Top 10 Best Entertainment Companies in the US

At present, the entertainment industry goes on expanding as the world is becoming more and more connected. The leading media companies are known to dominate broadcast and cable TV, movies, as well as digital distribution.

Best Entertainment Companies in the US

These are likewise amongst the premier companies in the amusement park industry right now. In this post, we will mention the top 10 entertainment companies in the US at present.

10. CBS

The annual income of CBS Corporation is around $2 billion. It is the owner of the CBS TV broadcast Corporation as well as related production and distribution amenities, CBS Records, CBS Sports, and CBS Radio. It likewise is the owner of the Showtime cable channel.

Similar to many of its rivals, CBS has been working very hard to stay successful along with the present generation.

The alterations consist of including a fee-based component to the broadcast television shows for enabling and profiting from the viewers who like to watch shows afterward. A controlling interest is owned by Sumner Redstone on CBS.

9. Dish Network

DISH (Dish Network Corporation) happens to be a satellite Internet and television provider. The company had $14.7 billion in revenue in the year 2014.

Dish Network is the list of the largest Entertainment Companies in the US.

The video-streaming service known as Sling TV was launched by the company in the year 2015 with the intention of attracting the present generation and also competing with Amazon and Netflix.

Several well-known channels, such as ESPN, AMC, and the Disney Channel, are being provided by the service. It has likewise included HBO in its services at present. Approximately 540,000 subscribers were reported by Sling by October.


DIRECTV was purchased by AT&T in the year 2015. This company happens to be a satellite television service plus the biggest TV subscription provider in the US.

The company, at present, can boast of having more than 20 million subscribers and more than $40 billion in revenue. It is going to specialize in broadcasting various sports events to residences and bars.

DIRECTV likewise has huge offerings of television programs as well as feature films on demand. The company is known to face challenges from Amazon and Netflix, and it makes every effort to remain popular whatsoever.

7. Time Warner

Now functioning as WarnerMedia, Time Warner Inc. was formed in the year 1990. The business segments of the company consist of film distribution and production together with a few cable networks.

The annual revenue of Time Warner tops $35 billion. This company is the owner of Cinemax and HBO premiere cable networks at present. It also has broadcast rights to NCAA basketball tournaments as well as many other sports events.

6. Fox

21st Century Fox was spun off in the year 2013 from the conglomerate News Corporation. This move had been designed to alienate the amusement segments from private businesses.

Fox is a reputed and leading Entertainment company in USA and Canada

This company was founded by Murdoch and Adrian and reported revenue of $32.8 billion in the year 2014.

The broadcast business of the company consists of the networks Fox Business News, Fox News, as well as Fox Sports.

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It likewise owns the cable networks FXXX and FX, along with many other local sports channels. The distribution and production of movies fall under the 20th Century Fox Movies, which was founded in the year 1935 by Daryl Zanuck. This company is known to produce some popular shows at present, including “Modern Family,” “Glee,” and “Empire.”

5. Viacom

VIA (Viacom Inc.) was established as a spinoff of CBS in the year 2006. It is controlled by Sumner Redstone and its annual revenue happened to $14 billion in the year 2014.

Viacom likewise owns Paramount Pictures, which happens to be amongst the oldest and biggest production companies out there. Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, and MTV are also owned by this company.

4. Disney

The Walt Disney Company was founded in the year 1932 by the brothers Roy and Walt Disney. The revenue of the media and amusement company was approximately $49 billion in the year 2014. This company operates the Disney radio and television network, which consists of ABC Television and ABC Studios.

It likewise is the owner of substantial interests in the streaming service named Hulu and the A&E Network. Many sports-associated networks, as well as websites, are owned by ESPN in the US as well as the entire world. Disney purchased Lucasfilm in the year 2012. The company is also responsible for producing the reputed Star Wars movies and has got the associated licensing rights.

Marvel Entertainment LLC was purchased by Disney in the year 2009 which publishes Capt. America, X-Men, and Spider-Man comics at present. The company also produces related feature films and television series.

3. Omnicom Group

This American entertainment company has its office located in New York City. The specialty firms and branded networks of this company offer services in as many as four disciplines namely customer relationship management, advertising, specialty services, and public relations.

The services which are included happen to be media planning as well as buying. It also includes interactive and digital marketing, field marketing, brand consultancy, and sports marketing.

This company had been voted as amongst the premier advertising agencies in the world in 2002. At present, Omnicom Group is known to employ in excess of 80,000 workers in more than 100 nations across the globe. 

2. Netflix

Netflix Inc. had been founded in the year 1997 and it gradually captured the DVD rental market while driving Blockbuster Entertainment from the market. This company happens to be the industry leader in the ever-popular media industry.

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Netflix goes on offering physical DVDs since they continue to be extremely popular with certain customers, and several studios do not license their movies for being streamed. Netflix has over 70 million subscribers at present, and it is still continuing to provide its streaming service across the globe.

The initial original series of Netflix was “House of Cards,” and which premiered in the year 2013. They had been the very first series that released all the episodes simultaneously, and it had been the initial streaming series that was nominated for the Emmy Award.

This company had as many as 15 original series in the year 2015, and one can expect the number to become double by 2016.

1. Comcast

Comcast Corporation could boast of having more than $69 billion in revenue in the year 2015, with a total income of approximately $9 billion.

The company is never the less controlled by its founder named, Ralph Roberts, and only 1% of the shares are owned by the family members at present. This company has got a leading position in the broadcast and production of television movies and programs. It is likewise a significant player within the theme park industry by means of Universal.

Comcast has got annual revenue of over $24 billion. The company is the owner of the Philadelphia Flyers of the NHL as well as the Philadelphia 76ers of the NBA. At present, it has got in excess of 29 million subscribers across the globe.

Top Entertainment Companies

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