Top 10 Best Fence Companies in the US

Fences happen to be functional, and they are capable of adding an aesthetic quality to our residences as well. The majority of the property owners want to install a fence for providing security and privacy and also for keeping the kids and the pets safe.

In case you would like to add some kind of fencing to your abode, there are companies near you to help you out. You simply need to go online and look for the relevant fence company out there.

Best Fence Companies in the US

Here, we have talked about the top 10 leading fence companies in the US that you ought to take into consideration.

10. Bespoke Fence

This fence company has the reputation of providing professional and dependable fencing services for commercial and residential properties in Chicago.

The crew members of the company have got 25 years of experience and they will be able to install fencing of superior quality and efficiency that can never be compromised. Bespoke Fence is 100% equipped to deliver the project quickly without sacrificing the quality whatsoever. They are also insured and licensed for your total peace of mind.

Their services consist of fencing, fence replacement, fence installation, aluminum fencing, vinyl fencing, steel fencing, PVC fencing, wood fencing installation, and replacement. 

9.  Austin Brothers Fence Company

Austin Brothers Fence Company happens to be a family-owned and family-operated fencing company specializing in top-quality and inexpensive fencing in and around the Austin, Texas. They have an experience of over 2 decades in the fencing industry.

There is no better option than to hire this company for your metal, wood, vinyl, or composite fencing requirements. Austin Brothers Fence Company had been founded in the year 2012. Even though they started small, right now they have earned the faith of quite a few property owners in the Austin region.

In case you want to go for a fencing company, then Austin Brothers Fence Company will be the one for you.

8. Outdoor Living Vinyl Fencing

This company has been serving the residents of the southern California area since the year 2002. They provide a wide selection of gates, vinyl fences, and patio covers. The company provides its clients with knowledgeable and friendly personnel to work with.

Their fences are offered for installation and sale. Their fence materials which are made in Los Angeles are much thicker and are of better quality than most of the other similar companies in the area.

At the same time,   Outdoor Living Vinyl Fencing also offers a lifetime guarantee on their products. Initially, the company consisted of just 2 workers, but that grew to 5 by 2005, and at present, the company has 20 workers working for it. They are planning to add a few more in the near future.

7. Just Fence It

This company is based in Chicago and was established in the year 2005. It happens to be a business that is family-owned and is known to provide the best possible fencing service to its clients.

They are reputed for their professional work when it comes to fencing and has satisfied many customers over the years in and around the Chicago area. Just Fence It offers the best quality fence installation when it comes to wrought iron, vinyl, aluminum fencing, as well as porches,  Chainlink handrails, plus any other similar custom work.

You simply need to send them a message for scheduling the free estimate. The good thing is that the company happens to be insured and bonded.

6. Absolute Fence & Gate

Absolute Fence & Gate happens to be a family-owned business that is operating for around 5 decades successfully. The company focuses on customer gratification since they know that their repute lies in the hands of the clients.

They treat the customers like their own family members and take the utmost care while setting up the fences. Their team is challenged in every single project so as to be the absolute best in the competition.

They strive for 100% perfection and want to create a pleasurable experience for their clients. In fact, Absolute Fence & Gate can boast of having some of the most experienced fencing installers in the industry at present.

5. Discount Fence USA

This company was established in the year 2013 by Daniel Hong in Texas with the objective of providing top-quality fencing at affordable prices. They also emphasize on strong customer support.

Discount Fence USA is owned by the veterans and they have got the proper tools and equipment for providing timely fencing installation and repairing, as well as replacement. They are known to perform their tasks within a short span of time and also offer a 1-year warranty to the customers.

The commitment and service of Discount Fence USA happen to be their main forte and they try their best to satisfy each and every client out there. 

4. SP Fence

SP Fence happens to be a fencing company located in Chicago that was established in the year 2006. They specialize in top-quality wood, vinyl, PVC, and aluminum fencing.

The company focuses on setting up top-notch American Made fences and they also offer solid customer service. They function within the city limits as well as the suburbs. SP Fence is actually owned by a team consisting of father and son.

They are put admirable efforts over the years to prosper their business and have succeeded as well. The company can boast of having a great rapport with the clients as well. 

3. DJ Fence

This is a fencing company in Washington that was founded in the year 2010. The company is dedicated to offering top-quality services when it comes to the setting up of fences as well as decks.

The employees of DJ Fence enjoy the job done by them and take immense satisfaction in pleasing their customers. They also make sure that the job is done flawlessly and impeccably within a brief period of time.

DJ Fence is reputed for providing the highest quality standards when it comes to fencing.

2. B.C. Fence

This fencing company is based in Austin, Texas and was established in the year 1996. They happen to be the quality fencing contractor in the Austin area and have satisfied numerous customers since the fear of their foundation.

The company specializes in all kinds of fencing which consists of wrought iron, aluminum, vinyl, PVC, wood, and galvanized fencing. The primary objective of B.C. Fence is to satisfy one client at a time.

They have established their business over the years and are now on the leading fencing companies in the country. 

1. Potomac Fences

Potomac Fences is located in Washington and was established in the year 1975. It has been a family-owned business since the start.

The company can take pride of satisfying innumerable clients over the years in and around the Washington region. You simply need to call them for a free estimate and that’s all. The company will offer commercial as well as residential fencing services and they happen to be arguable the largest fencing company in the community.

Potomac Fences carries a huge selection of fencing stuff in stock and will be able to set up the fencing on site as per your demands. They are able to fulfill virtually any fencing requirement ranging from ornamental steel to chain-link, and many more.

Top Fence Companies Us

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