. CF Industries

Being around 70 years old, this company has nothing left to prove its worth when it comes to the production of fertilizers. In fact, it is known to supply the best fertilizers and chemicals on the market for improving the productivity and production of the produce. 

CF Industries is known to trade the highest quality products with an admirable service irrespective of whether it is nitrogenous, phosphorus, or potash.

The company has gained the faith of its customers through years of superior service and the production of high-quality products. In fact, they have got a lengthy list of items when it comes to industrial and agricultural usage. 

4. BASFlargest fertilizer company in the US

This company is one of the most promising chemicals and fertilizer firms in the US that has maintained the excellence and quality of all its items.

They are known to offer a wide array of primary and secondary nutrients together with essential chemicals that are essential for enhancing the yield of the plantation. They likewise help to make sure that the products are environmentally secure and safe. Besides chemicals,   BASF likewise offers its services in other fields too, which are related to agriculture.

The crop production items are likewise dependable and ensure great output and fantastic quality. Apart from crop nutrition, the company likewise works on animal nutrition.

3. Yara International

This company was founded in 1905, and its main objective was to fix the problems of famine which had been extremely severe during that time.

The company has taken a huge leap since then and is now one of the leading fertilizer firms on the planet. Besides fertilizers, Yara International likewise offers technological procedures and crop nutrition programs for enhancing the yield of the plantation.

The company likewise works on enhancing the products’ quality in such a way that it does not affect the environment adversely when it comes to agricultural practices.

2. The Mosaic Company

This company happens to be the most notable company on the planet in terms of the production of integrated phosphate and potash together with marketing.

This company has already spread in as many as six countries, and about 9000 employees work for them at present. They help to make sure that quality products are offered which can produce the desired results. The company possesses Mosaic-owned land in Florida, where they are able to mine phosphate rock.

Besides this, they likewise own lands in N. America, where potash is mined out. Following this, the mined products are processed for developing nutrients for the crops, and they are traded to various parts of the globe where there happen to be agricultural centers. 

1. Agrium

This company is amongst the largest distributors of fertilizers on the planet at present. Fertilizers play a significant role in enhancing the production of crops these days.

Agrium is committed to manufacturing and also providing a large number of essential fertilizers, which consist of phosphate, potash, and nitrogen. This company has already spread to North America, Australia, and South America by supplying top-quality chemicals and fertilizers.

Besides this, they likewise trade seeds, herbicides, pesticides, and other crop protection items as well.  

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